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[movie 2009] White Night 백야행

Guest kdramafanusa

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Guest kdramafanusa

Han Seok-Gyu, Son Ye-Jin, Go Soo


백야행 : 하얀 어둠 속을 걷다

Walking The White Night : Walking Through The White Darkness


Presented by Cinema Service in association with CJ Entertainment

Produced by Cinema Service / Pollux Pictures

Distributed by CJ Entertainment

Also Known As: [baeg-Ya-Haeng], [白夜行:在白色的黑暗中行走]

Release Date: November 19, 2009

Genre: Romance/Mystery

Rate: Over 18

Running Time: 135 min.

Director: Park Shin-Woo [박신우] (About A Bad Boy)

Main Cast: Han Seok-Gyu [한석규] (Han Dong-Soo), Son Ye-Jin [손예진] (Yoo Mi-Ho), Go Soo [고수] (Yohan)

Executive Producer: Kang Woo-Suk, Lee Byeong-Hyeog

Screenplay: Park Yeon-Seon [박연선] (Alone In Love, Evasive Inquiry Agency), Park Shin-Woo [박신우] (About A Bad Boy)

Original Story: Japanese writer HIGASHINO Keigo [東野圭吾]

Cinematography: Lee Chang-Jae [이창재]

Editing: Lee Sang-Min

Lighting: Choo In-Shik [추인식]

Music: Jo Young-Wook [조영욱]

Art Direction: Song Hye-Jin [송혜진]

Costumes: Jeon Hong-Joo

Make-up: Choi Young-Shim

Screen Ratio: 2.35:1

Sound: Dolby SRD

Related Links: Official | Naver Cafe | Naver | Cine21 | Daum | Movist | Nate | Cineseoul

~ Preview ~

Teaser [Streaming * Download wmv] * [English Subbed]

Poster [Download]

~ Synopsis ~

[CJ Ent] A pawnbroker is found murdered and police suspect that he was murdered by an acquaintance. Three people come under suspicion but all of them have perfect alibis. One year later, one of the suspects, the neighborhood woman is found dead and the murder case becomes even more mysterious.

Almost fifteen years pass and the lead inspector reflects on the only case he could not solve in an otherwise successful career. Haunted by a sense of responsibility and guilt that he caused suffering by letting the murder case go unsolved, he decides to reinvestigate. His persistent search brings attention to the long forgotten case and reveals a hidden relationship between the victim’s son and the neighborhood woman’s daughter. As their love grows, more crimes happen. As their sin grows, the inspector’s chase comes closer to them.

[KOFIC] A pawnbroker is found murdered in a remote town in a derelict building. Three people come under suspicion but all of them have perfect alibis and the investigation comes to a standstill. Almost fifteen years pass and the lead inspector decides to reinvestigate. Fifteen years earlier, the victim’s son killed his father to save his beloved from being raped by him. And the girl killed her mother when she found out the boy had killed his father. For fifteen years, the boy has been eliminating anyone that tries to interfere with her life. He exists as a shadow, requiring nothing from her in return. She knows what he has done for her sake but looks away from it. As their love grows, more crimes happen. As their sin grows, the inspector’s chase comes closer to them.

~ Director ~

PARK Shin-woo

PARK’s short film GOLDFISH won the Sonje Award at Pusan International Film Festival in 2004 and another short ABOUT A BAD BOY received the Jury’s Special Award at Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival in 2005. With these two award-winning shorts, he’s become one of the most anticipated directors in Korea and his debut feature WHITE NIGHT will prove our expectation for his talent was never too high.


~ Cast & Characters ~

HAN Seok-kyu as Dong-soo

15 years ago, he lost his son at a crime scene by digging too deep into a murder case. Since then, he’s been a reluctant detective and his work no longer has much meaning. One day a man who was involved in the past murder case gets killed. Dong-soo suddenly remembers Yo-han, the son of the past victim. He sees Yo-han as an important suspect and tracks him down, but as his miserable past is revealed, Dong-soo can’t help but feel sympathy for Yo-han.

SON Ye-jin as Mi-ho

Mi-ho seems to have everything in every perfect way, but no one knows that she’s ‘a daughter of a murderer.’ While she struggles to bury her past and start a new life, she meets and falls in love with Seong-jo who owns a conglomerate. Now she dreams of a better future with him, but a gloomy shadow keeps haunting her.

GO Soo as Yo-han

Since his father’s death, he has been living a low life estranged from his family. He makes a living working at a sex bar. He brutally kills anyone curious about his past. No hope can be found in his deep and cold-hearted eyes that stare into the emptiness while he suffers from incurable pain and loneliness.

PARK Sung-woong as Seong-jo

Lee Min-Jung [이민정], Cha Hwa-Yeon [차화연], Park Sung-Woong [박성웅], Lim Ji-Kyu [임지규], Ha Ye-Won [한예원]

~ Info ~

J-Drama Byakuyako | 2

~ Profile ~

Staff: Writer Park Yeon-Seon * Director Park Shin-Woo

Main Cast: Han Seok-Gyu * Son Ye-Jin * Go Soo

Supporting Cast: Cha Hwa-Yeon * Lim Ji-Kyu * Lee Min-Jung * Park Sung-Woong * Han Ye-Won * Lee Jong-Won

~ News ~

[2008-10-30] Sohn Ye-jin Goes Into The White Night

[2008-12-08] Go-su to Come Back In A Drama

[2009-01-02] Son Ye-jin To Star In “Baekyahaeng” (remake of TBS drama “Byakuyako”)

[2009-01-07] Kang Woo-Seok Investing In Film

[2009-01-13] SonYeJin . HanSukKyu . KoSoo, To Assemble In Movie 'Into The White Night'

[2009-01-14] Han Suk-Kyu To Play A Detective In Movie "Into The White Night"

[2009-01-14] HanSukKyu, SonYeJin, KoSoo Meet In Chungmuro

[2009-05-10] New Stills Released For "White Night"

[2009-06-09] Pure Guy KoSoo Turns To Be A Lonely Murderer

[2009-09-27] First Teaser for 백야행 (The White Night)

[2009-10-01] Korean/Japanese Screen Adaption The White Night in Production

~ Schedule ~

Filming: started on March 1, 2009

Press Conference:

Press Screening:

VIP Premiere:

Release Date: November 19, 2009

~ Pictures ~

2009-02-24 Praying Ceremony

2009-03-09 Han Seok-Gyu

2009-05-10 Son Ye-Jin

2009-06-09 Go Soo

~ Posters ~








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Ah, so Sohn Ye-jin's next project is going to be another movie! :blush:

Woah, looks interesting. Dark romance~ :w00t:

I'm seen the Japanese drama Byakuyoku, hmm need to watch the Japanese version movie.

Of course, this Korean version is not to be missed. :lol:

Can't wait for the male lead!!!! :phew:

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Guest Tobemist

I watched the Japanese drama a while back. It was quite an attention grabber because of it's dark storyline, however I did not find it enjoyable to watch. But PARK YEON SEON!!! Just when I was wondering what she is doing at the moment... :) Hopefully she will work on another drama after this...

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Guest chatteraddict

helena!! thanks for the uber fast thread for SYJ's new movie!! and she'll be working with Park Yeon Seon from Alone in Love! best drama ever! im thinking maybe they should get the same director as well from AIL its it'll be some sort of a reunion! im happy she'll be doing another movie, cant wait to hear who'll be her co-star.

thanks again helena! :D

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Guest kdramafanusa


Screenplay: Park Yeon-Seon 박연선 [Cine21]

* Attack On The Pin-Up Boys [꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건] (2007)

* Evasive Inquiry Agency [얼렁뚱땅 흥신소] (KBS, 2007)

- Ye Ji-Won, Lee Min-Ki, Lee Eun-Sung, Ryu Seung-Soo, Park Hee-Soon

* Alone In Love [연애시대] (SBS, 2006)

- Gam Woo-Sung, Son Ye-Jin, Gong Hyung-Jin, Lee Ha-Na, Lee Jin-Wook

* Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest [파란만장 미스김 10억 만들기] (SBS, 2004)

- Kim Hyun-Joo, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Sung-Ryung, Park Gun-Hyung, Shin Goo

* My Tutor Friend [동갑내기 과외하기] (2003)

- Kim Ha-Neul, Kwon Sang-Woo

Evasive Inquiry Agency


Alone In Love




Director: Park Shin-Woo 박신우 [INDIE STORY | Cine21]



Born in Daegu, 1979

Graduated from Hongik University, Dept. of Visual Communication

Graduate School of The Korean National University of Arts

* Suicide Girl (2006; 35mm, color, 17min.)

* About A Bad Boy [미성년자 관람불가] (2005; 35mm, color, 9'30")

- Cast: Jung In-Ki 정인기, Kim Hyun-Soo 김현수, Lee Jung-In 이정인

- 7th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival (2006, USA)

- Korean Program, 1st Sapporo Short Film Festival (2006, Japan)

- 2nd InDPanda Int’l Short Film Festival (2006, Hong Kong)

- 7th Seoul Net & Film Festival (2006, Korea)

- 22nd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival (2006, USA)

- A l'affiche Festival Int’l du Court-Métrage (2006, France)

- 2nd CJ Asian Independent Film Festival (2005, Korea)

- Best Actor Prize, 3rd Asiana Int’l Short Film Festival (2005, Korea)

- Competition, 4th Jeju Film Festival (2005, Korea)

- Jury’s Special Prize, 4th Mise-en-scène’s Genre Film Festival (2005, Korea)

- 1st Real Fantastic Film Festival (2005, Korea)

* Goldfish (2003; 16mm, color, 17min)

- Cast: Yang Hyun-Woo, Seo Jin-Won, Lee Jung-In

- Sunje Fund Award (Best Short Film), 9th Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2004, Korea)

* Animus (2003; DV 6mm, color, 6min.)

- The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (2003, Korea)

- 5th Int’l Youth Film Festival (2003, Korea)

About A Bad Boy



Son Ye-Jin [손예진]

DOB: 1982-01-11

HEIGHT: 165cm

WORKS: Spotlight, Alone In Love; My Wife Got Married, Art Of Seduction, A Moment To Remember, The Classic

Related Links: Cine21

Ko Soo [고수]

DOB: 1978-10-04

HEIGHT: 178cm

WORKS: Some; To Marry A Millionaire, Green Rose, Piano

Related Links: Cine21

Han Suk-Kyu [한석규]

DOB: 1964-11-03

HEIGHT: 176cm

WORKS: Eye For An Eye, President's Last Bang, Shiri, Christmas In August, The Contact, No. 3, Green Fish

Related Links: Official Homepage | Cine21

Cha Hwa-Yeon [차화연]

DOB: 1960-12-27

HEIGHT: 160cm

WORKS: Love And Ambition, Aeja's Older Sister, Minja / Ae-ja And Min-ja

Lim Ji-Kyu [임지규]

DOB: 1978-03-07

HEIGHT: 174cm

WORKS: Speed Scandal, Milky Way Liberation Front, Who's That Knocking At My Door?

Related Links: Cine21

Han Ye-Won [한예원]

DOB: 1985-10-04

HEIGHT: 165cm


Related Links: Daum

Park Sung-Woong [박성웅]

DOB: 1973-01-09

Height: 187cm

Related Links: Daum

Lee Min-Jung [이민정]

DOB: 1982-02-16

HEIGHT: 167cm

WORKS: Boys Over Flower, Who Are You?, Ggak-du-gi / Kimcheed Radish Cubes

Related Links: Management Company | Daum

Lee Jong-Won 이종원 [no longer part of cast]

DOB: 1969-09-25

Related Links: Cine21

[[[Will add details]]]

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Guest kdramafanusa

Information on the J-drama "Byakuyakou / Journey Under A Midnight Sun"

백야행 (Byakuyako, 白夜行, 2006)


Korean page: http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=42725

Official Japanese HP: http://www.tbs.co.jp/byakuyakou

English page at JDorama.com: http://www.jdorama.com/viewtopic.8243.0.htm

Complete Byakuyakou series with english subs (from SARS FanSUBs)


J-drama Byakuyakou DVD-set is available at HKFlix for US$19.95.


Byakuyakou [3-Disc Set]

AKA: Journey Under A Midnight Sun

Released: 2006 [Japan]

Genre: TV Shows

Sub-Genre: Thriller

Plot: 14 years after two children commit two different murders in order to protect each other, they find themselves in a twisted web from which neither can escape. This drama follows the events that occurred that fateful day 14 years ago.

Overview: What happens when two children commit two different murders in order to protect each other? Does salvation exist for them?

In order to walk beneath the sun once more, Ryouji and Yukiho find themselves in a twisted web from which neither can escape without abandoning the other. Having no one but each other, this drama follows the events that occurred that fateful day 14 years ago.

Cast: Takayuki Yamada || Haruka Ayase || Atsuro Watabe || Yo Kimiko || Yumi Asou || Koutaro Tanaka || Takashi Kashiwabara

Languages: Japanese (2.0 - Stereo)

Subtitles: ENGLISH, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Bahasa (Malaysian)

Distributor: Ember Power / DVD Version [A Malaysia-Based Distributor]

Rating: UN - "Unrated. This film has not been rated by the review board."

Features: Anamorphic Widescreen, Stereo, Digipak, Episodes 1-11 (End)

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Guest kdramafanusa

~ Son Ye-Jin ~


DOB: 1982-01-11

Height/Weight: 165cm / 45kg

Agency: Barunson Entertainment

Debut: 1999 CF

Hobbies: Swimming, Yoga, Taking pictures with cell phones


Management Company | Daum Cafe | DC Gallery | Cine21 | Daum


2001 - MBC Drama Awards: Newcomer Award

2002 - The 22nd Critics Choice Awards: New Actress Award

2003 - The 24th Blue Dragon Awards: Popular Star Award

2003 - The 40th Grand Bell Film Festival: New Actress Award

2003 - The 39th BaekSang Arts Awards: New Actress Award

2004 - The 9th Moscow International Love Movie Awards: Best Couple (The Classic)

2006 - The 15th China' s Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival: Best Actress (A Moment To Remember)

2006 - SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars, Best Actress (Alone In Love)

2006 - The 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (April Snow)

2007 - The 2nd Asia Model Festival Awards: Model Star Award (CF)

2007 - The 43rd BaekSang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (Alone In Love)

2007 - Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Fashion Icon Award

2008 - The 1st Style Icon Awards (O'live TV): Style Icon Award - Actress, Fun Fearless Female


2008 - The 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress, Popular Star, Best Couple (My Wife Got Married)

2008 - The 1st Korea Jewelry Awards: Diamond Award

2008 - The 25th Korea Best Dresser - Swan Award: Best Dresser [Movie Star]

2008 - The 4th Korea University Film Festival: Best Actress (My Wife Got Married)

2009 - The 45th BaekSang Arts Awards: Best Film Actress (My Wife Got Married)


* TV Dramas *

Delicious Proposal


Dae Mang


Summer Scent


Alone In Love :wub: :wub:




* Films *

Strokes Of Fire / Chihwaseon


Lover's Concerto


The Classic


Crazy First Love


A Moment To Remember


April Snow


Art Of Seduction


Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (voice)


Open City


My Wife Got Married








[images: DC Son Ye Jin Gallery]

Casting News: [1 | 2]

[[[Will add profile]]]

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Guest puppyiz

Not at all chingu !! I am glad the Male Lead is finally announced !!

The angelz back at KoSoo's thread should be more than thrilled ^^

The original Japanese Version was adapted from Keigo Higashino( who was Winner of Mystery Writers of Japan for Himitsu/TheSecret) 's 1999 suspense novel.

I supposed the genre of this upcoming movie will also be of 'Thriller / Suspense' not forgetting a little splash of romance ?

By the way, kindly do make some small changes on his name ie. to Ko Soo please ?? Much appreciated !!

EDIT : Thanx for making the change !!

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Guest fttsluva

Hi everybody,

Iam thrilled that Ko Soo will be the leading man.

I love Son Ye Jin and of course i adore Ko Soo,

so happy that they have been cast together.

Good day to you all.

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Guest kdramafanusa

HAN Seok-kyu ( 한석규 / 韓石圭 )


DOB: 1964-11-03

HEIGHT: 176cm

Related Links: SukKyu World | Fan Club


2008 Eye for an Eye (Main Cast)

2006 A Bloody Aria (Main Cast)

2006 Forbidden Quest (Main Cast)

2006 Solace (Main Cast)

2005 Mr. Housewife (Main Cast)

2005 The President's Last Bang (Main Cast)

2004 The Scarlet Letter (Main Cast)

2003 Double Agent (Main Cast)

1998 Christmas in August (Main Cast)

1997 Green Fish (Main Cast)

1997 No. 3 (Main Cast)

International Film Festivals

2008 Fribourg International Film Festival (Green Fish) (Tribute to Lee Chang-dong)

2007 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Solace) ()

2007 Deauville Asian Film Festival (Solace) ()

2007 Udine Far East Film Festival (Solace) (Competition)

2006 Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) ()

2006 Cinema Novo Festival (The President's Last Bang) (CULT!-uur)

2006 Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival (Mr. Housewife) ()

2006 Mexico city´s International Contemporary Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Official Section)

2006 Mollet del Vallès Asian Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) ()

2006 NatFilm Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Asian Tigers)

2006 Paris Cinema (The President's Last Bang) (New Korean Cinemas )

2006 Pune International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Competition )

2006 Singapore International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Asian Cinema )

2005 Cannes International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (The 37th Directors' Fortnight)

2005 Cinemanila International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Films in Competition : Lino Brocka Award)

2005 Edinburgh International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Directors' Showcase )

2005 Filmasia Film Festival (Green Fish) (Tribute to actor Han Suk-kyu )

2005 Filmasia Film Festival (The Scarlet Letter) (Tribute to actor Han Suk-kyu )

2005 International Film Festival of Asia Pacific countries in Vladivostok (The Scarlet Letter) ()

2005 Melbourne International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Regional Focus )

2005 New York Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Main Program )

2005 Osian's - Cinefan, Festival of Asian & Arab Cinema (Christmas in August) (Fortissimo Films: Carte Blanche )

2005 Osian's - Cinefan, Festival of Asian & Arab Cinema (The President's Last Bang) (Asian Competition )

2005 Stockhom International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Asian Images )

2005 Taipei Film Festival (The Scarlet Letter) (New Talent Competition)

2005 Toronto International Film Festival (The President's Last Bang) (Contemporary World Cinema )

2005 the Tiger Eye Firecracker Showcase (Green Fish) ()

2004 Deauville Asian Film Festival (Double Agent) (Asian Cinema)

2004 Jakarta International Film Festival (Green Fish) ()

2004 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival (Christmas in August) ()

2004 Philadelphia International Film Festival (Double Agent) (New Korean Cinema)

2004 Prague International Film Festival Febiofest (Double Agent) (Korean Historical Film)

2003 Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (Green Fish) ()

2003 Cairo International Film Festival (Double Agent) ()

2003 Fantasia Film Festival (Double Agent) (Faces of Korea)

2003 Flanders International Film Festival- Ghent (Double Agent) ()

2003 New York Asian Film Festival (Double Agent) ()

2003 Prague International Film Festival Febiofest (Green Fish) ()

2001 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Christmas in August) ()

2000 International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (Christmas in August) ()

Source: KOFIC

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Thank you kdramafanusa for creating the thread and posting the news.

I have been waiting for his new project for ages.

Really thrilled and looking forward to see KO SOO on silver screen .

Love the main female lead too. SOn Ye Jin ** Pretty & talented.**

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Byakuyako is a big hit Japanese TV drama which has won several major awards in 2006 including 48th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Drama; 48th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor: Yamada Takayuki; 48th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting: Actress: Ayase Haruka;48th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor: Takeda Tetsuya

The original novel which has sold over 1.2 million copies since its release in 1999 and has become the top bestselling suspense novel.

I look forward to see the Korean movie version of this Japanese TV drama. Yamada is one of the most famous actors in Japan, since I have already seen this TV drama and at the same time being a big fan of Ko Soo, I am glad that he has been chosen to take up the role of Kirihara Ryoji which is a challenging role for Ko Soo...

Fighting !

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Guest kdramafanusa

~ Lim Ji-Kyu 임지규 ~

DOB: 1978-03-07

HEIGHT: 174cm

Related Links: Official | Cafe.Naver | Cine21


Speed Scandal [과속스캔들] (2008)

Milky Way Liberation Front [은하해방전선] (2007)

Who's That Knocking At My Door? [저수지에서 건진 치타] (2007)

Fingerprint [핑거프린트] (2004)




[images: Official, CafeNaver, Cine21]

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