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Shin Min Ah In Cosmopolitan Nov 2008

Guest suejinners

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Guest Atmosphere.

her hair, her make up, her outfit... she... is...HOT!!!!!

omgomgomgomg im going to make a xanga layout out of her, she is feraking hot!

i should save it just in case someones going to hotlink and the pictures disappear

even though this isn't my laptop 0.0

she is breathtakingly hot here, and i dont miss her short hair either!!

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Yes she's definitely hot. Hair, outfits, and poses are all good. Though it kind of looks like they digitally enhanced her butt in the 2nd picture. Cause the Calvin Klein logo just looks weird in that picture.

Thanks for posting all the pics for this shoot. I had seen the 1st one last week, but forgot to go search for the rest of them.

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Guest ninyaah

She's freaking gorgeous. Hot legs.

I've noticed she's been doing a lot of photo shoots lately.

Good for her, I think she's beautiful.

I totally love her look here -- the clothes, the hair and make-up... very nice.

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