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[variety] Superstar Survival With Jyp 슈퍼스타 서바이&#482

Guest sylver

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Guest imeri905

dont like the winner winner. don't know why JYP entertainment would want someone who looks exactly like Bi. can't believe the viewers' choice counted for 50% of the final result. he wasn't even that good.

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Guest StylishAzNx07

just wondering but do the singers from JYP ever come on the show to judge, etc..? like GOD, Bi, etc...? cuz i havent seen this show yet ....

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Guest -kani-

^ they never judge, but a couple came out for a lil bit for this and that.... limjeonghee came out to sing a couple songs for them.... they went to bi's concert and got to talk with hime for a little bit... and they met other stars that weren't from jyp entertainment including dynamic duo and leeseungchul and this old actor, i forgot his name. none came out for very long though....

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Guest babojulie


how was that shin hyun jin girl?

sorry if i got her name wrong :x

Shin Hyun Jin is

how you spell it ^ ^

& she's a terrific singer O:

i actually know her personally. &

i've heard her sing ^ ^ so i can

audition to become a singer.

&, she showed me how I should

sing. :)

oh & she's really good at dancing o.o ;

& smart... ^ ^

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