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Jack Frost

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Manhwa by Go Jin-hoJACKFROST_4.jpg

Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror, Humor

Author: Go Jin-ho

Publisher: Haksanpub

English publisher: Yen Press

Magazine: Booking, Yen Plus

Original run: 2005- ongoing

Volumes: 10 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=11323Published by: YenPress

Plot: It’s Noh-A’s first day at Amityville High School, and her reception is chilly to say the least. Brutal might be a better description! Decapitated but not dead (or is she??), Noh-A quickly realizes that nothing is as it appears at Amityville High where paranormal creatures battle for supremacy. Caught in the crossfire, Noh-A may have to rely on the unlikely (and possibly unreliable) aid of the most sinister student at Amityville…the deadly Jack Frost!

Jack Frost - A sinister and mysterious student.

Junoa - A new student Amityville High School, she's known as a "mirror-image", a dead person who can no longer go back to her old life. She's immortal and can't die even through decapitation. Her blood can heal wounds.

Head of North District, Helmina - She's tall, blonde and wears glasses. She is sadistic and likes torturing Hansen rather suggestively.

Jin - Nurse of the North District and the first person Junoa meets when she wakes up. Her first friend. Jin is the only teacher to be replaced after the Fire years ago.

Hansen - A student of the West that came to kill Jack Frost, but later joined the North.

Avid - Known as Blood Pirate Avid, who seeks out treasure. He is a vampire who came from the South to drink the blood of the mirror image, Noh-A, but seeks Jack Frost's blood afterwards.

Manhwa covers:

2007-05-15 (Korea volume 1)

2007-09-01 (Korea volume 2)

2008-04-14 (Korea volume 3)

2009-05 (United States volume 1)

2009-11 (United States volume 2)


Read the scanlation of chapters 1-11 at One Manga

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