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What Goes With A Plaid Shirt?

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Guest oh_miracle

i love my plaid shirts. XDD

dark blue/black skinny jeans/black shorts.

black vest/sweater vest, white tank top, converse/nikes


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Jeans is a safe option. You can just wear a white top underneath and jeans. :)

I wear mine with dark blue skinnies and a boyfriend cardigan.

Other times, I just wear a grey knitted jumper over it and jeans.

ooo i love my plaid clothes heheeh i had a plaid vest and i tried experimenting with it last week ago here's the outcome


hehehe didnt know camouflage wud go well with plaids XD

i has wearing T-B

-russian cap, scarf, underneath is a black polo and the plaiud vest on top and the camouflage pants.

off topic, but you look like hiroto from alice nine in that picture xD

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Guest wonderfullness

I've seen some girls where plaid shirts really well in my school before. Maybe a solid color cami that's the same color as one of the colors in your shirt (something neutral like black or white) & skinny jeans+flats. (:

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Guest missyblue

i would go with a solid colored shirt and pants too.

cause too much patterns would be too much for the eyes to handle, so just one pattern is good.

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Guest Blu_Velvet_Sea

you need to wear something plain underneath, anything with patterns will just make it too busy looking. It'll clash. I suggest a round neck beater, tee, or tank. Straight cut tank it okay too. Wear skinny jeans. I suggest a long chain necklace that either has layers or has a big pendent. You could wear a belt too. Try bunching up the sleeves and see how it'll look.

But yeah honestly, I don't think it'll look good if you can't even button it up. It'll look decent, but still I wouldn't even bother lol I'd have to see how things turn up to really make up my mind =P

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