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Lee Jun Hyuk / Lee Joon Hyuk 이준혁 ❤️

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The video of today's Lee Jun Hyuk live chat is available on the agency Vlive channel:  https://www.vlive.tv/video/145015

Thanx @triplem for mentioning me. I will try to post in this thread as much as possible.

@triplem I respect sacrifice for the sake of art  but it is an uncomfortable thought. You're right, in past interviews think he recounted dropping 9(?)kg for DS60 after packing some meat on for Baseba

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Guest k.z.T

I Am Legend finally has its leading man


Oh, cute: Lee Jun-hyuk has been added to SBS’s I Am Legend, making him the leading man to the drama’s star Kim Jung-eun.

His character, named Jang Tae-hyun, is a famous session musician (a professional musician for hire who often works in recording sessions for other artists). He’s curt and stubborn and has a lot of pride in his music, and because of his personality, he’s sort of a social misfit and doesn’t actually want to work with anybody. (Talk about professional identity crisis — the very nature of his job requires him to be available to work with others.) As a result, he tries to branch out into songwriting, instead of merely working under someone else.

Divorced Tae-hyun raises his 7-year-old son alone, and despite his attitude toward other adults, as a father he is warm and affectionate. He inadvertently gets involved with the band fronted by Jeon Seol-hee (her name is a pun on the word for “legend” and the character is played by Kim Jung-eun); she decides to make a comeback after her marriage to a high-powered lawyer from an uppity family fails.

Lee Jun-hyuk had a few supporting roles in dramas like A Star’s Lover and City Hall, but it was his recent turn as the youngest son in Three Brothers that shot him to mainstream fame. I had to quit watching that drama because many of the characters made my blood boil, but his storyline was one of the redeeming factors as he romanced Oh Ji-eun’s character with confidence and boyish charm.

He is currently devoting himself to vocal and guitar training. He says, “I’ve always liked music, but I haven’t tried making it myself. Thanks to I Am Legend, I’m learning how to sing and play guitar. Since the character of Jang Tae-hyun is a skilled and famous session man, I’m practicing every day so that I don’t come across as awkward.”

I Am Legend will follow Coffee House on Mondays and Tuesdays.

javabeans @ dramabeans

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Guest littlepig310

I Am Legend finally has its leading man

Oh, cute: Lee Jun-hyuk has been added to SBS’s I Am Legend, making him the leading man to the drama’s star Kim Jung-eun.

javabeans @ dramabeans


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Guest *alodia*

B.O.N. Funsubs' latest project: I AM LEGEND



We are also currently recruiting additional members for our subbing team.


If anyone is interested, feel free to send me a PM / send me an email: alodia4448@yahoo.com

*NOTE: We also need Chinese-English translators, however I still don't know whose Chinese subbing team will take this drama, so we'll leave it pending for now... but I'm sure someone will definitely sub this in Chinese


Please help me maintaining the I AM LEGEND THREAD:


I'm planning to re-edit the first page within the day. It was affected by the changes in soompi recently. :( So I basically have to re-do everything.

It would be wonderful if you can post news and pictures and updates about the drama on that thread so that I can update more frequently.

Actually, I started the thread when the drama was supposed to be on the May broadcast and when Kim Sun Ah was still on the lead role. Right now I'm extremely busy with school. I wouldn't have taken the thread had I known that the drama will be postponed to a later date.

Anyway, I still plan to keep it updated, but I need your help guys.

1. I can't look for news and updates anymore. So I would greatly rely on what you guys will be posting here in soompi.

2. Actually, if someone would want to take over the thread,I'd be more than glad to "transfer" the thread to him/her. Just let me know and we can talk about it.

3. If no one would like to take over, don't worry, i'll try my best to update the thread. But it would be wonderful of there's someone who'll nudge me (ie send message) with updates regularly (in case I become too busy, especially during the last part of the semester)

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I really like him in I am Legend =3

I hope that he'll get more attention now, I think he really deserves it ^^

He's really a cool guy and somehow I really like his voice ^^" He first got my attention in Star's Lover.

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Artist: KCM

Title: 사랑..곰

Youtube Link:

















Omg! This guy is so hot. He never fails to amaze me. Woot! I love how he slides his hands down the back of his head in the mv. He's so cute. But the mv is quite sad. I miss Jun Hyuk. Will wait for his next project.

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