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[variety] Good Daddy (sbs)

Guest vietsoul

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Guest princesscinderella

thanks for the summary damifino!!! :) you're absolutely the best...

i understand it now...

gosh! heenim is so pretty in that pink turtle neck, white pants and pink socks.. :lol:

it's the perfect attire for the holidays...

he's so charming while sleeping.. seriously, he always looks good in everything....

it seems that he's really close with all the fathers especially hongki... they're really sweet!!!

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Loving the Maison/Heechul pics, but really adore the Hongki/Heechul pic.

Only got round to watching episode 6; should have watched it earlier, it was really good. I do miss Hyo Jung, but this new daughter is really adorable, though I can't understand a thing of what they're saying. And as usual Heechul didn't fail to entertain me, he is pretty unpredictable. He pulls off his coat and he has this huge hole in his top. And when he walks round the door with one side pulled down, I laughed so hard. :lol:

Hassan is always getting picked on, here I'm talking about where they're all brushing their teeth. Poor man. XD

Also, tomorrow's episode looks really good, granted most of it was WG Nobody dance which looks pretty fun itself and meeting her boyfriend. Heh, no comment on him right now.

Thanks again, damifino, for the summary.

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Guest mypopcorngurl


i think the supajunia community at livejournal have all the full show except the 5th one-Heechul cuts.

super junior downloads

That pic of Hongki and Heechul sleeping is so adorable!!

And LOL. i'm partly right with the boyfriend thing, that would be a problem to the 5 appas. i wonder who will be the one who will stare the boy to death.

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^ yeah. hongki looked kinda angry when she told them she had a boyfriend.

and sth happened or hongki did sth that made jungeunie ask him why he was acting like that.. was it bcos of her boyfriend..

haha cant wait to watch it today!

Hyojungie's birthday is in 2 days.. 22 Dec.. hope they remember o_O

i know hongki is really attached to hyojungie.. so i hope he remembers..

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This is a great show and I'm disappointed that it hasn't been subbed yet. I've been holding out on watching it hoping that someone will eventually sub it. I became a big fan of Yoo Sae Yoon after watching the Chuseok Special/Pilot episode. It was the first time I had seen him in a variety show like that and I thought he was hilarious. The whole cast is really funny together and because their chemistry is so good, plus the fact that there's a couple of Kpop idols on the show, makes me feel a little surprised that a sub team hasn't started subbing it. I guess it isn't popular enough yet, at least outside of Korea. I think I'll wait a little while longer for subs but if they don't come within the next 2 or 3 weeks then I'll probably give in and start watching the raws.

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I can't get enough of Baby Mason's pictures with Honki and Heechul! They all look adorable together!! ^__^ Yeah I wonder why nobody started subbing each episodes. SuJu really needs to have their own subbing groups

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Guest sunnyside

Are there any english sub for any of the episodes besides the thanksgiving special? I'm dying to know what they're saying, it looks so funny. THe special episode surely got me laughing my head off.

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Guest bibotatu

^ Please backtrack a few pages to find out for yourself. That question has been asked and anwered for countless time :)

Good Daddy Ep7 Christmas Special

P1/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD7wSsbXYkY

P2/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXqaOamllYs

P3/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Fa2F3LmL8

P4/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcgmkT5hHbc

P5/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk0t2htmFB0

P6/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWg703jXMBU

P7/7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcGU9SEtmMw

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Yeah. i spread the news a while back.

i started an ft subbing squad and we're currently subbing good daddy. just be patient.

we're short of translators right now o_O so yeah, wait.

consider the dwnld time, subbing time, editing, hardsub, reuploading... yeah.

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Oooooh, Hongki was the funniest he'd ever been in this show in the latest episode. Couldn't understand a word but could get the drift of what was going on. He did not like that kid one bit. :lol: The amount of dirty looks he was shooting every where; I was cracking up every time the camera focused on him. & LOL at the girl trying to attack him at one point.

One thing I loved though, was when one of the new daughter's (can never remember her name) friends' referred to Hassan as Hatba. (or however you spell it) XD Noticed that Heechul mentioned Hyo Jung too?

The Nobody dance from those kids was awesome and Heechul and Hongki's double Sohee dance. <3 I'm guessing Hongki mentioned something about a guy dancing to Nobody when the daughter's boyfriend joined in, and then I'm guessing the BF brought it back up again after the dance that Hongki joined in with. :lol:

I actually sat through every minute of this ep, I usually just skip through the long talking parts because I understand next to nothing, but this was a really good ep.

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I don't know, as much as I thought Hyo Jung sometimes didn't fit well with the mood of the show, I felt the fathers seemed too excited to have a new daughter, Jung Eun, as if they were glad to have Hyo Jung gone :unsure: But I must say, this was one of the most structured/focused and funny shows so far. Jung Eun just seems to fit better with the fathers' personalities.

The premise of this show in addition to the introduction of a new daughter was what to do when your child's tooth is loose. The fathers all said that when they were young, they just got their teeth pulled with a thread, but they weren't sure when a tooth was ready to be pulled so they went to the dentist to make sure.

Heechul said that he hates hospitals because you begin to feel sick when you are there even if you were perfectly fine before you went. He said that he hates shots so much so that he never got any vaccination as a child (not even the one that leaves a mark on your shoulder which most Korean folks have) which was why he was showing his shoulder, to prove that he has no marks. This was when Gunmo pulled the other side of Heechul's shirt and Heechul doing his Jun Do Yeon impersonation (she's known for her revealing clothing at award shows) :lol:

While Heechul was getting his X-ray, the dads tried to see what kind of pics Heechul had on his phone, but it was locked so they tried to guess what the password would be. They tried all the typical passwords such as "0000," "1111," "1234," etc., but none of them worked. But then Saeyoon discovered that Heechul's phonebook wasn't locked so began looking through Heechul's contact list... Kang Dong Won, Gaeteuk (that's the nickname Heechul calls Eeteuk), but before they could see more, Heechul returned. Gunmo asked Heechul what his password was and Heechul said "2222" :lol:

They were looking at everyone's X-rays. Heechul seems to have perfect teeth, so uniform. Hongki has braces behind his teeth so that it doesn't show and a cap which he says has been causing him problems. When they got to Gunmo's the dentist told him that he seems to have a bit of a gum problem to which he replied, "it's ok, I can just get false teeth" :lol:

After they brushed their teeth and were sitting on the couch, when Heechul accidentally sat on Hongki's knee, they wrote onscreen "Dumb and Dumber" :lol:

They asked Jung Eun what subject she was best at, she said math. Hongki asked her what 2x3x0 was to which she replied 6 O_O Then she realized her error and said 0, saying that she thought that he meant add, not multiply to which Heechul told her then the answer should have been 5 and that called her "liar liar pants on fire" and that if you make a mistake, you should just acknowledge it instead of trying to say you were right.

Then they were showing how they pulled teeth with thread, by telling the kid that they will count to 3, but then pulling it on 2. After Hongki got hit on the head twice by Heechul, he was like "That's it, I don't want to do it." Heechul made fun of the way Hongki said it all babyish and then said he sounded like Saeyoon and imitated Saeyoon saying the same thing doing Mirotic, which Jung Eun seemed to find hilarious.

After hearing what the fathers had to say about having your teeth pulled at home, Jung Eun opted to have her tooth pulled at the dentist :lol: At the dentist's office, Jung Eun was nervous about taking laughing gas to pull her teeth so Hongki demonstrated it so that she would feel more comfortable.

Jung Eun has a boyfriend whom she's had for 4 months. They will have a "meet the parents" thing with Jung Eun's boyfriend and her other friends in the next episode.

Thanks so much for the recap!!! :) I really love this show, can't wait for the subs so I watch it anyways.... :) I miss HyoJung...Jung Eun seems to blend well w/ the dads. I don't think anyone will have a hard time getting along w/ them because the dads are all cool.

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