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[variety] Good Daddy (sbs)

Guest vietsoul

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XD oh i saw 좋아서 in lolt's clubbox and i didnt know its this show XD

(i was tempted to download it to try watching it but its 1.1 GB D: so i didnt download it in the end)

anyways.. i watchd the chuseok special in gomdorii's yt quite a while ago and i love it XD

mainly cause there r hongki n heenim there XD

also, the "similar environment like chunhee - sooro" of kim gunmo and kim hyungbum gives me a good laugh,

(i guess its really beneficial to be the old one) XD

xD cant wait for the first episode to be subbed.. but most prolly i will watch before the sub is out XD

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Guest bibotatu
Guest moGu moGu

HEHEHE the first ep was hilarious i couldn't stop laughing! heechul and his sudden raging! =D

i hope someone will keep subbing eps in the future

and thank you gomdorii for subbing the fisrt ep and in HQ as well ^.^

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Guest lemoncake0910

@bibotatu: thnx for providing the links! Can't wait to watch the subbed version of the episode! ^^ ahhhh maybe i should just learn Korean. ^^"

ps: I like the house that they filmed in; it's nice. ^^

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Guest silverwingz

This week's episode is being pre-empted due a figure skating championship that Kim Yuna is participating in. So no show this week :(

you serious? :angry: *sigh* it's understandable tho.. it's Kim Yuna afterall. good luck to her. hehe. she won in the same competition last year, right?

anyway, can't wait for episode 2 next week then.

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I saw the Chuseok special, and it was really enjoyable. :]

Mason is adorable, and HeeChul is hilarious as always. I love it when he breaks out into song <3

I feel bad for HyungBum, but not really.... lol. How he is treated/acts makes me laugh. XD

Now time to watch the first episode!

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Guest kaede_017


when will the subbed 1st episode be out?!?.....

:sweatingbullets: *sighs*...

guess i just have to wait for it a little longer...

but is there even someone or

some people that's gonna sub it?? :blink: ..

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Guest damifino

^ Gomdorii is the one who subbed the Chuseok special and this is what she had up on her YouTube channel:


"I'm half-way done with subbing To become Good Daddies... but due to my physical condition, (I'm in so much pain I can't even stand up), the doctor (said he has no idea whats wrong) recommended I take medicine and that's knocked me out this entire week. -__-

sorry for the delay...

I will put it up soon..."

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Guest charis89

Oh my. I only just saw the news about the first episode being aired already. I can't wait for the sub version too. :blush: hope it's coming out soon.

I haven't seen the preview of 1st eps yet. But are they filming with the same daughter? That will be cute to see how they interact with the witty kid.

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