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[variety] Good Daddy (sbs)

Guest vietsoul

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Guest ` ilytoo;

awh this show is so cute, it made me fall in love with heecul and hongki. :). does anyone ahve those photos they took in the beginning with the suits and heechul was wearing the doctor suit and hongki had the teddy bear.

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Finally, they did a fortune teller thing. He told Heechul that he won't have good financial luck this year. His singing days have already ended and that he has to go towards acting this year since he has lots of luck coming from that direction. He has bad luck in terms of women and that he has to get married late :lol: (Heechul wrote about it last week on his minihompy :lol:) The fortune teller told Gunmo that he doesn't have much luck in terms of women. He'll meet someone this year, but it will end with a 3rd party. The fortune teller told Hongki that while he was born a guy, his fortune is that of a woman and that had he been born a girl he would have been full of fortune :lol: His heart is innocent and kind and he has lots of tears. In January 2009, he'll have something on his mind that worries him. He'll hAhave a decision that he has to make, that he'll have to cut someone out of his life. Heechul interrupted at this point and said that this is true and that Hongki mentioned this is what they talked about at home to which Hongki told him to be quiet. The fortune teller tells him that if he doesn't cut this person off, he'll do a lot of activities, but won't have much success.

LOL What does it mean that his singing days have already ended? He won't have much part in the Super Junior 3rd album or something? Ah he won't have good luck with women.. Didn't he also have his fortune told in BOB? I remember reading about it too.

Hongki's fortune couldn't be any truer. I guess from what Heechul was trying to mention is probably that Hongki told him one of his band members is leaving the group? But yeah, that's really too bad. I did watch that episode raw, but I had no clue what they were talking about. I can only understand little tidbits of it. Well thanks a lot for writing summaries out for this show. It's too bad that it ended. I have yet to watch the last episode of it though..

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Guest damifino

Heechul wrote another post in his minihompy mentioning Hongki and Hassan from "Good Daddy." It's so nice to see that the dads still hang out after the show has ended.

Check the "LATEST UPDATES" folder in the Board tab to find the various locations of the translations.

For translations of Heechul's minihompy, fan cafe, Iple, shows, news articles, schedule, and more...


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As always, to read and scrap the original post AND to reply, check out Heechul's minihompy at


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Guest cookiesandcream

Hi haha does anybody know how to read korean TT I've been clicking about every link I can find on the JAS website and can't find the photos!

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lol it's been awhile since someone posted in this thread, but i found something funny - i was roaming the kbs kiss the radio website (teukie's and eunhuk's radio show) and on the side they have advertistments. this one for some reason caught my eye.... doesn't the little girl look familar?


was it confirmed that she did a drama with kibum? or were those just like behind the scene photos of her meeting her 'uncle' ? hee hee....

EDIT - haha oops, should have backtracked before posting. saw that damifino noticed the same ad a couple of months ago. i'm so slow. lol.

I was just browsing the KBS website and I saw an ad and I *think* it's Jung Eun from maybe a year ago (she looks a bit younger than now... but then at that age, a few months could make a big difference :))


Look to the right side and scroll down.

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*sigh* youtube has no more videos for "good daddy" they got removed : (!

i don't kno where to watch now : ( i really wanna watch ep 7...when the lil kid has the bf :P

my bros are about her age and they have "girlfriends" too so its funny with honggi's reaction cause thats like me too :P

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Guest crystalheartx10

does anyone know where i can get the epsiode? youtube removed all of it :(

if someone can upload them on a different website would you you please ><

please and thank you ^^.

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Guest jessicakth

the first post doesnt have any update for the good daddy. I think the raw version of all episodes (until the end) good daddy already out. English sub.. I found ep 1, 2, 3, 5 have english sub on Youtube.... Does anyone know where i could find other good daddy episode with english sub?

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