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[fall J Dorama 2008]giragira

Guest hazelkenro

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Guest hazelkenro

Starts: october 17 2008




* Title: ギラギラ

* Title (romaji): Giragira

* Format: Renzoku

* Broadcast network: TV Asahi

* Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-17 start

* Air time: Friday 21:00

* Theme song: Jonetsu no Daisho by GIRL NEXT DOOR


Based on a hit manga, this adaptation depicts the life of a married man Nanase Kohei after he returned to his former job as a male host. He woos the clients with his gentle and caring nature, and soon retrieves his former credit as the ace of the club. However, the transition back for this middle-aged man is not without its challenges. Afraid that his wife will find out about this job, Nanase is also garnering jealousy and displeasure from the younger hosts. Throughout the course of his employment, he demonstrates to others that hosting should not be the vulgar occupation it has become where the entire goal is to make the women frivolously spend money, rather, it is about a human connection that is so often overlooked.


* Sasaki Kuranosuke as Nanase Kohei

* Maya Miki

* Hara Sachie

* Miura Shohei

* Ashina Sei

* Tanaka Yoji

* Kotegawa Yuko

* Ishibashi Ryo


* Igarashi Shunji

* Hara Mikie (原幹恵)

* Toda Keiko

* Sakimoto Hiromi

Production credits

* Original writing (manga): Giragira by Taki Naoki (滝直毅)

* Producers: Funatsu Koichi, Narai Masami (奈良井正巳)

Kyaaa!!Miura Shohei was so Handsome can't wait for friday yay!



credits: http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/081015/gn...50504009-n1.htm

If You know Miura Shohei of GOKUSEN 3 well here he is new Dorama

I really like shohei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heres the teaser and trailer:

Credits: hajime8@tuduo.com

橴雨 @tudou.com



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