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Kwon Ji Yong's Fashion Sense

Guest tutistyle babe

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Guest tutistyle babe

I think GD's fashion style is really good...He has sooooooooo many good shades, scarfs, shoes, beanies and shirts...I wish I had one of them *dream*































But he also has some weird outfits like these :lol:...But I think he pulls it off well...Like seriously, who is confident enough to wear RED, YELLOW and GREEN suits :lol:...not to mention the raccoon he wears anytime he trys a new hairstyle :lol:





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GD has a great fashion sense..

this is why lots of korean people also know him as the fashionista.

that's why whenever he tries new things, people always have great interests in him.

his hair, clothes, etc.

when he goes to radio shows or like performances for universities, or events that aren't really shown on TV, he actually wears his own clothes hehe. most of sunglasess, bandanas, accessories that he wore are mostly his owsn too. even those furry hats he wore these days are also his owns.

while formal shows like award nights, and TV programs, he usually gots clothes from YG.

if you see manwon happiness share company, when Seung RI was waking up GD, you can see all of GD's clothes...which is just like......what.....4 large closets of clothes???

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Guest CuTiE10o4

i agree, his fashion sense is great!!! He really can pull anything off!! I love his outfits when he's just going on radio shows and is practicing for music programs, etc. I love his hats, hoodies, shirts, scarves. Somehow he pulls them off amazingly!! I love it...he's so cute when he makes his little face with pouty lips too! ha

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Guest cmy_185

i like the fact that he buys and chooses his own clothes

and how he mis and matches

yeah. i'm sure he tweaks his on-stage outfits from time to time. (e.g. the chanel necklace)..


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Guest sherry229

honestly, the clothes aren't that nice, but they WAY that GD wears it makes it all look good and he can totally pull off any style. he totally looks like he owns the clothing and is super comfortable and confident in it. one of the few artists out there that's got the guts to try new things and be able to pull it off so well!

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Guest lil' zen

I like him in the white, pink n green shades best...in tat 28th picture in BKK...I like tat hairstyle too!! Makes him looks like a lil kid.. He always has all kinds of different clothes n hairstyles every time there's a new album, or concert...it's never ending...so far I haven't seen him recycling his hairstyle since the first mini album...the only thing I dun like on him is the furry hats...anything but tat! I like the mushroom style tho...I wish I had his closet of clothes...his stuff r juz so cool!! I luv how he has all those nice shoes to match with his clothes too...esp the ones in "With U"

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Guest thu_trang

GD can definitely pulls off almost everything !!!!!!!!!!! except for the fur hat , i dun like it .PERIOD. no one should wears it anyways

he is one hot fashionista , clothes dun make him look good , it's him who makes clothes look good , LOVE those super torn and skinny jeans of him , aigooooo he makes me so jealous !!!!!!!!! why everything look so bad on me ?????????

edit : sometimes on street i c guys dressed like GD , also skinny jeans also those mufflers, but damn , i feel so irritated looking at them , they seriously make me want to beat the crap out of them , but then why do i LOVE GD style so much ???? then i got the conclusion, it's becuz he is GD , even if he just cover his body wif toilet paper then i would still adore him

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Guest safelittlethoughts

I love his fashion sense too! He's like a fashion icon...sort of.

I just love how he wears them, too. He could make the ugliest piece of clothing so cool~

And I also love the fact how he experiments with other styles. Look at these photos and you could see all the styles he's trying out.


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Guest watermelon586

I generally love his style, EXCEPT for: the daniel boone hat he's been sporting lately, and the bun he had in the "Always" era.


O_O the fedora is smexxxy

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Guest your--HEROine

I never really paid much attention to GD's fashion sense until his haircut. LOL.

But I like how he's always putting an edge to his fashion.

However, I do not like his squirrel hat and those crazy things he's been having on his head lately. Muahah.

I would still prefer Jaejoong's. >.<

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Guest sitrus113

jeans ripped up to the crotch, huge rings that prevent hands from functioning, and plastic glasses seemingly from a mcdonald's happy meal.

does being 'able to pull anything off' (indeed ANYthing) equate to 'good fashion' sense?

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Guest mango-iee

His fashion sense is awesome.

I changed my fashion last year to looking somewhat like Ji Yong cause omfg, he has some good eyes when it comes to clothes. (:

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