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[MANGA/ANIME] Hakushaku To Yosei


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The Count and The FairyHAKUSHAKU TO YOSEI

The Count and the Fairy


Based on the light novel series by Mizue Tani.

Set in 19th century England this is the story of the 17-year old "fairy doctor" Lydia Carlton. Her life gets thrown into confusion after meeting Edgar, the count of the Blue Knights. She agrees to help him search for the precious sword that is his family heirloom.

Asako Takaboshi illustrated Mizue Tani's original novels, but newcomer Ayuko will be drawing the manga version. The manga premieres in the October issue of The Margaret magazine, which went on sale last August 24.

You can read the manga online here: link

Episode 1: He is a Refined villian
Episode 2: My Fairy
Episode 3: The Island of Merrow
Episode 4: The Nobleman's Duty
Episode 5: The Fairy Queen's Bridegroom
Episode 6: White Bow Scarlet Bow
Episode 7: Be gentle when you propose
Episode 8: Tell me the Secret of the Tears
Episode 9: Banshee's Memories
Episode 10: Remaining Time
Episode 11: The two Blue Knight Earls (final Episode)


Lydia Carlton - Mizuki Nana
Edgar J.C Ashenbert - Midorikawa Hikaru
Ulysses - Mamoru Miyano
Ermine - Ohara Sayaka

Aired : Sept 28 - December 2008

Opening Theme : "FEELING" by AciD FLavoR
Ending Theme : "my fairy" by Hikaru Midorikawa

credits to : myanimelist.net / anime news network

I saw it and instantly fell in love. The main characters are all good looking. (and the guy is like Tamaki <3) And theres a cat too! I already love Lydia and Edgar's chemistry. Hope this develops to something more. image Their first meeting was cute. And its also going to be a manga so its good news as well.

Volumes: 4 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=27387

Published by: Viz

Anime Episodes: 12

*This series has also games released




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i just got done watching this. seems pretty interesting. i like the cat that can drink. he/she's cool.

did anyone get the "titanic" feel between the two main characters? just the whole boat, red hair, and running around kinda got me thinking about that. lol

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This series seems interesting. The time period reminds me of Count Cain by Kaori Yuki. The art seems really nice~ What group is subbing this?

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Ep 1 subs are out!

I love the cat. :D

..I watched it with subs (watching it RAW made me brush up with my japanese lessons :wacko: ) and I already love it!! The earl looks so much like Tamaki of Ouran, and when Raven called him Milord... ^_^ I'm beginning to feel excited about the story line. Love the cat too.

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Guest negenki

omg....i love this anime....so cool and at the same time....romantic...hhahahahah. i love the fact that Lydia is resisting Edgar's attempt......and she doesn't squeal a lot like many anime girls.....

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Sorry for internet screaming, but when I first saw it, my eyes went like O___O! It's been a long time since I've seen an anime I want to REALLY REALLY see. So I'm totally gonna check this out. Must do my hw fast today!!!

Everything looks so cute and romantic. Even the title is romantic. Ahhhh, the count and the fairy. When I hear that, it feels like I'm going to get carried off to a magical land! ^^

Fangirl senses are tingling!!

Thanks for sharing!

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I saw the first two episodes :) I'm loving the ending of the 2nd episode... Well, the credits..

--> I recently sa episode 2. Lots of revelations~ oh yeas the credits.. lots of eye candy! everyone is so.. wow~ Edgar and Lydia certainly look good together.

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Guest retarded_sponge

I'm surprised at how dark this is turning out to be, it'll be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Btw LOOL at the cat in the ED.

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