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Guest ginachan

Song Seung Hun 송승헌

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Guest ruffluv

sharing more pix









source: on pix

credits: Yahoo Korea

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Guest vic_taebin

Ahhh~~i'm jealous, I want a book and poster too! SSH looks so handsome, but i think it's that time to visit the barber. =)

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Guest 2uss













WOW WOW WOW!! what an event!! our SSH LOOKED GREAT!!! starstruck.gif

i lost track of time, it's already 4am here in my timezone :P:P

ok 2uss needs to stop and goes to sleep bye.gif

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have a sweet dream uss :)

here's an article about the Tokyo Dome Event from The Korea Times



'Four of a Kind' Captivate Japanese Fans in Tokyo Dome

Four Korean heartthrobs ― Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung-hun and Won Bin ― enthralled 70,000 Japanese fans who packed the Tokyo Dome at a special Korean Wave or ``hallyu'' festival, Thursday.

This was the first time that the top stars have taken the same stage for a promotional event, dubbed ``4Card ― Four of a Kind.'' The actors held two fan meetings on Thursday at the dome which accommodates about 35,000.

The first event took place at 1.00 p.m., about 30 minutes later than originally scheduled, according to the event organizer. The show started late as Lee, who had to take part in the filming of the last episode of the KBS drama ``Iris'' until dawn, Thursday, left for Tokyo in the morning, while others flew in the previous day.

Lee blamed himself for the delay of the show. ``The event started late because of me. As the shooting of 'Iris' was concluded several hours ago, I'm in sort of in an unrealistic mood. I'm tired due to a lack of sleep but I was awakened by your cheering.''

It was his first public appearance after being dragged into a scandal involving a former girlfriend over allegations of sexual misconduct.

He made no direct comment about the feud. But he indicated that he was going through hard times. ``It has been so hard both mentally and physically of late but meeting you fans always invigorates me.''

For his part, Jang said, ``hello,'' in Japanese, drawing thunderous applause from the fans. He also gave the audience a nice surprise by playing drums.

Known as an avid baseball fan and a member of an amateur baseball team comprised of entertainers, Jang said, ``My dream is to play in Tokyo Dome. I'm a pitcher on my team.''

In reaction to Jang's remarks, Song, the star of the TV drama ``Autumn Fairytale,'' quipped that he was willing to become a ball boy for Jang if he played baseball in the dome.

Won, the star of the critically acclaimed thriller ``Mother,'' said he was so pleased to meet Japanese fans. ``I barely slept last night at the thought of meeting you. I want to make good memories with you.''

The stars introduced fans to their latest films and TV dramas and took part in various events with them.

Credits : Cho Jae-hyon, Staff Reporter (chojh@koreatimes.co.kr)

Source : The Korea Times

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Guest 2uss

have a sweet dream uss :)

here's an article about the Tokyo Dome Event from The Korea Times



'Four of a Kind' Captivate Japanese Fans in Tokyo Dome

Credits : Cho Jae-hyon, Staff Reporter (chojh@koreatimes.co.kr)

Source : The Korea Times

thank you dear deka :blush:


few more lingering pics ^_^













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Guest 2uss

a couple of more articles reciting a summary of the event :D


2009.12.17 19:37


Hallyu big four star dome together "happy to meet you"

Four Hallyu stars Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong Gun, Song Seung-heon and Won Bin get together to open the concert at Tokyo Dome.

Four people stand at the same stage (day and night performance) for the first time a total of about 60,000 spectators gathered. Among the crowd, Chang said that the pitch in a baseball team "dream was to play baseball at the Tokyo Dome is happy to meet you today" and greeting....

Four showed dramatic readings set in a railway station in Seoul, a Japanese song that made the day for "Love is Here" (「愛はここにある」). Women will swoon with his fans waving the Hallyu penlight .



individual performances:

JDG - drum performance

WB - sand art

SSH - sing 'Only You' ('あなただけが).

LBH - opening with spoon(?)


"I'm happy to see it, but it was also nice to dream of baseball at the Tokyo Dome. I hope to spend an interesting time" (Jang Dong Gun), "the license you valuable time in busy thanks. a good time to divide and tension is the first Tokyo Dome "(Won Bin)," imagination is greater than that of the Tokyo Dome. Dong Gun is my brother and I went to a ball boy as baseball's "(Song Seung Heon)

Sun 17 until dawn Mizuki KBS 2TV drama 'Iris' Lee Byung Hun day for the 12noon performances recorded at the scheduled 30 minutes late. Lee Byung-hun "Thank you. Thank you" after the greeting "The time delay is my fault. Did not have enough time to prepare and just arrived" and apologized." "Just 10 months before finishing the journey Iris. That the air is not unrealistic enough to realize that you are facing at the Tokyo Dome. It was very lack of sleep. Car, the plane also taken course state was also faintly in the field. awoke to hear the first cry came here," he said.

These are 'Have you ever fallen in love with the actress who tried to shoot the works', 'people out here (three in particular) I have never felt inferior to people', 'before taking the kiss scene one must brush their teeth' were easy to answer such questions.

Widespread versed proud. Jang Dong Gun playing drums, Won Bin is released sand art sand painting and lighting. Seung Heon sang 'Only You' song ('あなただけが). Jang Dong Gun Hollywood film advance 'Uoriosuuei more (road killed)' unreleased footage showed 5 minutes 30 seconds, Song Seung Heon movie took in Hawaii 'by unregistered' photos and video the public.

Lee Byung Hun took a bottle with spoon. Presenter replied, "Byung Hun's nothing like his first glimpse of this" as a laugh. Lee Byung Hun is 'Iris' recording (green) point to apologize repeatedly unfaithful schedule prepared on this day because "I can stand still in a state of great and can not sleep properly for days between The fans can also force" and said they had an answer fans applauded approvingly." "OK then crank up the drama came when the sign said Kim Tae-hee, like flesh-and-hug with him. Between the hours of 10 months (the cast of the iris) is full of feeling that people living with Kim Hyun the intersection. was happy to get a good result would draw a somewhat lonely feeling they sent a man named Ken Takashi."

The footage emerged on electronic billboards to Seoul Station on the notice board near the stage. Jang Dong Gun in this video most things I decided to commit suicide and failed projects, Won Bin is a killer, Seung Song marriage fraud, Lee Byung Hun as director losing his sight, read the reasons for their appearance in the film.

They gave up a bottle of champagne to celebrate the meeting satisfied fans." saying "Do not forget the precious memories with you". They sang 'love is here' ('愛はこちらに').



a short video clip when the stars were introduced B):D (thank you njs :blush: )


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Guest 2uss

SSH sang a song!! ^_^




the song is called "If It's You / Geuderamyeon" by Alex - 그대라면, a beautiful song :blush:

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grh405Ef8cs...player_embedded

If It’s You

I always saw you smiling, I knew from the moment I saw you

If it’s you, If it’s you, if the person by my side

Is you, if it’s just the two of us together, Forever is possible~

Darling, I will smile only for you

Darling, again for your sake, I will shed tears for you

If I could only love one person my entire life,

Just one person, it would be you

I saw your sad expression

The tears I saw for the first time, pained me

If it was me, if it was me, by your side,

If it was me, if we were together~ We can be happy~

Darling, I will always stay by your side

Darling, I will live only for you

If I could only have only one love my entire life, just one,

That person would only be you

Like a tree with deep roots, When the wind blows

I will take the brunt of whatever comes to you

Be my magnificent flower that blooms on my branch


Darling, I will only love you, Darling, I will live only for you

If I could fall in love once, just once,

The person I would fall in love with would be you

Darling, I’ll love only once, just once,

And that person is you


*TSH/nate's blog (thank you :blush: )

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4 of Korea’s Top Stars shine at Tokyo Dome


Back in July, the boys of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki rocked the Tokyo Dome. In September, Bae Yong Joon (Yon-Sama) also had a huge event at the Tokyo Dome.

On December 17th, four Top Korean stars Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Won Bin, and Jang Dong Gun, dubbed as the Four Kings, gathered at the Tokyo Dome for a special event titled 'Hallyu's Four of A Kind.'

These four stars are very popular in Japan and they packed the Tokyo Dome.

More than 70,000 people (35,000 over two events) packed the Tokyo Dome to get a glimpse of the four. Lee Byung Hun arrived a bit late to Tokyo as he had to film the final scenes for IRIS in Seoul, this resulted in the first event starting 30 minutes late (1:00PM instead of 12:30PM). He also made his first public appearance after his alleged scandal went public. Both the events were very tasteful and classy, so there was no mention of the scandal.

Check out the photos below.



Source : allkpop


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Guest 2uss

more articles :D


December 18, 2009


Together (Again) At Last

Yesterday was a big day for Japanese fans of Korea's top male stars. Four of those stars were in town and appearing together on stage for the first time at the Tokyo Dome. The "Four of a Kind" event was billed as a "miracle" and something close to that was needed to get Lee Byung Hun (39) to town. The actor has been caught up in a scandal at home involving an old girlfriend.

The first of two shows yesterday was delayed by half an hour as Lee, who had been filming a drama series, arrived in Japan late due to airplane engine trouble. He didn't make any comments about the scandal specifically but acknowledged that he's been under a lot of stress and hasn't been sleeping. He thanked fans for giving him a new burst of energy. The rest of the foursome was made up of actors Jang Dong Gun (37), Song Seung Heon (33) and Won Bin (32). Among the crowd pleasers, they performed "Seoul Station," an original recital written by lyricist and AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi (53), and an original song written for the event



한류 4대천왕, 600여팬 환호속 日 동시 출국 (departing, 600 fans)

스타뉴스 원문 기사전송 2009-12-18 16:34


The four Korean emperor to South Korea amid the cheers of the 600 Japanese fans were leaving.

18th afternoon Won Bin Jang Seung Heon Lee Byung-hun, Korean Four of a Kind (Four of A Kind) Events after leaving Japan to Haneda Airport via Gimpo said.

Haneda Airport, more than 400 fans gathered from the morning and around 600 fans were there to wait for the arrival of the emperor. Before long, 4pm appearance Lee Byung-hun and Won Bin fans 'byeongheonssi', the shouting was really exciting to express your mind.

Lee Byung-Hun Jang Dong-gun and Won Bin photos of hands, 'I love you' to the writing hand, some fans' byeongheonssi of us do not listen to them, saying unvarying affection.

The expression yeokryeokhaetda Haneda Airport officials nervous. When they enter before the two split for Song Seung Hun Lee Byung Hun and Jang Dong-gun but, with the departure because there were four.

More than 16th from the audience waiting for entry point jachit also can not ignore the possibility of an accident. The Airport officials more than 30 security guards posted outside and try your best.

Arrived at the airport, Song Seung Hun Lee Byung-Hun Jang Dong-gun and Won Bin fans have responded by waving hands towards. 17th manyeo met fans never forget the joy and happy laughter seemed to say jieumyeo last talked....




Song Seung Heon, I'll see you next time!


Song Seung Heon and Lee Byung Hun, what a great force


...again, always the last to wave



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Guest 2uss

OMO OMO OMO!!! amongst Korea's netizens.. SSH is said to be in the top 3 listed for IRIS 2 :o:o:blink::rolleyes:


소지섭·하정우·송승헌, 네티즌이 뽑은 '아이리스 2' 톱 3

2009-12-18 15:47:08


So Jiseop, Ha Jeongwoo, Song Seung Heon, netizens' Top 3 for "Iris 2"

3. 송승헌 Song Seung Heon

At the same time soft and sharp image with Song Seung Heon is also rising in mulmang to post gimhyeonjun. Masterpiece 'Autumn in My Heart' (2000) to act in the melodrama, 'East of Eden (2008) as a rough and tough namseongmi exciting power of women caught hold of the minds' Iris 2' appearances are expected to raise the name to the list. In appearance, warmth and poignancy of the piece of double-sided castle punggyeonaoh a woman at the vortex of love, intrigue and revenge hwimalrineun gimhyeonjun of NSS personnel at the station is suitable pyeong.


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Guest 2uss

Kim Tae Hee would like to act along side Song Seung Heon B) (for "IRIS 2"??)


김태희 "사대천왕 中 함께 연기하고픈 배우는 송승헌·원빈?"(인터뷰③)

2009-12-18 19:23 최종수정 2009-12-18 19:24


[Asian Economic News imhyeseon] want to breathe with actress Kim Tae Hee Song Seung Hun and Won Bin in the actor said.

Kim Tae-hee in Seoul Wednesday the 18th of Nonhyun to attend an interview at Cafe 'emperor of the four want to play along with the men learn that' the question, "M Sold, not yet, Song Seung Hun and Won Bin and want to try acting," she said.

Kim Tae-hee a "tree KBS2 drama with Lee Byung-hun 'Iris' breathing in saw fit. Jang Dong-gun lovers in the doing of it. Song Seung Hun and Won Bin?" Said smiled.

The 'Iris' Season 2 is about "character until the last choeseunghui am not quite finished. Those who write the night is the author's intent," while "two seasons later, after a lot of time seems to be made," she said.


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Guest 2uss

they look tired, but back home again :rolleyes: at Gimpo airport





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Guest 2uss

some of the highlights in the program as posted by friends @ TSH (thank you :blush: )


this is quite interesting game... some difficult questions asked^^

esp. Q6 & Q7... LBH was quick to say someone's lying... but who? who?

if what LBH said was correct, the answer to Q7 is 100% positive^^

(we already knew about JDG and LBH... ehhh... SH and WB??)

JDG - with current fiancee

LBH - Song Hye Kyo

WB - ??

SSH - ??


10 questions were asked and number of buttons pressed for "yes":

(by online translator... not clear about Q4)

Q1: You think that you're cool/best → 2 · · · 3 (increased)

Q2: In fact, I did not want to come → 0 (good!)

Q3: Feel inferior to the other 3 people → 2

Q4: It is not acting or → 2 (will what?)

Q5: Always brush your teeth before the kissing scene → 4

Q6: You think that your co-star did not brush her teeth → 2 (I will review past work) :lol:

Q7: Ever fell in love with co-stars → 2 · · · 3 (increased)

LBH: I think the one who did not answer is probably lying. :lol::P

Q8: Then, thinking that there is the person who told a lie is in one's left → 2 (see location in the photo)

Q9: Audiences today are beautiful people → 3 (Who? Akasaka: I'm sorry. The only favorite that you can not find one ...)

LBH: I'm sorry. A seat does not look good from me (and it becomes light) and may push it now?

turned into "4". (A honest person)

Q10: If you want to have a good day anyway → 4


a video of when questions were asked about their cell phone screen display

http://blog.naver.com/esunjung (thank you esunjung :blush: )

source: http://blog.naver.com/lsasnl?Redirect=Log&...91888&vid=0


(allow to buffer)

MC, "what's your cell phone screen display?"

JDG, "it's the same as when it's bought"

WB, "same with me"

LBH, "my mom's cellphone has the picture of me" (must be a gift from his mom)

SSH, "mines the same as when bought" (JDG interrupted "but i just saw his cell phone display and it shows a picture of him" :lol: ) SSH *blushes*

SSH got caught :lol::P


a video captured by dcssh fan at Gimpo airport when the stars arrived, it was focused on SSH, he looked tired :unsure: but yet considerate to wave and shake hands with fans on the way out :rolleyes:


(allow to buffer)

some gifs from dcssh (thank you :blush: )




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Guest 2uss

TSH gifts for our Seung Heon this Christmas :rolleyes: (thank you dear njs for time and effort)

dear all... thanks for your lovely cards.

tomorrow i will send them off to SH, together with some singapore food products...



the small little booklet titled "a little bit of Sunshine to brighten your days" is english time for SH.^^

it contains short sentences of encouragement... hopefully SH can pick up some useful english.

here's some good phrases:

- don't let anything rain on your day...

- cheer to greet you each morning so every new day will be happy and bright...

- keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

- smile lines are much more attractive than frown lines.

- even the darkest day is only 24 hours....


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Guest pam

OMG!!!! It would be so awesome if SeungHeon is starring in Iris 2 because Iris is such a fantastic drama so no doubt Iris 2 is going to be just as good. :)

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Guest pssrby2005

I've translated some of the highlights of the Tokyo Dome events by the four actors at my blog. Feel free to visit here.

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Guest 2uss

OMG!!!! It would be so awesome if SeungHeon is starring in Iris 2 because Iris is such a fantastic drama so no doubt Iris 2 is going to be just as good. :)

it would really be an awesome news if Seung Heon is to take the role!! :rolleyes:

although, it would be a big shoe to fill following his hyung, LBH, as lead in the next IRIS season... but Seung Heon

i'm sure, if he decided on it... will do well :D

Korean fans had rumored in about a few months ago, based on people in the Korean entertainment circles, for MBC's 2011 anniversary (meaning big budget) historical drama, called "The King" might have Seung Heon as one of the top listed to lead it... in 2010 MBC's anniversary drama will be "Road Number 1" starring So Ji Sub...

so the timeline so far is Seung Heon will film "Invincible", reports came out that the 10 billion won production is so huge that it will take around 6 months, give or take... until its planned premiere somewhere in the summer or fall of 2010...

given that everything fall according to plan with no delays and Seung Heon CF's schedule fall within reason, or something he may want to do for fans (music album, as reported)... he may by then, chosed his next project (drama series, as was reported as well)

IRIS was filmed out of sequence and production started early... for IRIS 2, all indication is the same plan will go forward, meaning, production will start late 2010 to early 2011 and half of the episodes (assuming 20 eps) will be done... and a planned broadcast late 2011 (by early fall or winter)

as far as MBC's high budget historical drama "The King", if they do decide to broadcast it... then production may be in early 2011 and the premiere to be around summer of the same year with the series ending end of 2011 in time for awards (assuming it's not over 50 or 60 eps)

all of these are of course assumptions on my part based on rumours of SSH fans (in TSH/dcssh/HL) have said

but then there's the big "if" Seung Heon will continue that action/thrilling/melodrama manly image... because he did say that he also wanted to do a "light-hearted role" or like a romantic comedy for a drama series... which some of us, yes, including me wanted him to do as well :rolleyes:

it will really be an interesting 2010 year!! but first things first!! INVINCIBLE FIGHTING!!! :D^_^

WOW!! I WROTE SO MUCH!! :o:blink:

*i blame pam* :P:P


WEEE!! thank you for translating pssrby :blush:

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Guest 2uss

I've translated some of the highlights of the Tokyo Dome events by the four actors at my blog. Feel free to visit here.

wow!! thanks for that great read pssrby ^_^

i appreciate your warm words and compliments of our Seung Heon nim :rolleyes:

thank you :blush:

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