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The Future of SM Entertainment.

Guest cmy_185

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Guest barefootboulevard

You pay a lot to enroll into starlight academy. Basically, anyone can join starlight as long as you have the moolah. SM trainees are trainees scouted by SM itself and signed a contract with SM. There are some starlight academy students that got into SM though. Like Yunho? SungMin? Kim Tae Yeon?.

im so confused now...

so u PAY to have them scout you and pick u to train??

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Guest 보석미남

^ You PAY to *ENROLL* into STARLIGHT ACADEMY (which is a music academy that's affiliated with SM) & it's pretty expensive.

If you're *SCOUTED* by SM ENTERTAINMENT (meaning: they WANT you) you don't have to pay a single cent.

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Guest blissfully_unaware13x

ack so much younger than me!! lol i feel my youth is fleeting. haha i'm just being melodramatic ^_~ lotsa definitely hav the looks. and since they're training so hard i bet they're mad talented too. good luck to them all. i feel bad a lot of rumors are already circulating for some which already affect them even tho they're not a real singer or something yet. like jessica jung. btw are those true? lol

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Guest alicewhattt

i thought baek min hyung and kwon yuri were actors. i think they came out in a drama called nuna or older sister. :sweatingbullets: kang jun young looks like he got a nose job, not saying he did

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Guest psquare6806

awww look at all the cute trainees! either sm will disband their old groups or they're gonna have some crowded music videos...

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Guest teephanie

sorry im sure a lot of ppl have asked you about this already but whats the deal with that trainee and JJ/donghae?

I should think that she's one of the most popular sm trainees that hasn't debuted yet (unlike imyoonah etc) because of the jaejoong/donghae rumors?

--wow and it seems that a lot of these trainess are already well known yet they havent even debuted yet

how do you ppl know about them?

lolss this is the first time ive ever seen any of them..

lolss maybe I just needa get into the korean scene more often ; )

if someone could directly reply/PM the answer to my question, ill really apreciate it cause im really curious =]


sorry and what is this whole ordeal with 'supergirls'?

--who are they? never heard of them but reading thru this topic

a lot of ppl are saying things like "shes not in supergirls anymore"

"supergirls wont debut due to many antis" etc..

lolss sorry just REALLY REALLY curiouss

and where do you ppl get all your sources from?

lolss everyone seems to know a lot =\

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Guest your--HEROine

Oh wow. I think the girls are too young but I guess it's not that bad since they would be train for a while until they are actually older, hopefully. hehe.

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