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F4 2nd Teaser Pg 96

Guest virvir111

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

um.. the cast look hot but i donno if i should be excited or not..

Huyn joon totally doesnt fit the Rui image, especially in my eyes after WGM... he just got really this dorky funny image on him now and i cant really take him as a serious character with complex thoughts... not that im saying hyun joong is simple minded... hmm maybe he can prove me wrong.. i donno,,,, w/ so many ramakes of this story already, i hope this korea version will have its own flavor

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Guest fobbiyo

Kimbum is probably going to play the player who gets all of the girls and the other guy is going to play the guy who loves older women. LOLOL.

:mellow: I hope this is going to be good. I'm sure it's not going to surpass Hana Yori Dango in my eyes.


wait. What? No red warning signs? What are they going to use then? The signs made me go "oooo, she's going to get it now" lol. The red sign was like the whole beginning of the drama! I wonder what's the substitution for it.

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Guest najoong

OMGSH the cast for KOREAN F4 !



hyunjoong looks so hot with the blonde-ish hair

and and kimbum! KYAHHHH had no idea he was gonna be in it.

YAYYYYY i love kimbum.

and i think leeminho will match domyoji's character!

i can't wait 'til it comes out.


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Guest pencilcasee.

Hyunjoong in it makes it a definite watch for me. I'm pretty indifferent about the other three guys lol. Rui has always been my favorite character in both the Taiwanese and Japanese versions so I hope Hyunjoong does the part justice.

I'm excited to hear about the female cast :)

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Guest ploy_luvli


F4 in version korea....

i'm gonna watch this b'cuz of hyunjoong and kimbum 555+

but wait a minuite.. what about the girl????

thx 4 the news.

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Guest chubbycheek

this is soo awesome! HYUN JOONG go for it! Rui suits him perfectly, personalities are really similar, haha.

I don't know who the other guys are but good luck to them too! Wonder who is Makino? Or Shizuka?

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