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F4 2nd Teaser Pg 96

Guest virvir111

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Guest `soliloquy

KIM HYUN JOONG as RUI? Darn, this will be good <3

I actually like the casting, though I'm quite curious who the female protagonist will be.

Can't wait!

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Guest MoonBlue

From what I've seen of Lee Min Ho in "I Am Sam", I think he fits the role well, he sure stands out of the crowd. Though I won't be following this drama, I'm curious who the female protag will be.

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Guest kuristin

oh...lee min ho as domyouji tsukasa...sounds interesting..hoho

wow.hyunjoong as rui hanazawa..nice..totally fits him..XD

hoho..so excited to watch it..hoho

can't wait for december..haha

hmmm..who will be tsukushi makino?

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Guest she`said

omg, this is foreal! they're all casted now! ... well except for the main girl. i wonder who it will be. im skeptical with hyunjoong but hearing that he trained for acting is good enough for me. and AAAAAH :w00t: KIMBUM! i love him!!

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Guest just_believe

Yay the guys have been cast! I'm surprised Kim Bum isn't playing one of the two major male leads though, since he is probably the actor with the most experience. Then again, I know they're trying to promote new faces and all that.

Hyun Joong! <3

Best of luck to Lee Min Ho...he's playing the main major male lead!

Omg, I can't wait for the show to start!!!!

I wonder who the girl will be...ahhh

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Guest meloncchii

This is... sort of disappointing...

I was sort of hoping they would stay away from idol stars and new people in the business for a drama as amazing as HYD. (Puhaha, I sound like a total hypocrite because Matsujun is an idol star. Oguri Shun = <3... man, I love spazzing about the Japanese cast. C:)

I guess I'm ok with KimBum but he doesn't really fit his character either... *sigh*

Oh well, there's always Matsujun to watch if I end up hating it with an intense passion.

But, hey, I might end up liking it... maybe.

Oh, and Koo HyeSun is really pretty and she's a capable actress but...*sigh*

Maybe I'm being too picky...

... no, I AM picky.

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looks perfect for the role!!! he's so handsome!!!

Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon,

they all look great.

i have to say, this is (in my opinion) the hottest F4 cast that i've seen yet! lols...

the other F4s were hot too, but damn, these guys? hot! lols...

i seriously can't wait for the drama to air now!

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