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Kim Rae Won 김래원 ❤ Ardent Actor ❤ Shining Star

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2 gorgeous Raewon pics fr news articles to make you gals faint...

In another bright red shirt (diff fr the ones posted last week), and don't you love his hair?!





fr raewon island/hyu

hyu says that in the first news, he mentions wanting to do 3 more dramas+movies in 2006 (Wow!), and being eager to try different roles :D

wow!!! Pchoi.... this is good news... he wants to do 3 more dramas/movies in 2006 ..... Very happy to hear that. I hope the drama that he selected will be another breakthrough for him as well.....


Thanks PChoi & indigoangel.....

em52.gifwow!!!! he's definetly HOT in those pics that you posted!!!!! melt again.....

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Part 2 translation is done. Translated from the Japanese translation, so hopefully it's fine. You can find the Part 1 Translation here. Japanese text credit to momotaro32343866 at ameblo. (Side note:

@deara Haha yeah!!! I saw a post saying it's only 2hrs away from where psh's is staying so...... hmmm. Ooops!  I know right?! He killed them with just that plain kind of style. He stands out without h

Hi Everyone...I'd like to inform you about 2016 K-drama contest in soompi...as you might already knew we past the preliminary stage and now we compete for Round 1, can you spare your time to visit the

Hello, everybody, hope you all had a good weekend.

I spent some time this weekend watching the video clip of clride winter catalogue shooting posted earlier by Jo. (But I couldn’t find it on which page? Jo, could you please repost the url? Thanks a lot. I only know the ending is 29808445625(RWSJOct05).wmv ) Using my Korean dictionary , grammar book, and listening repeatedly 100 times, (a little bit exaggerated ok, maybe 50 times, heehee) I tried to get a “rough” idea about what they talked. It should be 75% right, some I don’t understand, some I couldn’t hear it clearly because the background laughter was too loud. Anyway, just want to share with you about it. ( Please do not be too strict about my Korean. )

Kim Rae Won (KRW) and Im Soo Jung (ISJ), It’s already been 3 years since the movie …ing.

And they’ve been doing the clride couple activity together from 2004 till now.

So how do they feel about it?

KRW: I feel bored of course!

ISJ: Isn’t that boring with each other?

They do not get along well anymore. ( See that break up ziggy-zaggy line?)

In the clride winter catalogue photo studio……

How were the two interacting?……

Rae Won couldn’t stop yawning…..Aaaaaa…..

And here came in our host--- La I Meo (LIM), Yeah!

They greeted each other first.

LIM: Im Soo Jung sshi, you are cute, sexy, feminine, elegant, and sometimes full of animation!…..

ISJ: You are not saying these same words to the other actresses too, are you?

LIM: No. No. Never!

I made a rap song especially for you.

ISJ: Did you really?

LIM began to sing: “ From the moment I saw you, it seems like the time has stopped……………..”

Im Soo Jung , whose eyes enlarged out of surprise!!

LIM continued singing: “………………., Yeah”

Im Soo Jung , who didn’t know what to do.

LIM: (to Rae Won) Im Soo Jung seems like my rap very much! (LIM was trying to make Rae Won jealous.)

KRW: It doesn’t matter. I don’t care!

Rae Won responded reluctantly.



Winter lovers, Im Soo Jung and Kim Rae Won.

KRW: Until now, I’ve been acting together with a lot of beautiful actresses, but I have not found any girlfriend yet.

LIM: (asking both of them) When you find your lover, what places you would like to bring your girlfriend (boyfriend) to?

KRW: ………. Zoo…

ISJ: I just want to hold his hand, walk around in the street, stop by a place where they sell tteok-ppok-kki, (rice cake in hot pepper paste sauce) and eating tteok-ppok-kki together……..

LIM: I know a place where they sell good, delicious tteok-ppok-kki……

ISJ: Really?


LIM on the spot ordered the same sweater as the one Im Soo Jung wore . ( Couple’s T-shirt )

LIM took off his jacket to show it.


LIM and ISJ had a good chat……..ignoring Rae Won………(or Rae Won ignoring them?)

LIM: Kim Rae Won sshi… Kim Rae Won sshi….. Kim Rae Won sshi…….

Finally got Rae Won’s attention….

LIM: You don’t like what is going on here, right?

KRW: No, no.


LIM: Whatever I tried to come between Kim Rae Won and Im Soo Jung, I couldn’t succeed.

It is so good to see how they care for each other as a team which worked together for 3 years.

LIM shook hands with Rae Won.

ISJ: Does this mean you two are making up?

……………………………………………………..THE END


Yeah..... Akie..... em27smile.gifyou're so nice and committed. . haha... so you've listened repeatedly 50 ~ 100 times.... I feel so touched. Thanks for your efforts. Really appreciate it :D

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Thankss for the links ~~ ling ~~ ^____^

Aww... I saw pretty many VIPs attending "Mr. Socrates" preview arr ~~~~~ :D :D

I recognized a few of them, like Yoon So Yi, Ryu Jin, & Daniel Henney ~~ :P

& the huge stud, I think, is the K-1 Fighting guy then......haha..... :lol:

really wanna know what their views on the movie ~~~ ><

but I heard the interview before the movie showed, that D. Henney said in English .... he heard a lot of good things about the movie, hes looking forward to it ..... B) B) YAY~~~~~ :D

Rae Won + the director (far left) + 2 other casts at "Mr. Socrates" VIP screening (Nov 1) ----




Hi... middy... em27smile.gif

I'm so glad that that many people heard about the good things about the movie... So glad that many famous stars attended the VIP preview too. Yes.... MS fighting...... em09ayeah.gifem09ayeah.gif

2005/11/7 Mtstar news

'미스터 소크라테스', 주말예매 1위

"Mr. Socrates" Weekend Presale No. 1



Ticket presale figures from interpark -- "Mr. Socrates" is no. 1 (till noon time on Nov 7)

Interpark site:


fr raewon island/hyu

Yeah!!!! PChoi.... This is definitely another good news to us.......

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i'll do more later xD i hope i can make it before the 100th page.

YEAH, this isnt that pretty -______-;; but im sorry =\

one more :D


<333 one more. :D i think this is enough? ^^


i do more random ones tomorrow? ^^

oh yeah, i made this clride banner like yesterday? enjoy ^^


Hi... Mandy.... Thanks for spending time doing these. Very nice 100th banners. I know you're preparing for your exam. Good luck to your exam....em62Gdluck.gif

hi~ I just made a mv of "my memories" about this fan meeting~^^ :P enjoy it?! ^^^ :D

link http://kimraewon.cn/bbsvod1/shirley.wmv


Wow!!!!! Indigoangel… You’re very fast ah….. Yesterday we’re all very high. I love this fan meeting pics. Thanks for grouping all the pics and make this MV.

Really love it. Hope you’ll make more…. Haha. I still have no time doing the MV but I will plan to do one soon…. :P

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hi~ I just made a mv of "my memories" about this fan meeting~^^ :P enjoy it?! ^^^ :D

link http://kimraewon.cn/bbsvod1/shirley.wmv

Wow, Shirley, Shirley, I love you. I just woke up, and see this wonderful MV you just made. My eyes couldn't help wetting.

You chose a perfect song for this memory, collected all Rae Won's smile in this fan meeting. I watched it several times, felt like I was there myself. It will be a nice memory for all of us, thanks, Shirley.

I've never been in Rae Won's fan meeting once. And I doubt will I survive if I do go in one of Rae Won's fan meeting in person?! ( Ponpon survived right after 2 times, but she's even more more more crazy for our Prince after.....) Maybe it's better for me just love Rae Won quietly in a distance, and support him forvevr. Your MV is a great gift for me to watch Rae Won's smile again and again and never get tired! :)

btw, thanks for sharing your MV here. I don't know why kimraewon.cn is so so so slow for my computer, so I hardly went there. Do you know why?

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Guest minminfish

Here u are....have them separated as siggies...






i'll do more later xD i hope i can make it before the 100th page.

YEAH, this isnt that pretty -______-;; but im sorry =\

one more :D


<333 one more. :D i think this is enough? ^^


i do more random ones tomorrow? ^^

oh yeah, i made this clride banner like yesterday? enjoy ^^


THaNX so much, raewoners for doing the favor!! I mega lovv them all! My beloved clride couple forever!! :P

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Guest minminfish


OUR SEXIii HOT RAE WON in velvet blue jacket w/ jeans ~~~ strikingly GORGEOUS ~~~~

in meeting with Japanese fans (Nov 6) ---- ^____^

5154_1.jpg:wub: :wub: :wub:*melt***


OUR HANDSOME PRINCE Rae Won in the suit ~~~


5153_2.jpgLove this pic, Rae Won in "Life is Beautiful"? :P


wow, oppa is gorgeous looking in a suit!! <3<3^^

I wish him big success with the movie which's coming out a few days later. the box office hits high high and top top!!! :P

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Guest doroAnxx05


HI gals ~~~ ^____^~~

I've uploaded ....

Rae won Going to Saipan to shoot movie "...ing" diving scene ----- ^O^~~~~

Its shot by Rae Won's mgmt co. Blue Dragon people -------

so U'll see Rae Won starting off on a boat to the sea area, changing to swimming wear,

swimming in the water, then Soo Jung down the water with him........ till where they finished off filming..

then bare-chested Rae Won resting relaxingly under the palm tree near the seaside........ B):wub::D:lol:

hope U can view the entire clip... cuz seems my file shows till where Rae Won resting under the tree... then it shows 'corrupted file' sth like it........ >< GOOD luck ~~~ :P

Saipan ------ its a rather BIG file, about 1 hour long.....


whoaah, middy, thnx alot for da link. it is a long clip i think, downloading now....

does it also show their diving scenes in da movie? :P

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Guest gigikk27

Kim Rae-Won is looking good in that suit and hairstyle!

for those clride pix, krw looks cute and adorable as usual,

isj for some reason, she looks plumpy a bit this time.. cute still.

overall i luv the winter pix. x)

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Guest snowbell04

WOW~~ aww~~~ Hihi ~~~ dear akie ~~ ~_____~

very thankful for the effort & time in trying to translate the Clride Winter interview clip arr ~~~ :wub:

wOw~~ so detailed .... & its really interesting ~~~ :lol:

miss youuuu .... & U always drop by with real goodies of Rae Won ~~~~ *HUGss~~ *Muacks ~~ :P:D

GOOD night to you ~~~ ^^*

I think the link to the Clride Winter interview clip where the translation that U did is this one ------ ;)


Thkzz for the video link, would it be possible to save it? ;]]

and for translationg the intereview. i guess both Krw n Isj got annoyed with the host who...:blink:

of course the couple get along well. they shud do clride for more seasons. xD

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Got this from the news thread

미스터 소크라테스 (Mr. Socrates) has become the recipient of one of the strangest records in Korean film History. There isn't a single female character in the film. There's a few extras and really minor characters, but not a single woman with a line of dialogue. Choi Jin-Won [Director and Writer of the film] said: "Since I don't know women really well, I wanted to tell a man's story." But it could have been different: people on the set joked that the atmosphere without women was a little too downbeat, so they wanted to get some female characters in anyway. But at the end, Producer Choi Yong-Gi said that since it was a world the director didn't know about, he would have preferred to go as planned, without women, lest it all became an exercise in awkward moments. So here's our new, unpleasant little record: no women on screen. I'm sure someone will take the joke, and do the other way around. Maybe a parody of 실미도 (Silmido) with all women...


credit to rubie

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Guest klaritia

11/7 mnet news clip

Japanese Fans Meeting + Interview (Nov 6) - 5'34"


fr fanmir

thanks to hyu of raewon island

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