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[tvb] When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 東山飄雨西關&

Guest little_deviI

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Guest little_deviI


English Title: When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

Chinese Title: 東山飄雨西關晴

Producer: 關永忠 ( Wars of In-laws, Survivor's Law II, When A Dog Loves A Cat)

Episodes: 30


Liza Wang

Charmaine Sheh

Joe Ma

Selena Li

Raymond Wong

Edwin Siu

Sharon Luk

Kiki Sheung

Leo Lee

Evergreen Mak

Kwok Fung

Cheung Kwok Keung

Ching Ho Wai

Felix Lok

Peter Lai

Lai Suen

Chan On Ying

Wong Ching

Savio Tsang

Rocky Cheng

Lam King Kong

Helen Ma

Wong Zi Man

Mak Ka Lun

Chun Wong

Catherine Chow

and more...


West Gate (Sai Guan) is Guangzhou most prosperous area since olden times. Those who lived in West Gate are the wealthiest in Guangzhou, mostly prominent merchants. East Gate (Tung Guan) since the end of Qing dynasty has been the living place for important military officials. Those who lived in the western-styled houses are definitely powerful officials.

West Gate Ladies are rich young ladies which practiced the traditional culture and received higher education. East Gate Master, are the young masters who have studied abroad. Both of them are perceived as outstanding people, therefore mutual admiration and love is expected by the society. However, can they really find happiness from this so called 'perfect match'?

Yip Heung Qing is born in West Gate from a prominent family. Unfortunately, when she is still young her father passed away in an accident; and with her older brother still young and inexperienced not only they were unable to protect their fortune, they ended up heavily in debt and poverty. Heung Qing has no choice but to work diligently with Heung Yeung by selling porridge at Lai Wan. Busy with livelihood, Heung Qing has long forgotten about love relationship until she met Poon Cheuk Wah. It is very clear that their status and background are far apart. Cheuk Wah's mother Chong Fung Yi naturally opposes their relationship and tries to break them up in every possible way.

Cheuk Wah later marries Bo Kei but couldn't forget Heung Qing, therefore the husband and wife relationship is very distant. It turns out that Bo Kei, a young heiress have all along loved a small time gangster Kwan Ho Cheung. Due to differences in their status, their relationship couldn't withstand the society pressure and separated in the end. However after Bo Kei marries Cheuk Wah she slowly understand the meaning of true love. If two people who doesn't love each other are forced to be together, both will suffers great pain. In addition, she was affected by Heung Qing positive outlook on life. She finally reaches an agreement with Cheuk Wah and overcome all obstacles for a divorce...

Credit: uDesire (English info), HDzone & TNplace (Direct Download Links)

looking at the poster...it is kinda boring....lol.....which i hope not....what do you think?

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Guest ANJEE<3

i think this plot is one of those things that have already been done and they are just throwing stuff in for a "new plot"

it looks okay but i'm not expecting too much out of this

the acting for sure will be okay though even though i can't stand charmaine

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

haha in contrary to the above posters, i'm not too interested in the storyline but i love the 2 female leads. thanks for posting the links!

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Guest °..a²

wow not only do i hate all of the main cast, i also hate this era.

and to top it off, the summary in the first post literally gave away the whole series.

wow just wow.

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