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New Kbs Variety Show Deals With Dating~ Kko Kko Tour

Guest Soy

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(Jeju) Yuri, Chansung (2pm), Minwoo, Jin Bora, Jo Donghyuk
Episode 6 features a new cast:

Male Guests: Hwang Chan Sung (2PM), Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa), Gil (Leessang), Shin Dong Wook & Jo Dong Hyuk

Female Guests: Yuri (SNSD), Jung Siah, Amy, Kim Shi Hyang & Jin Bora





The Hosts : Shin Jung Hwan & Tak Jae Hoon

Guests currently on the show :

Male Guests: Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa), Gil (Leessang), Shin Dong Wook, Tim & volleyball player Moon Sung Min

Female Guests: Park Jung Ah (Jewelry), Tiffany (SNSD), Jung Si Ah, Amy & Hong In Young

Currently I'm addicted to this new variety show by KBS. The concept is like a big mix between "We Got Married", "Love Letter", & "1Night,2Days".

The guests should be on the show for like 3-5 episodes, from what I know the first set of guests filmed in Saipan for like 5/6 days/nights. It's currently on episode 2, which aired like last night but subs for episode 1 is up.

[soShi Subs] Kko Kko Tour S1 EP 1 - Tiffany [09.21.08]


001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005

Translators: FanyLove, sunneej, joeMAmaaaaa, & pandapuchuu

Spot Translator: boxclub

Editor: Soy

Timer: __`b4by & Kanki

Encoder: Lynd

Celebrities invite someone they have been interested in and get to know them during a trip somewhere. Audiences will get to see the true, sensitive side of celebrities as they open their hearts on air

original article : http://www.maxmovie.com/movie_info/news_re...dx=MI0080211274

If you want to download it or find out more about it : http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=246607


They play a "Kiss Me" game in the second episode.

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Guest lovelylil819

JUNG AH!!! I love Jung Ah with Tim. They are good friends for years, but I don't think he's gonna be coupled with her. I like Minwoo with Jung Ah, but I have a feeling that he's going to go for a more girly girl. :D

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^^ dude shin dongwook is a total hottie in this show haha

The relationships however are really complex atm. But they're really fun to watch.

The girls are uber pretty T-T. I like the volleyball player too.

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Guest system_chaos

baby-swts, tf is with the attitude? -_-

Tiff looked really pretty in that screen cap. O_O I will watch this tomorrow. :D Thanks for telling us about it!

V SADLY, it doesn't mean that if you're just stating an opinion that you wouldn't be having an ATTITUDE. Dude, the attitude reeks.

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Any sceenshot of Shin Dong Wook on this show??? :) I'm planing to watch this because of him (it's so rare for him to go to variety show).

Also I'm looking foward to see Tim (who's adorable) & Minwoo and Shin Jung Hwan (both very funny).

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Any sceenshot of Shin Dong Wook on this show??? :) I'm planing to watch this because of him (it's so rare for him to go to variety show).

Also I'm looking foward to see Tim (who's adorable) & Minwoo and Shin Jung Hwan (both very funny).

he had a cute pink shirt on the first episode


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Guest nad_donad

I just saw the first part of this show yesterday at KBS World, too bad they didn't provide English subtitles for it...

But though I didn't understand most of their conversation, but I'm still having fun watching it...

I've been a fan of 1Night,2Days.....and I think I'll be a fan of this one too... Love country coco as the MCs...XD

My first impression of this show is exactly like how you said, Soy, a mix of Love Letter and WGM.

When I saw Park Jung Ah and then Tim.....oh my, this is difinitely a Love Letter reunion, kkkkk....

I'm so curious who's going to spend holiday with who...

Gil from Leesang seems really interested in Tiffany. And Tim also being such a gentleman to her.

And I love to see Minwoom, he's adding more fun on the show..... It will be so fun if he's going to have a vacation with Jung Ah.

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Guest dcleo1515

Tiffany? bleh

i would love it if it were any other snsd girls

then i would watch

theres no hot people on the show

so im not gonna watch

The ignorance of people is saddening and is quite disappointing at times but it doesn't surprise me though. I knew someone was going to do something like that it was just matter of when. If you have nothing nice to say or constructive don't waste comment space on ridiculousness, there is enough of that online.

Anyway I watched the show and I thought it was interesting. There were a lot of funny moments, especially when the mud fell on the railing right next to Tiffany. Her reaction was priceless. Can't wait for next week.

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Guest Redwarrior

This show sounds interesting :D I missed Love Letter and X-Man after they were cancelled. (maybe cause starts were getting to many antis?? lol)

Don't hound me for this but if they really want someone from SNSD, why don't they send hyoyeon, SeoHyun, Jessica, Sunny, Yuri or SooYoung?? I don't wanna sound mean but Tiffany has got ALOT of EXPOSURE, chances to show her personality, but in my opinion Hyoyeon, and the above that i mentioned didn't so people don't really know them that much. Shouldn't they try to get them on shows like these too?? I know Tiffany talks alot and that's why PD's choose her but seriously sometimes i feel like those 6 other members aren't getting recognized.....especially HyoYeon. SeoHyun and Jessica have their trio, Yuri and SooYoung have their drama (sooyoung had her radio) and Sunny HAD her radio. But HyoYeon had.....NOTHING that's right. I think she's the most mysterious member... >.> They should send her out more. She can shine alright, but no one's giving her the chance to.

SM MANAGERS!!! Don't favor some members over others!! They're all human and they all need equal amounts of Exposures too!!! (or else it's going to be like Yesung's case again *shudders*. I love yesung even before he showed his funny side. But his case just shows that if they have the right exposures, then they can catch attention too!!! Who knows, maybe HyoYeon is just as funny as Yesung or has some secret random stuff we don't know about her.) another example: Changmin, he's so interesting when he talks!!!!! But STUPID EDITORS just HAD to CUT HIM OUT >.> maybe i should just blame it on the PD's and Editors....not giving people a chance......lol


but i just wish that some members of groups would appear more on shows.

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Guest tru32urluv

Just finished watching episode and I'm liking it ^^

Seems to be a very fun show.

And I admit I'm not a very big fan of Tiff either but she seems fun in this ^^

I really mostly watched it for MinWoo, Shin Jung Hwan, Shin Dong Wook and Park Jung Ah hahah~

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