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~~**g O S S I P G I R L **~~on-set Fashion!

Guest blue16

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Guest Atmosphere.

uhh what blake lively is wearing is not so lively 0.0;; she looks she became a ghost <__<;; i mean that dress is beautiful, but it's just so not right with her. a beautiful dress and a beautiful girl, i guess it wasn't right for her? <__<;; WHAATT I SEE MICHELLE TRATCHENBERG?@!?!?!?!?! O__o seriously i'm in love with their fashion, they bring back the 40's? i forgot what era, but it's good to see those fashion!! they look so pretty!! I WANT ALL OF THE OUTFITS T-T-T whaat... so michelle is really in GOSSIP GIRL?!

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Guest XTINE__

Gaaaah, I absolute ADORE their clothes on the show!!! Every time I'm watching a new episode, I just wish I could just raid their costume closet LOL.. Sigh... a girl can dream right? And I love how, even though they have to wear uniforms at school, all the girls' uniforms look different.

I LOVED that pink dress Blair wore to the wedding last season. It is to die for!!!

Gosh, thanks so much for sharing these pics!! it was a real treat! LOL :)

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I love the fashion... mostly little J's school uniform

Little J's uniform is easy, you just need a short sleeve button down (I LOVE the Zara one she wore last episode) and the jumper and tie (as well as Serena's skirt and the girls' navy skirts) are from French Toast.

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