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What Are Good Ways To Introduce Yourself?

Guest bosetsu

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Guest safelittlethoughts

In school, I'm like "Hi!" They go hi. I say "What's homework?/What's the question?/What did the teacher say?/Did you do the project?" They respond and we exchange names if we don't know each other.

Or I'll do something like this:

[me and person is sitting in boring class (since all of our classes are long tables)]

Me: -nudges person and whispers- "Hey~"

Person: "Hm?"

Me: -moves blank paper in between us- "Wanna play tic-tak-toe?"

Person: "Uh, sure."

[we start playing and demand for rematches]

Me or Person: "So, do you have aim or myspace?"


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never ask something really random like, oh its so hot today or something, from what i've learned, all the guys who did that to me seems so corny and trying really hard.. just ask a normal quesiton and go on from there

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when i was got introduce to my bff

me- guess what?

him- ... what?

me- I'm goood at Dota.

him- really?

thats how our friendship started

hahaa ! I'm so going to use that tomorrow.[:

thanks. xD

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