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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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Favorite Korean Celebrities According to Latest Poll


The most favorite celebrity was

1. Yoo Jae-seok (with 7.6%, taking first place for the fifth year in a row)


2. IU (5.0%),


3. BTS / Kim Hye-soo (2.3%),

4. Choi Bul-am (2.2%),

5. Lim Young-woong (2.0%),

6. Namgoong-min (1.9%),

7. Hyun Bin (1.2%),

8. Park Bo-gum (1.1%),

9. Gong Yoo/Na Hoon-ah (1.0%),

10. Song Joong-ki/Ahn Seong-ki/Lee Seung-gi/Kim Jong-guk (0.9%),

11. Go Doo-shim (0.8%),

12. Kang Ho-dong/Kim Jong-min/So Ji-sub/Son Ye-jin/Shin Dong-yeop/Yoo Hye-jin/Jang Yoon-jeong/Jo In-seong (0.7%).






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Congratulations to Lee Jongsuk and IU. I am more than happy to know that these two beautiful people inside out are in a relationship now. Being in love makes one to be a better version of themselves. I love their declarations of love for each other especially how LJS referred his love to IU like Kang Dan-i in RiABB. Love is in the air.



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