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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread

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IU's fan twitter has lots of pic of her Dec 3rd concert, especially @onlyIUcn @4seasonswithIU account.   4seasonwithIU also translated most of the talk segment on IU's concert. Check ou

  IU is derived from the phrase "I and You", symbolizing that we can become one through music. Fans are called Uaena. U from the English word "You", Ae is Sin

Thanks for the warm welcome chinggu. I'm so happy to see all your familiar names in here. Your posts on our shipper thread have always brightened up my day in more ways than one! So much to look forwa

Wonder who's witty enough to introduce IU this slang words:joy:


There's a days i can't catch up with all the conversation around the Z generation however along passed the time i found this is how dynamic of linguistic are,such traits easy we found in each era,  to Mark their identities and quirkiness 

"Mantul" means is mantap betul= the best:thumbsup:

Can't wait how Jieuni talks in a casual words with INAaena



And wow up now the Digi monsterU already get 40 pak


The IU power sweeps the Charts again

Have a happy waiting new up date Uaena.

Have a peace weekend!

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The quick witted IU, proved again how brilliant she is, her sophisticated ideas to find an updated issues, convey them in such beautiful lyrics is amazing.

Congratulations to 52 PAK and counting...


Blueming is profoundly hilarious make the audience/viewers and listeners howled in delight.


Congratulations for 360 degree concert too.

Cuties cute ever since






Fighting for day 2 concert 


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91PAK and counting 

IUyang  we love U, feel pain seeing how U tried to composing your thoughts and continue the Show solemnly.

Hang in there







Comeback stronger and be happy meet Uaena from another country ,

we are with U





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100 PAK as now :astonished: would it be surpass the masterpieces of intro Leon?

Let's write new record "Blueming"

The catty Song, the crisp of melodies and the refreshing mv concept blended well with a quirk authentication Jieun acting left Us smiling loons while watching the MV.:lol:(waiting  a time when Jieuni acting in comedy movie, it'll  be a dream comes true though)

and within a week the MV viewers reach 10 million +.


Blueming Song..blue..uu..made me confused to conveying my feelings when i stuck in Grey area between gloomy or brighly:P

Cos in IU hands sounded wondrous happy:D



Thank you to stay strong!

Jieunaa we always with you

Even unlucky just life you says so let's  move on and that's is Alive about.


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So our wonderful girl has had a ways to explain the stages of texting love to blooms B)

From a ironic /irritate satires complain how someone becomes so ignorant to answer the text at Love of B



To cheerful,easy going and confident savage girl in Blueming is pretty much growth up, seems Jieun reflected her point of views about  love and the feelings while in love:glasses:


Just wondering why young  Jieuni  little bit bitter than an mature one?

While often a person growth the way around.

Cheerful younger days and get bitter as time passes by.

Wish more older we become more wise and easier we accept and face a life like Jieuni Song:D so let's blue.uu and blooom..ooo Uaena.


Waiting today's event and weekend concert.



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