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IU (아이유)

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Decided not to post anything might me feel more..and more uhmm -_-.( missed UB) and a bit worried about IU schedule concert releases perhaps i can't catch up one or two venue this year)


Yup i knew tomorrow would be many up date about IU fans meeting :P

So jia yo...

And cos my TL full of hilarious conversation between YIN,KHN and IU it will good to others to reading it. Thanks  so much to owners of accnt for translation.

So there its 









We knew Jieun is such dorks and quirky person when talking with YIN, their sincere relationship and the free laughed over nothing made their  friendship is precious and special :heart: 

Can't wait tomorrow up date..

Jieunaa..give Us  hints about concert and album please.


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Because these so fun and refreshing :D

Thanks  to owner accnt.

Happy and content Jieun is the best :)







IUshii..have blast happy and meaningful day with uaenas:kiss_wink:

Happy weekend for all uaenas happy waiting all the fans meet update in awe:lol:(-_-)


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What i love for Jieuni is her coolness, her way to address one topic to another, her broad mind and her sense of humor, she is such great talkers, she can conducted the mood of audience flow with her speech brings the emotions and gimmick to a joy of laughter....

Jieuni surprisingly great orator and performer...not in scale TED talks but in between TED talks and stand up comedy..or in sense Music. Talks laugh and Joy:wub:

Hope in IU concert coming months we International Uaena get this kind of interaction too...

It would be good when IU concert team give Iuaena audience a box of questions to collect in each IU overseas concert of course it will be thousands questions but for make the concert more lively and all Iuaena whom far for Jieun reach feel close and been listening too, of course it would cost a time but honestly we'll not mind as long she pick 1 or 2 questions between her performance we will satisfied because time we put our question in the box , automatic we know IUnim acknowledge I-uaenas existence and our big curiosity and concerns about IU and Lee Jieun..

Fans can wish it's up to IUnim to granted of course..

But Jieunaa please.



Have nice and peace days Uaena

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Luuuv this!

Lee Jieun the actor:kiss_wink:

Waiting full length movies 

But course  this coming months we waiting and longing Singer IU. Making  awesome come back.

Seems she charmed by how amusing Uaenas are:)



Of course me myself can't hold a giggle  saw all the cute costum parades 

Especially this one..


Manwolrii and the horse:D

Lol...they're holding hands..

This couple must've good sense of humor...:P



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Aah..  Another heartfelt review.

My Ahjussi still left deep impacts to many heart who's searching the meaning of life,relationship and family. ...

How to growth as Good person for others and for ourselves too..

Jianaa..are you doing well girl?

Be happy




Wishing all the better world for all creatures let's  lives in peace, love and respect each other dearly.


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Uaenas or so all SK familiar with this term An Angel of donations :wub:

PROUD stand an lovely,cute coolest LeeJieun the Angel.

Thanks to fans who's made this edit so cuuute and true.;)




Have happy and peace freeday Uaena.  

Psst..does your mind and hearts chanting same as me.  

She is back..

The killer charts is back.. 

The Singer who's loves by korean and Uaenas is back...

IU the GenIUs  musician is B A C K

Zeze eoseo.....She is back.....(grove with ZeZe rhymes :glasses:)


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