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IU (아이유)

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Jieunaa enjoys the vacation.

A bunch up date for Full Moon Jang.IG...please:)


Actually still in the midst of sad and happy after HDL ending.

Jieun once again made me cried two days in row..:tears:


for almost 3 months seeing a dorky, witty , mischief JMW made a life full of excitement waiting weekend, even  i aware the endings will becomes  heartache  still couldn't believed JMW last scene, walking  alone  in the bridge feels so content and fullest  made me cried rivers...


Jian endings  is still made me wept whatever rewatch it, can believed HDLcreate another's hole in my hearts .

Nevertheless Jieuni preferred an open endings in each her drama but jieunaa...can some time in the future we fans of yours  get a real sweetest story with a big happy laughed endings :joy:

I think  these frail hearts of your fans is enough to cries in each endings of your dramas thou.


Goodbye My all around heroine Jang Man Wol sajangnim:cry:



Thank you for good tears.

Have sweet dreamy sleeping,relax go with flow and enjoy the simple pleasure of life..

Happy holidays Jieunaa:kiss_wink:



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Nope. .no..Mam...:glasses:

Your noblest charismatic eyebrows is one of the beautiful gifts from above i ever seen.:wub:


Don't thinks...feel B)(Lee do hyun 30but 17 cheers up:lol:)



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I think just me who's missed another IU signatures :P

Found out a lots Uaenas missed too:D

Heartview flipped hairs IU..







I hear you...



Happy holiday HDL teams 


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Cutie cute cutest :glasses:


So enthusiast waiting IU announced her tour concert and the new album.B)

So We could Seeing her airport lovely chaos often then.:lol:


Mr.Park never failed to guide Her to find the right direction :thumbsup:


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What a nice greetings :lol:



Unbothered  IU...B)



Long time ago we saw this scene often, but now she become more attentive and caring :wub:

So far we don't have any update from IU Sajangnim and JMW sajangnim , both is in full mode of vacation thenB)


Finds this somewhere in the twtr.(thanks to owners)

So amusing

IUmoon keep eyes  on androUaenas or actually the way around :P



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Annyeong. .

Let's  meet again another time..in happy occasion :wub:


Focused to Jieunie bag...

Fussbudget Lucy:P

Another annoying  creature yet correct and logic honest observant B)



Have safe flights 

Safely arrives to SK.

Have sweet Sunday Uaenas.

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Warmth hearts IU..

Protect her Uaenas:wub:

She's the one's should be protected whenever in huge crowd yet she seems didn't like when the guards becomes harsh or pushed the fansB)

Thoughtfully IUyang we loved:heart:




So it'll be good when the fan's could give Jieun a comfortable spaces to greet and to walking freely.

respect and considerat is one should fans over to their Idol to make them feel safe and happy in crowded moments.

Welcome home Jieunaa.



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Find two scenes might  had deep impact to define the meaning of sweet longing ending.

Lives well and leaves well

So did Us leave in deep tears as well :joy:


Dreams is over..

I was dream weavers 

Now I'm reborn

So my friends you need  just to carry on...

It's reality and it's story of life.

Some goes far beyond

Some closest within reached..

May we meet in another sweet dream:wub:

Have very nice sleeping.




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