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IU (아이유)

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tvN Responds To New Reports About Hong Sisters’s Next Drama + IU’s Potential Casting


tvN Responds To New Reports About Hong Sistersâs Next Drama + IUâs Potential Casting


tvN has responded to new reports surrounding the Hong Sisters’s new drama, as well as IU’s potential participation in it.

On January 14, it was reported that IU would be playing the lead role in the new tvN drama “Hotel Del Luna” (literal translation), which will be a Saturday-Sunday drama penned by Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, commonly known as the Hong Sisters.

tvN responded to the reports by stated, “Although it is true that ‘Hotel Del Luna’ has been tentatively set to air in the second half of 2019, we have not decided on the broadcast schedule yet. Also, no actors have been confirmed for any of the roles either.” They stated that though IU was offered the role, as previously reported in December 2018, a final decision on whether she will appear in the drama has not been made yet.

“Hotel Del Luna” will be a fantasy drama set in a hotel where ghosts wander the halls. The story will revolve around an elite hotelier who becomes the owner of the hotel after a fateful incident and the elegant and beautiful, but ill-tempered hotel manager Jang Man Wol. The drama is already gaining attention as it will be penned by the Hong Sisters, who have created hits like “You’re Beautiful,” “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” “The Greatest Love,” “Master’s Sun,” and “Hwayugi.”

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;)the production"test the water" right??

Seems the premise quite interesting tbh too, the lead character match well with Jiuen personality.

Just Imagine made me smile nonstop, beautiful  dazzling  personality yet sloopy intellectual innocent in act...:P:phew:.

Jieunaa.. considered please:innocent:


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 Basic to the story we might have many time lapse or back forth scene to flashback JMW story of live i quess. Imagine Jieunie in Joseon wardrobe .30...60...80..era quite impressive does she:kiss_wink:


Wish when Jieunie take this project she could authentically  JMW personality like how she give Jian a soul and vibrant. Tvn already confirmed the airing time even without actor in list except Lee Jieun in talk.

 hope the plot is worthy to wait and could convince viewers to spend their weekend in their own livingroom happily .

Seems  August is far away  to count while waiting IU make appearance in today Jtbc new show to fill our drought new IU up date is like forever :relieved:


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Our Queen 

 is a legend great musician and decent human beings.

She deserves respect , don't drag her in stupid fans war:angry:







The silhouette IU:heart:



Have nice day everyone 

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:wub:and...the admiration goes on and on and on:).(the list got so long to written however to short to remember, because our lives spand is limited but IU good deed and her crafts would last forever...)

Would you as uena or any ordinary K.popier get it, our IU is not just a singer  she is great humble human beings :heart:. A fine examples for talent,hardwork,persistence,resilience and luck.

We are stand a well adjusted lady:kiss_wink:

"Be like melting snow, wash yourself with yourself "


Have beautiful day everyone.

ps.there're many of us missed IU/Jieuni up date :ph34r: but guys she up date her Ig less than a week.and IU acceptance speech just yet..so don't made noises demanding more:lol:


In fact ..

Check every now and then whatever She upload something new or any news relate to IU:blush:



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