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IU (아이유)

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Actually i just recently listening IU song, oh well ..truthfully because Jian i feel for Lee jieun and because LJE is the genius Songwriters/singer IU,so could not tell anymore wich or who made me more fall in love now;). Just for ease my mind i writing down my pov about IU and her song in scale as fans and the one who enjoyed good music. Yup, me just ordinary person who like beautiful thing in this world.good book and good music is my way to feeding a soul.so, reading many twitt, about IU Singapore concert last night quite endearing,so many new things we found about IU in herself pov like how she openly admitted her previous song is more way to defend little bit bite haters  whom voraciously targeted her,some of person who dislike her music labeled "her song is such irritated whining story"  couldn't denied when you hear some of her lyrics is so cynical bold and mind blowing like her 23 song or even palette her rhetoric is sharp(black out glasses)or being missunderstanding (zeze, peach?) might killed haters mind or offend them more to spreading malicious comments, moreover the respond she get from people/fans is awesomely good, well recieved  everywhere B).because the way she deliver her music always enchanting nevertheless IU is singer who can tell a story with her lyrics and music wholeheartedly.her colorful voice tone could soften our hard day, warmth the cold heart paint our daily live in never ending story song.

As new listener, what i could say is she growing in the right track on the flowery way, maybe she received hate but like she says in recent BibBib song "jealous,jealous " those not because she is bad or does something wrong, those hate came because she was always good and doing her best. 

So for shake of good things in these world reading she will start just consent with love she received is such blessings.

Yes, girl...you and your beautiful mind is to precious to dragged by that's low, lowest comments/person. is quite sad when in her recent interview she says not excepted many overseas fans:sweatingbullets: we are Ifans always supported you and your creativity wherever we are.but yes tbh too I fans would growth more when she has well received drama thou.(so can we wish to other drama next year:ph34r:)

Wish IU Thai concert could leave deep impressions to her and Thai fans like 2 other's concert. Last night many of us being Amusing by her confident to talk and have conversations in english a whole night, right?  hope Thai fans get same privilege listening directly her thoughts too.

Happy holiday, enjoy your time with IU for Thaiuena:wub:





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Missed so much her husky voice, her younger signatures voice is seldom we hear nowadays, i know she have beautiful skilled tone and genius way to match the tone with the song..but yup..this is just me who missed the "raw" IU.(oh..don't mind meB))the reality IU song is my everyday vitamins thou:blush:


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