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IU (아이유)

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IU eyes a new Hong sister project for her comeback




On December 4, IU’s (My Ajusshi) agency revealed that she had received an offer to star in the Hong sisters’ next project. However, she’s received a lot of other scripts as well, and hasn’t made her final decision.

The Hong sisters (Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran) are a screenwriting power sibling duo, who have been known for classic Hallyu hits like My Girl and cult favorites like You’re Beautiful. Their most recent work was Hwayugi, a fantasy rom-com adaptation of Ming dynasty Chinese novel Journey to the West starring Lee Seung-gi and Cha Seung-won.

The Hong sisters are masters of quick wit who excel at creating a cute bickering dynamic both between romantic leads and bromantic couples. They did have a slump a few years ago when they produced some mediocre to unbearable dramas (that’s right, I’m looking at you, Big), but I think Hwayugi put them back on track.

Details on the Hong sisters’ next project have been sparse, and nothing about the plot has been revealed, but they’ve been shopping around for lead actresses since last year. There were rumors that Jeon Ji-hyun (Legend of the Blue Sea) might be stepping up to the plate, but I’m assuming she has refused because it looks like they want IU to be the lead instead.

Even earlier this year, I would have been hesitant about their choice of IU because of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, where her greenness really showed next to Lee Jun-ki. However, My Ajusshi changed my mind completely about her ability to take on more complex characters, and I’m looking forward to her next project, whether it be this Hong sister drama or something else.

The Hong sisters are teaming up with PD Oh Choong-hwan who directed SBS’s fantasy-melo While You Were Sleeping and medical rom-com Doctors for this new project. Kyaa, can’t wait!

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Slightly demanding IU more confident talk and have conversations in English when she have  overseas tour, listening her talk in English is quite fascinating thou 

Watching IU tears up and little bit cooked in between "dear name" melt my heart:bawling: like  we knew IU is not someone whose  easy to shed a tears, blessed to Honguena who brought this simply touching idea yet precious and meaningful  for IU.

Wish in futures  IU could expressing her soft heart more often ..openly..accurately...

There're said, something could cure your heart is salty, Sea,sweat and tears.



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