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Chae Rim 채림

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u1141p28t3d756393f326dt2005061.jpg Chae Rim (Chae Lim) 채림, 蔡琳 Real Name: Park Chae Rim (Lim) Birth: March 28, 1979 Height: 168 cm Weight: 48kg Blood Type: A Family: Father, Mother, younger brother Marital Status: "Married" singer Lee Seung Hwan (May 24, 2003) however they never registered their marriage, CR and LSH "divorces" March 30, 2006 Awards: 2007: KBS Top Excellence Female Award (KBS Drama Awards) HQ acceptance speech (w/ Kim Hyun Joo): ss mu pics start here 2007: Favourite Asian Star award (BQ Awards) 2006: Most Popular International Star (Annual Golden TVS Awards) clip other clips other dl clips 2000: SBS Popular Actress Award 1999: MBC Popular Actress Award 1998: MBC New Actress Award Movie: 1995 (approx) - "don't get close to me" (with Chae Tae Hyun, Son Hyun Joo) - kbs tv movie nat's review Series: Thanks Cindy! 1994 Warm River (with Kim Ho Jin, Kim Ji Soo, and etc.) "gal chae - Journey" 1995 "jjak - Pair" 1996 "ddal eul sun taek - A Daughter's Choice" 1997 "ban buhl ee" 1998 "umma eul ddal - My Mother's Daughters" "sahl da bo myun - As We Live Our Lives" Jump sitcom (with Kim Sun Ah, Go Soo, Yoon Tae Yong, and etc.) CR cuts (mandarin dub): 1-1 1-2 2 (with So Ji Sub) 4 5 6 credits to: suna4u's clubbox Shy Lover (with Gam Woo Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, and etc.) 1999 Lost One’s Way/ The Song of Hope (with Kim So Yeon, Park Yong Ha, and etc.) Still Loving You (with Gam Woo Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, and etc.) KAIST (with Kim Jung Hyun, Jung Min, Lee Min Woo, and etc.) watch online: check fashionista's post download link eps1-21 here 2000 All about Eve (with Jang Dong Gun, Han Jae Suk, Kim So Yeon, Kim Jung Eun, and etc.) behind the scenes clip fanmade MVs 1 2 3 4 *badhairday for finding them Finkl - True Love MV ss mf Air Force (with Ryu Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Jung Joon Ho, and etc.) (2 episodes) download links caps: part1 part2 part3 Cheers for the Women (with Chae Si Ra, Soh Ji Sup, Kim Chan Woo, and etc.) 2001 Four Sisters (with Han Jae Suk, Hwang Su Jung, Ji Jen Hee, and etc.) MV: Kim Hyun Jung - In Yun (Yoo Jin Theme) mf ss 2002 Dating Now (with Soh Ji Sup, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Eeh Jung, and etc.) NGs ss mf fanmade MV 1 by alley mf ss 2003 On the Prairie/Above the Green Fields (with Choi Soo Jong, Yoon Tae Yong, Chae Jung Ahn, and etc.) NGs Z.E.N. - Boo Di MV ss mf Romance at Aegean Sea (with Alec Su, Peter Ho, and etc.) Tiger Warriors of the Yang Clan (with Alec Su, Gigi Zhao, Dee Long, and etc.) english soft subs MV links: 你可以不懂-苏有朋 rtsp://nv.sina.com.cn/ent/2005/07/22477996.wmv 日落金沙滩-周晓鸥 rtsp://nv.sina.com.cn/ent/2005/07/22431640.wmv 隐隐作痛-孙悦 rtsp://nv.sina.com.cn/ent/2005/07/22954803.wmv source: sina 2004 Oh! Pil-Seung, Bong Soon-Young (Feel Young!) (with Ahn Jae Wook, Ryu Jin, Park Sun Young) NGs/Making of SBS Banjun Drama (with Eric) (1 episode) video english soft subs 2005 Princess Shengping (with Nick Cheung) preview megaupload link fanmade mv(china fan) caps: 1 2-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-15 16-21 22-25 26-27 28-29 30-31 32-33 34-36 37 38-39 40 fanmade MV made from Chinese fan Lost City in Snow Heaven (guest appearance) CR was in episodes 1, 2, 8, 11, 28, 38 and 39 (based on vcds) 2006 Secret Legend of Kang Xi's Dynasty (with Xia Yu, Shi Xiao Qun, Hu Jing, Wallace Zhong) 14mins+12mins previews MVs and theme song CR caps: 1+2 3 4-5 7-9 CR cuts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cast celebrating her bday: rtsp://media2.eastday.com/dianbo/news/ylxw/2007/03/ylxw0317-3.wmv *thanks to nat ss link 2007 Oh Dal Ja's Spring official thread (with Lee Min Ki, Lee Hyung Woo, Gong Hyung Jin, Lee Hye Young, Kim Na Woon) related translated news: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 50 secs preview 5 mins preview HQ drama opening UL by queer english subbed by WITH_S2, check here and d-addicts caps (where they start): photo shoot press conference chinese subbed episodes, go to powerapple chinese subbed NGs (TSKS) NG1-gs NG1-ss NG2-gs NG2-ss NG3-gs NG3-ss NG4-gs NG4-ss NG5-gs NG5-ss NG6-gs NG6-ss NG8-ss NG8-mf Dancing Queen song ringtone midi NGs 20070114 ss mu 20070121 ss mu 20070225 ss-lq 20070311 ss-lq UL by fashionista 20070325 ss-lq 20070429 ss-lq ss-hq Happy PM 20061226 UL by creidesca 20070223 20070226[from koreanwind] 20070316 ss mu Yunyega Ent. News 20061209 ss 20070303 LQ cut HQ cut (NG7)chinese subbed english subbed[uL by fashionista] 20070309 VJ Trooper cut[credits taiji929298] 20070320 Star Magazine (after party) ss mu UL by smartchicken 20070322 Good Morning Show LLQ ss mu LQ part1 part2 part3 from daum, thanks to nat 20070320 ENews (after party) credits dejavu, UL by fashionista Fanmade mvs from DC, llyrehs22, dejavu, daum, etc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 rikasan MV by Jenny mf ss llyrehs22’s youtube Jigsaw Puzzle various Dal Ja scenes *dejavu/nat 2008 Sassy Princess 2 (with Zhao Hui Nan (Xiao Bao)) 20070601 Press Conference (thanks to fashionista for many of the vid links) sina clip1 sina clip2 yahoo clip ss mu other clips 1 2 pics 1 2 3 Powerful Opponents official thread (with Lee Jin Wook, Lee Jong Hyuk, Go Myung Hwan) previews: 1 2 3 promo/filming pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 translated news: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 photo shoot pics 1 2 big vids: KBS News Etn News press conference: 1 2 big vids: 1 2 3 4 KBS news Mnet News Star Magazine Etn News Happy PM Star Magazine raw subbed Showbiz Extra making of vids: 1 2-3 4 5-8 9-10 11 12-13 Cast on Happy Together news translations: 1 2 pics: 1 2 vid links: ss streaming episode caps: 01 02 03 04 05 06 raw eps (streaming) 1-6 ep cuts: 03 04 05 06 2009 Job Well Done official thread (with Uhm Ki Joon, Kim Seung Soo, & Kim Jung Hwa) 2010 ~upcoming ~ Oh My Lady (with Choi Si Won) MV: Lee Seung Hwan - Do you love me? Commercials: nat's post Misc clips: 20070205 Peter Ho Beijing CD Release - CR's congratulatory message ss mf 20070613 Showbiz Extra ds make sure you are familiar with the rules also when reposting translations (almost all the translations here are done by CindyW88(CW)), videos, etc., give proper credits! thanks for reading :)

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continued from first post...

2001 - Four Sisters (with Han Jae Suk, Hwang Su Jung, Ji Jin Hee, and etc.)


eps1-25 http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho...=371&st=60#

2004 - Romance at Aegean Sea (Alec Su, Peter Ho, and etc.)


ep1 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1082

ep2 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1081

ep3 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1080

ep4 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1079

ep5 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1078

ep6 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1077

ep7 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1076

ep8 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1075

ep9 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1074

ep10 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1073

ep11 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1072

ep12 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1071

ep13 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1070

ep14 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1069

ep15 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1068

ep16 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1067

ep17 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1066

ep18 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1065

ep19 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1064

ep20 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1063

ep21 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1062

ep22 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1061

ep23 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1060

ep24 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1059

ep25 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1058

ep26 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1057

ep27 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1056

ep28 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1055

ep29 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1054

ep30 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1053

ep31 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1052

ep32 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1051

ep33 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1050

ep34 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1049

ep35 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1048

ep36 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1047

ep37 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1046

ep38 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1045

ep39 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1044

ep40 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1043

2004 - Tiger Warriors of the Yang Family (Alec Su, Jing Hu, Gigi Chi, Dee Long, and etc.)

Articles containing synopses (Taiwan CTV version):

ep1 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1488

ep2 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1501

ep3 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1511

ep4 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1516

ep5 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1529

ep6 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1539

ep7 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1544

ep8 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1549

ep9 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1553

ep10 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1558

ep11 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1569

ep12 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1573

ep13 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1578

ep14 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1583

ep15 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1588

ep16 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1601

ep17 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1610

ep18 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1616

ep19 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1624

ep20 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1633

ep21 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1644

ep22 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1648

2004 - Oh! Must-win Bong Soon Young (Ahn Jae Wook, Ryu Jin, Park Sun Young, and etc.)


Link at KBS2:


ep1 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1182

ep3 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1232

ep4 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1272

ep5 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1337

ep6 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1348

ep7 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1386

ep8 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1390

ep11 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1438

ep12 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...amp;tmp_no=1463

2003 - On the Prairie/Above the Green Fields (with Choi Soo Jong, Yoon Tae Yong, Chae Jung Ahn, and etc.)


eps1-2 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...6&tmp_no=16

eps3-4 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...7&tmp_no=17

ep5 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...8&tmp_no=18

ep6 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...9&tmp_no=19

eps7-8 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...0&tmp_no=20

eps9-10 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...1&tmp_no=21

eps11-12 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...2&tmp_no=22

ep13 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...=4&tmp_no=4

ep14 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...=5&tmp_no=5

eps15-16 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...6&tmp_no=46

ep17 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...2&tmp_no=72

ep18 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...5&tmp_no=75

ep19 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...9&tmp_no=92

ep20 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...2&tmp_no=95

eps21-22 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=104

eps23-24 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=114

ep25 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=132

ep26 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=133

ep27 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=158

ep28 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=170

ep29 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=198

ep30 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=199

ep31 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=210

ep32 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=211

ep33 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=232

ep34 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=238

ep35 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=249

ep36 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=250

ep37 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=269

ep38 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=270

ep39 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=285

ep40 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=289

ep41 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=310

ep42 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=313

eps43-44 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=336

eps45-46 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=360

eps47-48 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=387

eps49-50 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=401

eps51-52 http://board3.cgiworld.net/view.cgi?id=cha...&tmp_no=423

2007 - Dal Ja's Spring (Lee Min Ki, Lee Hyung Woo, Gong Hyung Jin, Lee Hye Young, Kim Na Woon & etc)


credits: javabeans


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Thank you very much, cutiepie for reinstating CR thread! :) Was panic stricken earlier when unable to find the thread :o & was worried might have to wait a long while to return to this '3rd home' of mine :D

you're welcome :D

thanks to cindy, added many more series with CR

CR and her hubby


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cutiepei, you are welcome! :)

We'll collaborate to make this thread become a place for all CR's nice fans to share info, news, photos, VODs, synopses, etc.

Thanks!! :P


KAIST (1999)



Jump Sitcom (1998 – 1999)


Lost Its Path (1999)


Still Loving You (MBC 1999)


All About Eve (MBC, 4/26/2000 – 6/6/2000)





Air Force (MBC, 11/15, 11/16/2000)



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cutiepei, you are welcome! :)

We'll collaborate to make this thread become a place for all CR's nice fans to share info, news, photos, VODs, synopses, etc.

Thanks!! :P


Oh My, your're fast! Cindy..Thanks a zillion!!! & to cutiepie too :lol::P Looking forward to more :)

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Lost City in Snow Heaven (2005) (Guest star – Cameo)




thanks Cindy! still my favorite korean drama of all time! keep 'em coming please! :P

Yup! AAE is a classic!! :P

Oh My, your're fast! Cindy..Thanks a zillion!!! & to cutiepie too :lol::P Looking forward to more :)

Serene, nice to see you here! Yup, Thanks to cutiepie create this thread! :P Fortunately, CR's English board keeps all CR's info. :D

im watching we dating now, right now its my first drama with chae rim in it >.< shes so beautiful and talented i cant wait to watch more of her drama thanks for the info

Yup, "Dating Now" is a light-hearted drama. :wub: CR, Soh Ji Sup, and Kwon Sang Woo were cute in it. :)


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love of the aegean sea wallpapers

drama122l8sy.th.jpg drama126l7rz.th.jpg drama125l4sz.th.jpg drama124l0kc.th.jpg

uploaded some random stuff...added to first post

Alec Su - Plato's Eternity MV

Above the Green Fields MV

Finkl - True Love All About Eve MV

All about Eve fanmade MV

wow..great job Cindy, you have added SO much stuff already!

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Dear cutiepie and Cindy,

Glad you are really so fast ... a bit sad :( that we lost all the data & we have to start all over again..

ok.. I will post the photos, anything about CR that I got from soompi also before... hand in hand we make our CR's thread alive again like before OK.. ;)

Will start by adding some photos from CR series that Cindy have already posted :)

Lost Its Path (1999)



More photo from Lost Its Path (1999)


Chae Rim with Lee Joo Hyun, Park Yong Ha, Kim So Yeon, and the rest of the cast of Lost Path

Air Force (MBC, 11/15, 11/16/2000)



More photo from Air Force


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