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[drama 2008] White Lies 하얀 거짓말

Guest huangsy

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[MBC] ShinEunKyung, KimYooSuk, ImJiEun, KimTaeHyun, KimHaeSook
Debuts 1st Dec 2008 7:50 am Seoul time.

Morning drama (replacing Don't Go Away / Dont Be Swayed) Mon to Fri 7:50 am.

200 episodes ???!!!

Director : Bae Han Chun 배한천 (As Love, Gold Wagon) / Lee Min Soo

Scriptwriter : Jo Eun Jung 조은정,

Cast : Shin Eun Kyung (Mom is dead upset), Lee Suk Joon (East of Eden), Kim Hae Sook, Kim Tae Hyun, Im Ji Eun, Kim Yoo Suk, Kim Jin

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/whitelie/cast/index.html

Episodic preview : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/whitelie/sketch_vod/

Daum drama site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=52251

Download at : http://aja-aja.com/regular/white-lies







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i dont get it.... why is there a need to repeat Shin Eun Kyung twice? haha does it mean she'll pay two different characters? haha

this is very good news! after finishing a kbs weekend drama, another long episode morning drama from SEK :P yeah!

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Even though they let their villians rule the world (Even So, Don't Be Swayed) I still like MBC morning drama. They seem to have depth and are close to reality (at least they start out that way)

Anyway, is SEK playing a double character?

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Guest anna410

does anyone have a summary of this drama?

I saw this mornings first episode. It looks really good. Shin Eun Gyung's character in a flashback was pregnant and married to kim yu suk. It looks like they were in love and happy, but then he disappeared. She thinks she see's him while crossing the street and gets hit. She looked like she was 9 months pregnant and of course she lost the baby. There are a lot of flashbacks in this first episode. We come to the present, where SEG's character is paying her respects to her lost baby. She works as a nurse. One of her patients, Kim Tae Hyun is getting discharged today. His mother is the owner of a deparment store i believe (not 100% sure). Her son, from what they say, seems as if he is autistic. SEG's lost husband, is the department store owner's aunt, but it looks like their relationship isn't very good. Kim yu suk married another person Im Ji Eun at the beginning of this episode.

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Guest anna410

gerryg: I am glad to hear to will join me in watching this drama. I really like Shin Eun Gyung. I think she is a really good actress. Her character from the first episode seems so genuine and kind. I hope she doesn't turn into a woman scorned, and try to get revenge on her husband due to the loss of her baby.

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I happened to watch this drama today. Not knowing anything about it, I watched because I saw the lead actress in the picture. (I liked her performance in "Bad Couple". )

Even though I didn't understand the language, the drama seems to have a lot of hidden secrets to reveal.

I'll give this drama a try. And, I hope someone will post summaries and/or translations. Otherwise, I'm lost. :tears:

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I watched ep. 1 as well...

I'm wondering if anyone picked up what the whistle was for - with the one autistic guy being released from the hospital... because on his 1st night home - when his mother comes in, presumably to tuck him in...

he almost but doesn't blow the whistle...

Also, the guy that was withe SEK in the flashbacks.... do you think they were married or just living together....

because if they were married - he would have had to have gotten divorced... otherwise he's a bigamist (sp?)

Also in HIS flashbacks... when he was kneeling before his aunt(?)....

was he begging her to let him marry SEK because she was pregnant?

It didn't feel like he knew she was pregnant when he disappeared.....

Well, episode one gave me enough questions to keep me interested...

I'm really enjoying these 1/2 hour series...

I'm still watching "Daughter In law" and I'm totally hooked on 'I love you, Don't cry..."

that's my 2 cents, folks!!

nice to see the familiar names posting - gerryg and of course, my Unni - Auntie Mame!!

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Guest dramaok

the whistle is given to Hyeong-Woo by Eun-Yeong (Shin Eun-Kyeong), as the symbol for guardian angel. she told him to use it when he's scared or lost and he won't panic.

also, when Jeong-Woo begged infront of Mz. Shin, it wasn't for his relationship w/ Eun-Yeong. he begged her to accept him as her puppet son, since her own son is too unstable to realize her professional dreams. so Jeong-woo abandoned Eun-Yeong, and married Na-Kyeong whose family is rich, and the two went to study abroad for 5 yrs.

now in present, thru twist of fate, Mz. shin wants to make Eun-yeong who is a nurse marry her son Hyeong-woo, who is obviously smitten by her. of course Mz. Shin doesn't know about Eun-yeong and Jeong-woo.

the character names:




mz. shin (president shin)







oh ya i watched ep. 1 here:


p.s. i was sad to hear from recent news that Shin Eun-Kyeong's 4 year old son has been suffering from brain disease since he was 10 months old. she must be so heartbroken by it.. aja aja fighting. hope she finds success in her work she's been iconic for me in kdramas the past decade especially in the old drama 'pado (waves)'...

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Thank you for the information - and explanation of happenings....

I just completed ep. 2 - and I'm hooked...

It's a mystery why one series reaches in and grabs my attention,

while another series (that people rave about) won't "work" for me...

At some point - to those who end up watching this series -

we might want to think about uploading to MU for folks...

just an early idea, that's all - not a committment ... yet!

MU uploading is tiresome on a daily show!

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