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[Drama 2008] Celebrity’s Sweetheart / Star's Lover 스타의 연인

Guest huangsy

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[sBS] Choi Ji Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, Cha Yeh Ryun, Lee Ki Woo
20-episode mini series debuts 10 Dec 2008 Wed 9:55 pm Seoul time, inspired by movie, Nottinghill (replacing Painter of the Wind)

Title was first called "Oh ! My Goddess 오! 나의 여신님".

Joint Korean & Japanese production; Olive Nine and a japanese advertising company.

Director : Bu Sung Chul 부성철 (Lobbyist)

Sscriptwriter : Oh Soo-yeon 오수연 ("Autumn's Tale", "Winter Sonata")

Cast : Choi Ji Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, Cha Yeh Ryun, Lee Ki Woo, Choi Philip, Ki Tae Young, Shin Hyun Joon (cameo), Jung Woon Taek, Shim Eun Jin, Lee Dong Gun (cameo)

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/starlover

Official Eng site : http://global.sbs.co.kr/English/AboutSBSPr..._id=V0000336804

Official site for VOD : http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?p...p;menuid=100001 (log in required)

Synopsis :

As the ghostwriter for star actress Lee Ma-ri’s bestselling travel essay ‘Lovers in Asuka’, Chul-soo gets to meet Lee Ma-ri one day. Around that time, Lee Ma-ri also has a chance meeting with Jung Woo-jin, who happens to have the same name as her first boyfriend. She feels her heart flutter for the first time since her former boyfriend Kang Woo-jin suddenly vanished from her life. Lee Ma-ri finds out that Jung Woo-jin became interested in her after reading her travel essay, which was actually ghostwritten. So she tries to brush up her knowledge of culture by contacting Chul-soo for private lessons. So this is how Chul-soo and Lee Ma-ri meet again. However, Chul-soo's life becomes complicated after Lee Ma-ri enters his life. Meanwhile, Byung-joon, a friend of Chul-soo and a journalist, discovers that Chul-soo is the actual writer of the travel essay, "Lovers in Asuka" and so he proposes that Chul-soo sell a story about Lee Ma-ri's personal life. He urges Chul-soo to seriously consider his proposal because he knows that Chul-soo needs the money desperately for his ailing sister. While Chul-soo weighs his options, Jung Woo-jin returns to Korea and Lee Ma-ri becomes more concerned about improving her cultural and literature understanding so she asks Chul-soo to live at her home to teach her intensively. Amidst this, Lee Ma-ri and Jung Woo-jin begin to see each other more frequently and Chul-soo becomes indispensable to Ma-ri as a private tutor. One day, Chul-soo realizes that he is no longer needed by Ma-ri and this triggers conflicting emotions within him. Since Chul-soo is pressed for money to pay for the operation that his sister desperately needs, he decides to sell his story about Ma-ri's personal life to his journalist friend Byung-joon. When the story about Ma-ri turns into a big scandal, Woo-jin’s resolve to marry Ma-ri becomes stronger and he proposes marriage to her. As a wedding gift, Jung Woo-jin tells Ma-ri that he'll bankroll a documentary film based on her travel essay, "Lovers in Asuka." He then asks his former professor to recommend a couple of writers for his documentary film and that is how Chul-soo and Eun-young join the film project as writers. When Chul-soo and Ma-ri meet again during the filming of the documentary...





Credit HAPPY DAY :

Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo) / Asia’s greatest actress

Lee Ma Ri is the No. 1 actress of Korea and all of Asia. She is loved for her beautiful looks and fine acting talent. But she thinks of dating as a game. Every one of her boyfriends has been elite. To her, dating is only a game that stops once the marriage proposal is given. As soon as the diamond ring is out, she gets up and leaves without looking back.

Even so, there was once a sincere love for Ma Ri too. Ma Ri’s first love WooJin… who has mysteriously disappeared. When she receives a note from him one day, she heads for Asekaro.

Kim Chul Soo (Yoo Ji Tae) / Intelligent postgraduate student of Korean literature

He has the sculpted looks that can make the heart stop in 3 seconds, and is a Seoul National University lecturer going through the requirements for becoming a professor of Korean literature. He meets Ma Ri through business with her book. Sensitive and nit-picky, as well as cold, prickly, and mercilessly honest… He has the complex and easily irritated personality of a scholar.

When he gets work-involved with Ma Ri, he feels a flare of responsibility to shape her as an intelligent woman. Chul Soo’s greatest dread in the world is that Ma Ri’s feelings toward him will change. The closer he becomes with Ma Ri, the more Chul Soo gradually begins to look inside himself.

Jung Woo Jin (Lee Ki Woo) / The man who wants to protect Ma Ri

He is the man who heads straight for Ma Ri’s heart. Coincidentally, his name is the same as Ma Ri’s first love ‘Woo Jin.’ He falls for her after reading Ma Ri’s book “The Lover of Asekaro.” In her book, there is music, meaning, and also the sensibility and clear insights of a masterpiece. All of these factors line up perfectly with his own views of the world. He wonders if she is his soulmate. Actually, he had met Ma Ri once before. He saw her carelessly reject his high-and-almighty cousin Ha Young’s proposal. She was confident and beautiful. Cool woman, he thought. However, he didn’t know that this glamorous woman would possess such a delicate mind and the sensibilities of a genius.

He wants to remake Ma Ri’s book into a documentary.

Choi Eun Young (Cha Yeh Ryun)

She is Chul Soo’s colleague in Korean literature. Exhausted from the emotional tug-of-war between her and Chul Soo, she leaves to study abroad in Japan. She reunites with ChulSoo when he arrives in Japan.




OST Album :









Full version 21 tracks http://listen.daum.net/info/albuminfo.asp?...mp;albumNo=4363






















MV :

http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n (Meet by Im Jae Bum)

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Guest kdramafanusa

According to yesterday's Newsen article, the writer is Oh Soo-yeon 오수연 ("Autumn's Tale", "Winter Sonata").


최지우는 오는 12월 첫방송예정인 SBS 드라마 '오! 나의 여신님'(극본 오수연 연출 부성철)을 통해 1년6개월여 만에 안방극장에 컴백한다.


한편 최지우의 안방극장 복귀는 2007년 7월 종영된 MBC '에어시티' 이후 1년6개월여 만이다. 이 작품은 한류드라마의 최고봉으로 꼽히는 '가을동화' '겨울연가'의 작가 오수연이 집필을 맡았다.

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From Choi Jiwoo thread

OMG, they have changed the drama title from the glamorous “Oh! My Goddess” to undignified “Star’s Lover.” :phew:

Translation by Hyc


Choi Ji Woo’s new drama sweetheart: Yoo Ji-tae


Actor Yoo Ji-tae is going to appear in a TV drama as the sweetheart of the Choi Jiwoo.

Yoo Ji-tae is scheduled to portray the lover of star actress Lee Mary, played by Choi Jiwoo in SBS December drama “Star’s Lover”.

The person concerned from SBS said on the 17th, "Till now, Yoo Ji-tae rarely appears in dramas. Although the contract is not signed yet, he has verbally made a definite decision to appear in Star's Lover.”

In fact, this would be Yoo Ji-tae’s first performance after an interval of one year and three months in drama since the 2007 KBS TV costume movie “Hwang Jin Yi”.

Recently the drama title "Oh! My Goddess” has been changed to “Star’s Lover”. It will be broadcasted following drama “The Painter of the Wind” starring Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Yang. The story will focus on the portrait of love and anguish of a Korean star actress Lee Mary played by Choi Ji Woo.



P/s; just saw huangsy's post, the title is Star's Lover. :P

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First there's Lovers in Asuka then there's Hidden and now, Star's Lover. :lol:

Unitl we see the "ground breaking" and the presscon, we still cant be sure.

Is Takuya Kimura still one of the male leads?

I din like Oh my goddess! in the first place. :lol:

Star's Lover is even worse for me. :wacko:

It even shifted the title role from CJW to YJT.

Oh well, i lwas impressed with YJT in Old Boy. He is a very good actor, very talented.

I only see him in movies.

I hope we get confirmation soon.

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Guest White Star

Thanks for the threat.

the title translated from the chosun article is 『スターの恋人』 which transalte to Lovers of the Star......

and here's a little piece of old news that give away the plot.

A potential comeback for Hallyu’s Queen Goddess of Melodrama

September 5th, 2008 // by javabeans


After a rather disappointing “comeback” last year with the overproduced (and under-thought-out) action drama Air City, Hallyu (and sob) queen Choi Ji-woo just might be back on television by the end of the year.

December will see the start to a new SBS series, Oh! My Goddess!, to be produced by Olive Nine. (Note: Some sources talk about this like a done deal; others say that Choi is almost set to appear in the drama; and others talk of her as the most likely prospect. For what it’s worth.)

In the drama, Choi’s (would-be) role is Lee Mari, a top actress who’s bombarded with romantic advances by four men. Those men (as yet uncast) vary across the board in character and background: one is a Korean literature graduate student with aspirations of becoming a writer, another a famous photographer, one a third-generation chaebol (sigh, that trope won’t die), and the last a young top exec at a media corporation.

The series is said to be nearing contract finalizations. Writer will be Kang Eun-jung of Lovers in Paris, and Oh! My Goddess! will follow Moon Geun-young’s sageuk drama Painter of Wind.

Source: kr.ibtimes.com via dramabeans.com


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According to yesterday's Newsen article, the writer is Oh Soo-yeon 오수연 ("Autumn's Tale", "Winter Sonata").


최지우는 오는 12월 첫방송예정인 SBS 드라마 '오! 나의 여신님'(극본 오수연 연출 부성철)을 통해 1년6개월여 만에 안방극장에 컴백한다.


한편 최지우의 안방극장 복귀는 2007년 7월 종영된 MBC '에어시티' 이후 1년6개월여 만이다. 이 작품은 한류드라마의 최고봉으로 꼽히는 '가을동화' '겨울연가'의 작가 오수연이 집필을 맡았다.

Oh gosh.....hope no one is going to die or get blind....when I first heard the title (oh! My Goddess) and read the synopsis I tot it wud be a romantic comedy, but now since they change the title & the news saying its writer is someone who's famous for dramatic melodrama, I doubt it's going to be a romantic comedy....but I hope I'm wrong becos I'm looking forward watching JW's in a lighthearted drama for a change...

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Guest apple red

yeah..i also hope it would be comedy romantic...

and i hope Kimutaku will be in it too since this is should be colaboration between Japan and Korean

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It's such great that Choi Ji Woo will have a new drama, and it's even better if Yoo Ji Tae really join the cast. YJT has not appeared in small screen much before, but he's a very good and talented actor, with a lot of movies before. His co-stars range from Lee Young Ae to Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin. His acting is very convincing and I am glad that he decides to be in a drama. He acted as a photographer before so I hope they will give him other role. Anyway,thinking about an actress and a photographer, it's a good pair though.

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September 17, 2008

Yoo Ji Tae Cast in Star’s Lover


Actor Yoo Ji Tae, who usually only acts in movies, will play in the much anticipated television drama “Star’s Lover”, previously known as “Oh! My Goddess”. He will be playing as an undergraduate trying to woo top star Choi Ji Woo.

According to a representative from SBS, Yoo Ji Tae has already reached an agreement with the production company. The only remaining step is to sign the contract, therefore this is as good as confirmed. The representative continued that with the addition of Yoo Ji Tae, the cast selection for “Star’s Lover” is already completed. The shooting will begin the latest in the start of October.

Although Yoo Ji Tae had acted in many movies, he only acted once in a drama which was a two-episode miniseries, Lost Baggage (Love Story) in 1999. Therefore, the casting of Yoo Ji Tae with Choi Ji Woo will no doubt help push the popularity of the drama.

In “Star’s Lover”, Yoo Ji Tae will play as an ordinary undergraduate, who falls in love with top actress Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo). “Star’s Lover” is scheduled to premiere in December, replacing “The Painter of the Wind“.

Source: hanfever.com


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According to yesterday's Newsen article, the writer is Oh Soo-yeon 오수연 ("Autumn's Tale", "Winter Sonata").


최지우는 오는 12월 첫방송예정인 SBS 드라마 '오! 나의 여신님'(극본 오수연 연출 부성철)을 통해 1년6개월여 만에 안방극장에 컴백한다.


한편 최지우의 안방극장 복귀는 2007년 7월 종영된 MBC '에어시티' 이후 1년6개월여 만이다. 이 작품은 한류드라마의 최고봉으로 꼽히는 '가을동화' '겨울연가'의 작가 오수연이 집필을 맡았다.

Thx, updated 1st post !

The PD spoke to the press today and said this drama is inspired by the movie, Nottinghill.

yoo ji tae plays a undergrad? bit of a stretch , age wise isnt it?

Not undergrad, part-time tutor, I think (시간강사)

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