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Faster Than A Kiss


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a manga that can make you go LOLOLOL.


anyone read this manga yet?

This is about a 16 year old girl Fumino who lost her parents and just transfers places to another with his younger brother for the sake of having a place to live in. Then one day when she gets tired of that kind of life and just decided to quit school and earn something for herself and her brother, her homeroom teacher, Kazuma suggests that she could live with him. Fumiyo hates it when other people symphatize/pity her situation and randomly blurted out "THEN CAN YOU MARRY ME AND TAKE CARE OF US???!!" to which Kazuma immediately replied "YES!"

and BOOM! thats now the start of their lovely marriage life!<3<3<3<3

Volumes: 12 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=6566

No seriously, i could have written the worst summary ever but don't let this stop you from reading this manga if you're a fan of romance-shoujo manga. I was never a fan of teacherXstudent manga. Never! as i really hated that idea. But this manga changed my point of view 180 degrees. It's really funny, and sweet, and romantic.. and AHHHHHH~~~ im really spazzzzing.

So far, Vol 2 Chap 4 was released so far and I'm not joking, you`ll keep asking more. LOLOLOL

anyways i just hope you'd enjoy it the way I did.

more info HERE!




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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i read this manga a long time ago and then i decicded to read it again this year! i was like did this part happen? i dun remember but yeah it's a really adorable manga!!!!!!!

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Guest sprinkle_kitty

I read it. It's very cute and I like it^^...but when I read the beginning it seems to be going so fast-_-

But that's just me and I only read up to chap.4....does anyone know where the other chapters are?

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Guest haneul_norae

woah... gone bonkers again..

i remember that i have read this manga online and i was really hooked on it..

its a pity that it is not a complete manga.

how many volume is this manga?

is it still ongoing?

where could i find some scanlations?

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Guest xdeathberry

haha I loved this! i totally forgot about it because the translations came out sooo slowly. =__=;

Wonder if there're anymore updates I missed?

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