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Heedragon ♥

Guest loveshock

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Guest loveshock

aka sohee and gdragon


Why Sohee & Gdragon make a perfect couple:

001. they were paired together for the wonderbang special stage

002. they look sooooo adorable together

003. they're both in five member groups

004. both of their songs from their group, topped the charts. (Tell Me & Lies)

005. both can sing & rap

006. both can dance

007. both have single eyelids

008. both close to RIMI

post more reasons ;)





credit: soompi's wonderbang thread


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Guest mika.16

heeeheee i <3 heedragon.

(and i assume noone would bash in here, cus they'd be pretty stupid to click on the topic without realising what this thread would be about right? loool)

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Guest poopiness


Now if we make it a love triangle between Sohee, Taeyeon, and Gdragon, I would never have to leave this thread.

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Guest nikkie19

yay.. their own thread?

more reasons..

both can sing & rap

both can dance

both have single eyelids

both close to RIMI (is this acceptable? :sweatingbullets: )



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heedragon rocks!

but isn't there a wonderbang thread?

i certainly don't want this to create controversial issues yet again

but still, heedragon rocks

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Guest AngelSakuraX

Omg! I love heedragon!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite wonderbang couple!

They're both my favorites in the groups and they look so hot together :rolleyes:

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