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(_____________the Seas Of Pearl Sapphire Blue ☆彡______)

Guest --hearts.

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gosh...everytime i see these pics...

all of these emotions of proudness, and happiness fill my heart.

'cause i cant think of anybody else than the 13 amazing guys who

truly deserve all of this love!!!!!!

ELF + Super Junior Forever!!

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Guest fuuko-chan

Seeing these pics always make me feel so proud.

The oceans of sapphire blue are just beautiful and breathtaking. <333

I hope this thread will be kept alive.

Thank you for all the pictures. :)

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Guest misalovesya

Wow I could have really used this about a month ago. I had to find all these pictures from a bunch of places. You guys already posted most of them but I have a few to add =]





I love this one V







Every time I see Pearl Sapphire Blue my heart stops <33

I can't wait to see Pearl Sapphire Blue all over the world

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Guest miss_kimmie67

OMG! iLOVE SUPER JUNIOR.... :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::wub::wub::wub:

my fav color is blue...and its soo pretty when i saw those blue ballones...

i was LIKE dang that is sooo pretty....with all the colors..


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Guest ChunnieBunnieLover

eventhough it's just balloons and lights.. it's such a pretty sight! i wish i can witness this thru my own eyes..

the spirit in elfs are just amazing! SuJu, Saranghae! ELF Fighting!!!

ELF, the best fans in the world!!! (hehe i feel so biased)

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Guest mandythecandy28

omg, the seas of pearl sapphire blue are so gorgeous. <3

i'm so proud to love Super Junior & proud to be an everlastingfriend. <3

thank you to everyone who posted pictures, they are amazing and really touching. <3

--until sapphire blue covers the world!

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