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(_____________the Seas Of Pearl Sapphire Blue ☆彡______)

Guest --hearts.

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I love each one of you who post such beautiful pictures. Now I know where to go whenever I feel blue and whenever I want to cherish more the guys and ELF. Each pictures made me have goosebumps (again). The SAPPHIRE BLUE SEA is such a nice view. It's like watching the sun sun setting. ^_^

Too bad I didn't have anything to share...yet. ;)

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Guest magicblood

WOW.... all the pics are really awesome!!!!!!!!!

*jump jump*

but the gif of Japanese elf let go the balloons and eeteuk n ryeowook expression...is just....

get me to tears.... ooh....

ELF, saranghaeyo! Super Junior Saranghaeyo!

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Guest touchtheskies.

This has to be one of the most beautiful thread, ever.

Who wouldn't tear up at the sight of these beautiful ballons?

Especially of the one in Japan Premium Event, that was particularly beautiful. Then again, every sapphire blue balloon is gorgeous.

Thanks love for making this thread, I don't have anything to share as of now, so I'll sit back and enjoy the beauty.

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Guest naivegal

Wow, so amazing we have the sapphire blue pearl thread !!

The most beautiful color in this world..

The most beautiful time for Suju & E.L.F. ^^

Really love it !!

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Guest --hearts.


^Thank god for your Gifs. I tried to add them to the first page, but it couldn't handle it. T_T My computer almost fried when I was doing the first page and it actually went through a meltdown after I was done. o.o

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Guest kiut_me

i love the pearl sapphire blue sea ^^

it makes me cry everytime i see it..

i want to share this with everyone..

i think it's so wonderful and pretty when all the e.l.f let go of the balloons together..

it's super junior 1st premium event in japan..

the boys were all shocked and touched ^^


i felt like crying T__T



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Guest Jamieâ„¢

I really like how Korean fanclubs use balloons

it's so pretty to see at concerts and stuff

but it can be a pinkberry when artists have conflicting colors

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Guest sexydbsk

my god...... suju!!! with love from ELF... the seas of pearl sapphire blue!!! what a beautiful and majestic sight... the colour is so nice.... they made me feel warm and comfortable.. suju deserved the love from ELf.. please continue !! go suju!! love suju!! fighting blue seas!!!

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Guest soulmate.

The Sapphire blue looks soo pretty!

I love it when fanclubs do this!

They really know how to tounch someone's heart!

They show their love and support and it's really touching!!



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Guest Allison

:w00t: <-- That's how I looked like when I saw this thread <3

Gosh, I'm seriously in love with this thread. The seas of PSB

are amazing and make me so happy (: SJ + ELF = LOVE.

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Guest soulremix.

Oh my goshh, I love this thread <3

Pearl Sapphire Blue is a beautiful color.

I just get goosebumps looking at these pictures, lmao (x

yaay, Super Junior & E.L.F. <3 ^^

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