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[sitcom 2008]that Person Is Coming 그분이 오신다

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Lee MunSik, Seo YoungHee, Jeong JaeYong, Yoon SoJung, Jun Jin
Date of airing : 6th OCT'08

Time of airing : Mon~Fri (7:45 pm korean time)

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/thatman/

Writer : 신정구 Shin Jung Gu

PD :권석 Kwon Seok

Cast : Lee Moon Shik, Seo Young Hee, Jeong Jae Yong, Yoon So Jung, Jung Kyung Soon, Kang Sung Jin, Kim Min Ji, Park Hee Jin, Ha Yun Joo

Story : MBC's daily sitcom "That Person Is Coming" is about a unique family who live in SaJikDong Apartment #908. What makes this a very highly anticipated sitcom is the fact that it's actor Lee Mun Shik's first time acting in a sitcom. Known for his comical acting in movies and dramas, Lee Mun Shik is the actor to watch out for in this new sitcom. Lee Mun Shik plays the father role a chef who has amnesia. Actor Kang Sung Jin plays the uncle role and Seo Young Hee plays the aunt/celebrity role. DJ DOC member Jung Jae Young and new actress Ha Yeon Joo will come out as twins. Comedian Jang Hee Jin, well known for her role in "Hello Franceska" as Madam Ahn has also joined the cast and will be playing a role of a strange woman.


Credit Sandy @purpletiger86

Cast descriptions

Yoon So Young - Loves high fashion brand named products! A grandma who thinks she is a princess!

Lee Mun Shik - Who are you? A father who has amnesia and is uncertain about who his family is.

Jung Kyung Soon - Don't make a kind woman like her mad. A mother who may turn into a hulk.

Lee Young Hee (Seo Young hee) - There's nothing more worse than this! A Korean idol/celebrity who's life falls apart in 5 minutes. Also the aunt of the family.

Lee Jae Sook (Ha Yeon Joo) - Not like she has a husband or does have a husband..She's the daughter of the family who is a university student that got married to a man secretly.

Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Young) - He's twins with his sister Lee Jae Sook. He is 3 minutes younger than her. The son of the family with an IQ of a teenager.

Kang Sung Jin - He's the uncle who has lived with the family for 20 years. He's kind of like family, like stranger.






Are we really a family?

A heartwarming story about a family where the members have strong personalities and hardly resemble each other!

Yoon So-jung is the grandmother in the family who is legally 71 years old but looks like she’s 60. She thinks she’s still a youthful and attractive woman.

He used to be a caring father but one day he turns into a selfish and uncaring dad.

Lee Moon-shik suffers from amnesia one day.

Don’t even think about tangling with her. She might look cool on the surface but inside she has a nasty personality with a scary temper. Those are the two sides of Jung Gyeong-soon, the mother of the family.

Falling from her perch as the queen of the Cannes Film Festival, Lee Young-hee, the aunt in the family, remains optimistic about her career.

Lee Jae-sook and Lee Jae-yong are fraternal twins who you couldn’t tell were twins at all unless somebody told you.

Kang Sung-jin is the “uncle” in the family but he’s not really a family member.

Everyone in the family has a tendency of being grouchy at each other but since they’re family, they stay loving and caring underneath it all!



Grandmother (age: 71) / Yoon So-jung

Her actual age is 71 but she looks like she’s just 60. She’s a relatively youthful-looking grandmother!

She calls herself a trendsetter. She is infatuated with cosmetics and adores luxury goods. Rumor has it that she has an enormous fortune hidden away but nobody knows where she keeps her money and how wealthy she is!

She likes to make wagers to get what she wants from someone else but it never works out as planned. But she never quits in her pursuit of an object that she develops an infatuation for.

She seems to be aloof about family matters but it always seems that she’s involved in everything that goes on in the family.

As a cynic, she doesn’t believe in love but one day a fine gentleman enters her life and sweeps her off her two feet...


Father (age: 45) / Lee Moon-sik

2 years ago, Moon-shik was a caring dad who ran a pizza parlor where he made excellent oven-baked pizzas! But after disappearing for 2 years, he returns to his family without any memories of his family. With little recollections of his past as a wonderful dad, he acts differently. He is selfish and mean! As an utterly immature adult, he is full of greed. Will he be able to become the dad he used to be and get along with the strong personalities in his family?


Mother (age: 45) / Jung Gyung-sun

For 2 years, she raised her family without her missing husband. She displayed admirable qualities as a strong mother.

She will annoy people while always maintaining a smile. She merely tells it as it is but people will be hurt by her comments. On the other hand, she never holds a grudge against people for that long.

Sticking to her sense of fairness and principles, she will never intentionally lose when she plays cards with her mother-in-law. Thought her missing husband returned to the family, he is a changed person and not prepared to assume the responsibilities of a father.

After losing all his memories, Moon-shik returned home but refers to Gyeong-soon as “Mrs. Lee.”

Will Gyeong-soon be able to fix her marriage?


Aunt, Lee Young-hee (age: 34) / Seo Young-hee

She won a best actress award at an international film festival and received a proposal for marriage from the heir of a family fortune. She is on a roll. But indecent pictures of her with her ex-boyfriend surface on the Internet and her career comes to a screeching halt.

She is toppled from her perch as the most glamorous movie actress in the country and becomes the most hated actress.

After cutting off all contacts with her friends for two years when she stayed home throughout that time, she decides to go to India to seek enlightenment. She achieves this within seven days into her trip and returns to Korea with newfound insight on the workings of life. She dreams of making a big comeback as an actress. With nothing to lose, she leaves her fate to the winds of destiny as she dreams of soaring high again.


Twin sister, Lee Jae-sook (age: 21) / Ha Yeon-joo

She is the fraternal twin of Jae-yong. She was born three minutes sooner than Jae-yong and so she became the “big sister.”

Her interests in life are men and money. That’s all that matters to her.

When she is short on money, she’ll cut a deal with her twin brother Jae-yong and shake him down for some cash.

With her natural pretty looks, she is popular on campus.


Twin brother, Lee Jae-yong (age: 21) / Jung Jae-yong

He is the fraternal twin of Jae-sook. But he looks much older than his actual age!

As a nerdy student majoring in engineering, he is a master at videogames and knows every animated movie that was released in Japan.

He is a cynical guy but has a warm, friendly personality.

Though he looks very old, he likes a girl with cute looks and a cutesy demeanor.

But he has never dated any girls so far.


Uncle (age: 37) / Kang Sung-jin

He is the only person in the home who is not a family member.

He has lived with the family for 20 years and claims that he’s also a family member but when it is disadvantageous for him to be a part of the family, he will change his story and say that he’s just a stranger. He is slow in catching on to what is happening around him. Personality-wise, he is immature. He constantly pouts when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Whenever he is crossed he will refuse to eat or tell everyone that he will run away. But overall, he’s a likable person in the family. Everyone in the family calls him uncle.

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Guest `starry.night

Wonder Girls' Ahn So Hee Cameos on MBC Sitcom “That Person Is Coming”


On Episode 8 of MBC’s new sitcom “That Person Is Coming” which will be shown on 15th October, Wonder Girls member So Hee will appear as the first love of the main character Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong).

Jae Young asks his twin sister Jae Suk (Ha Yun Joo) to set up a ’sogeting’ (set-up date) with Wonder Girls’ So Hee because she’s his ideal type. But Jae Suk goes on to arrange a ’sogeting’ for him with her friend Mal Hee (Ahn So Hee) instead who looks like So Hee instead (So Hee doesn’t play herself).

“So Hee, who goes originally just for amusement and a measily 500 won (~50 US cents), falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep,” explains PD Kwon Seok. “In the name ‘So’ Hee, we just replaced it with ‘Mal’ Hee.”

On 30th September, So Hee filmed with Ha Yun Joo, Jung Jae Yong, and others at the IlSan MBC Dream Center. Lately, she has become the center of huge popularity with the release of Wonder Girls’ fourth project. A crowd appeared in front of the filming location, all wanting to see the Wonder Girls member.

The actor, Jung Jae Yong, has also expressed his interest and affection for the Wonder Girls and So H ee through his “Jae Young’s Pure 19″ show several times. He couldn’t hide his happiness at having So Hee play his partner.

Episode 8 airs on 15th October through MBC at 7.45pm (KST).

credit: star news + Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com

Are there people that's going to sub this sitcom?

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oh yes.. the sitcom airing after keukeusum.

im halfway thru the first epi. its not that great and i honestly dont get half of it xD

but it gives off a rainbow romance or even kcs vibe.. i guess its just the set and stuff.

well, ive been watching mbc sitcoms since nns1 so i guess ill just continue watching this one regularly and see if i like it : )

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Guest yeohweping

“Here He Comes” a new MBC sitcom actors, Lee Moon-shik


Directed by Kwon Seok and written by Shin Jung-gu, “Here He Comes” a new MBC sitcom will premiere on October 6, 2008 at 7:45 pm.

The comical lives of a quirky family that lives in Sajik-dong is portrayed in “Here He Comes.”. Writer Shin Jung-guk whose writing credits include the movie, “The Art of Seduction” and the TV show, “Hello, Francesca,” teams up with Kwon Seok, who directed the TV shows “Come on Over” and “Unlimited Challenge.” The show is creating a buzz even before its premiere.

Lee Moon-shik and Seo Young-hee, who starred together in the hit movie, Mapado, will appear in “Here He Comes” as a brother and sister. Lee Moon-shik is happy to be working together with his former cast member again. Seo Young-hee says, “I’ll follow Lee Moon-shik to wherever that leads. That’s how much I admire him. He fills in my shortcomings.” Actor Kang Sung-jin, who gave a breakout performance in “Break Out” and subsequently appeared in other films, also heaps praise on Lee Moon-shik by saying, “I completely believe in whatever he does.”

Admired by many actors, Lee Moon-shik plays a father, who suffers from amnesia one day, in this sitcom. It’s Lee Moon-shik’s first role in a TV sitcom. What kind of father figure will Lee Moon-shik portray in this show?

The following Q&A dialogue was excerpted from the “Here He Comes” press conference that was held on September 25, 2008.

▶ What kind of character will you portray?

▷ My character is a father and stable provider for his family but after he suffers from amnesia, he changes into a selfish person with a confrontational style. As a father myself, I sort of understand his outbursts and I’m fairly similar to my character in some ways. It’s a role that makes you pause and reflect on your family.

▶ The confrontational style you speak of might be exactly what viewers want to see you portray.

▷ Having a confrontational style can hurt the feelings of people around you but then again, sometimes you need to tell the truth bluntly without pulling any punches. My character will display bizarre behavior. When he talks, he’ll use the same tone but he’ll say it in a different way. He’ll make a lot of off-the-wall comments but overall, the sitcom will be about family. The show will be funny but most of all, I think the show has a great cast and story.

▶ Tell us about your thoughts on comedies.

▷ It’s hard to explain how to act in comical roles. I think the right approach is to emphasize an aspect of a character that is his trademark style. That’s where you can draw some laughs. You have to connect with your character.

▶ Will you speak in a slang?

▷ No, I won’t speak in slang. That could actually make my character funnier.

▶ Will you do any stunts?

▷ I’ll play a father who lost all his memories. I don’t think my character should undergo any physical changes.

▶ Will there be dialogue laden with lots of puns?

▷ There won’t be much of that. You might see it once or twice though.

▶ How will your role be different from the character you played in Iljimae?

▷ Oh, I was a very thoughtful and giving father in Iljimae but this time it’s different. I liked the character I played in Iljimae but this time I will go in a different direction.

▶ Do you feel any pressure to maintain your success as a comedy actor?

▷ I think you’re talking about my role in “Public Enemy Returns” and to tell you the truth, I had no idea that I’d make a name for myself as a comedy actor. I think I prepared pretty well for the role and that led to the laughs. I might be able to show that kind of acting in this role but it depends on the writer. I want to approach acting with a single-minded focus.

▶ So your character suffers from amnesia and then he tries to become the father the used to be.

▷ My character lives as a homeless man when he loses his memories and then finds his way back to his family and feels comfortable around them. As he falls in love with Jung Gyeong-soon again, he becomes the father that he used to be near the end of the sitcom.

▶ Tell us about your expectations?

▷ “Here He Comes” is a heartwarming show with many laughs so I hope you’ll watch it.

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Guest `starry.night


That Person Is Coming Sitcom Episode 7


Part One Part Two

Translator: Grace

Editor: Joan

Timer: Joan

QCer1: Joan

Encoder: Joan

QCer2: Han

Uploader: Joan

Raw Provider: Grace


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