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The Cast Of Twilight!

Guest ginachan

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Guest uknowlover

oh edward.. *faints* robert pattinson is so perfect for the role, it makes me so happy

and alice is my second favorite character and i had my doubts about ashley greene, but then i heard her voice in interviews and now i'm so happy with summit's choice for casting her...


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Lol... I would've never thought Eric would be asian xD!!

because hes described as a keeener and eager to show bella around =.=''

alice is definitely gorgeous! but the group photos look..not the greatest ><''

bella is exactly as i imagined..i don't like how they powder rob's face even tho he has to be pale. but jasper is hot...and jacob! XD cant wait~~

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Guest KhmerGuy231

Rosalie is a complete disappointment! Most beautiful in the world my FOOT! Ugh! And Jake looks nothing like I imagined. And Eric is Asian!? What the eff..... LAME LAME LAME! Lol.

I like the casting for Bella and Edward cast though, Bella is exactly how I pictured her.

Lol, I'm betting this movie is gonna be a big disappointment to fans, but I'm still gonna watch it lol.

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