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The Cast Of Twilight!

Guest ginachan

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Guest ohhlalakelly

I think Kristen is perfect for Bella. As for the rest of the Cullens, i'd expect them to look different. The only one i'm okay with is Emmett. I guess no human being are as beautiful as the book describes the Cullens to be. Hahaha.

Arghh, I can't wait for the movie! <3

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Guest bBy_sT4r

honestly, they chose the wrong cast.

since when did eric yorkie become asian? i didn't get the impression that "yorkie" was even an asian last name -_-

& i watched one of the previews where they showed laurent as being a black guy. not that i'm being racist, but vampires just aren't going to have black skin -_-

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Guest tknoodles

^ i know that Angela's boyfriend is suppose to be asian. Stephenie mentioned it in an interview that Ben, i think his name is, is asian. I guess that's why he's shorter than her? <_<

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I love the cast, they did a pretty good job of finding the right actor for each role.

Although I was expecting Rosalie to be super gorgeous but Nikki Reed does have this vicious look in the movie, it fits the character well I guess haha. btw Ashley Greene is so pretty!

and wow I didn't expect Eric Yorkie to be asian :lol:

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I'm totally pysched for the movie!

I love the casting except I'm a little bit if-y with Nikki Reed.

But at the same time, I'm curious to see how she will pull off the part.

I saw a re-run of the OC and Nikki Reed was in it.

I was like OMG! LOL! 'Cause I didn't know she used to guest-star in the OC.

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