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Guest Grecia

[Drama 2010] Personal Taste 개인의 취향

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Guest lucky_moon

i can't download from clubox, do you have any torrent or MF link ?

Patience is a virtue, these comments only spamming the thread and put it in a big threat to be locked :)

Torrent Link Ep2 (HAN):



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Guest Jenny0622

semi-fly,cute girl thank you so much for the download link :)

Yon, thanks for sharing the re-cap. Actually I was able to watch some scenes in this episode. Waiting till downloading ended I can watch the whole ep.

Well,finally Jin Ho moves into Gae In's house. Expecting more couple' scenes in next episode


Haha, SYJ is really funny in some scenes. She portrays such a comic girl here:




The couple made me laugh so hard when I saw this,lol







hart,pallycute, that's my fave too,lolz

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hart118911, please do not quote images!!!!!!!!!!!!! please remove the %7Boption%7D before you post.......

quoting image is against soompi rules... please remove it, we do not want this thread to be locked/suspended...

my apologies

i do understand....i've been posting here daily even before PT aired...so i am aware of the rules...its my first time and no need to worry

sorry again

Jenny...thanks for more caps :D :D :D take care!

Cute Girl...thanks for the link!

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This drama is very exciting, you can watch online by TVANTS,


this is torent link, download speed is rather fast

The shadow of BOF is so big, i think they had high pressure ò work but many people said that it's very good, the acting 's so real.Congratulations

Thanks for MF link

Is there any english sub?

Thanks for your pics, it's very nice

Torrent link is work well, can you check again!

Does anyone have Caps of Ep 2 ?

i really want to watch this drama but i don't understand Korean, Who have it's eng sub?


i very like it

i can't download from clubox, do you have any torrent or MF link ?

Thanks a lot for the torrent link

The caps of Ep 2 is very cute, thanks


I noticed that you have ALL TEN of your postings (so far) in this particular thread and all within a span of 24 hours. I am posting this in here as a sign to others as well that it is against Soompi Forum Rules and Soompi Drama Section Forum Rules.

People seem to forget that there should not be any REQUESTS to RUSH Uploads or Subtitles, which are contributed on a VOLUNTARY BASIS.


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Guest pallycute

Hello Personal Taste Supporters

If you're still unfamiliar with soompi, please read K-drama and Movie Rules <--- CLICK!!

Stop spamming and please be patient about subtitle and download link

They will show up when the uploaders have finished with their upload.

Regarding english subtitle, Personal Taste will subbed by WITHS2 and Lee Min Ho World.

As for WITHS2 you can check their progress in here --> Click Me!

FYI, making a subtitle it's not easy work, it takes a lot of time.

The subtitle will not come directly after the drama aired.

Subtitle will coming out at least after 1-2 weeks.

Please be patient. :)

I know you don't want this thread to be LOCKED, so please follow the rules :)


Supporter Cast Spamming Pics :D

Wang Jihye as Kim Inhee


Im Seulong as Kim Taehoon


Bong Taegyu as Lee Wonho


credit: MBC

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Guest singapore0950

Big Waves to all minoz!

^^Personal Tasts^^

Thanks, Jenny for all screencaps :P


^^Ye, Ye, Ye, looking forward Epi.2^^

But i am watch epi.1.......now. haha!

hopefully able to watch Epi.2 after...hehe!


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Guest danick

This drama series is fun and light and so I enjoy watching it.

LEE MIN HO is gorgeous! and the fact that he can act so natural is a huge bonus!

I hope the ratings will go up and up as the story progresses. You just can't help but stare at his face. All I need to do right now is pray that the subbing team will have enough time and more people to do the english subs.

I never thought that Sohn Yejin will be perfect for the role. I am enjoying her performance. Great first couple of episodes. I hope more people will watch it. It's a tough timeslot but I am positive that next week will give us better TV ratings.

Thanks for the video links!!! You guys are so fast.

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Guest flydolesqueue

This content has been removed by a moderator.

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Pictures from episode 2...
















End of Episode 2.

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I've just finished ep 2 and frankly both 2 eps didn't give me the rigt feeling that I was waiting. since the first announcement of the drama, I was so excited and everyday I was watching the previews and the news about it but now I don't have the same feeling. I didn't lose my hope yet as it's just beginning.I hope it'll getting better and more exciting.

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Guest turkey1982






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