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Guest Grecia

[Drama 2010] Personal Taste 개인의 취향

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Guest Grecia

MBC Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye, Ryu Seung Ryong





English Title: Personal Taste

Korean Title: 개인의 취향

TV Station: MBC

Episodes: TBA

Genre: Romance

Broadcast Period: 2010-Mar-31 to TBA


Timeslot: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (to replace the drama "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry")


[acording to DramaWiki]

Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay to become a roommate to his female friend. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings. (Sourse: Javabeans)

"Personal Taste" by Lee Sae In (이새인)









Ryu Seung Ryong as Choi Kwan Jang

Jung Sung Hwa

Ahn Suk Hwan


Director: Son Hyung Suk (손형석) Job Well Done, When Night Comes

Screenwriter: Park Hye-kyung (박혜경) : Stained Glass



12671466232010022610113.th.jpg 12671472052010022610201.th.jpg 12671466232010022610113.th.jpg 12671466232010022610112.th.jpg 12671466232010022610113.th.jpg




MBC Personal Taste - Trailer #2


Lee Min-ho takes the lead in Personal Taste

Sohn Ye-jin headlines Personal Taste

Kim Ji-suk added to Personal Tastee

Ryu Seung-ryong joins Personal Taste

Wang Ji-hye cast in Personal Taste

Promo photos for Personal Taste

More stills from Personal Taste


PT The novel Part 1 (Chapters 1-3)

PT The novel Part 2 (Chapters 4-6)

PT The novel Part 3 (Chapters 7-9)


(Torrents by cutegirl - Mediafire by babiplucki - Rapidshare by waQs---- Thanks girls!)

Episode 1:

Torrent: TEN / HAN / 450p HAN

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 2:

Torrent: HAN / 450p HAN

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 3:

Torrent: BOB / HAN / 450p HAN

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 4:

Torrent: TEN / HAN / 720p HAN

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 5:

Torrent: BOB / KSMD / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 6:

Torrent: BOB / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p JjooNy

Mediafire: HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 7:

Torrent: Khai / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 8:

Torrent: MHaN / HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episode 9:

Torrent: SSF / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episodio 10:

Torrent: ABC / SFF / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episodio 11:

Torrent: JjooNy / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episodio 12:

Torrent: OH / JjooNy / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episodio 13:

Torrent: Khai / KSMD / JjooNy / OH / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Rapidshare: HAN

Episodio 14:

Torrent: TEN / SSF / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Episodio 15:

Torrent: Baros / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN

Episodio 16:

Torrent: OH / HAN / 450p HAN / 720p HAN






(by Jenny0622 - thanks!)

01. 윤하 (Younha) - 말도 안돼 (Main Theme Song)

02. 김태우 (Kim Tae Woo) - 빗물이 내려서

03. 씨야 (SeeYa) - 가슴이 뭉클

04. 김태우 (Kim Tae Woo) - 그대라는 날개

05.포미닛 (4Minute) - 사랑 만들기

06. 2AM - 바보처럼

07. 왕벌들의 비행

08. 야릇한 느낌

09. 왕벌들의 비행(Piano Ver.)

10. 바보처럼 [inst.]

11. 사랑 만들기 [inst.] - Guitar Ver.

12. 그대라는 날개 [inst.]

13. 가슴이 뭉클 [inst.]

14. 빗물이 내려서 [inst.] - Violin Ver.

15. 말도 안돼 [inst.] – Piano Ver.

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As drama casting are confirmed and more info becomes available, the thread for 'Personal Taste' is now re-opened for updates and sharing. However, as there had been an earlier thread started in 2008 by smallville4ever, both threads have been merged as one. In case of the first threadstarter unable to maintain the thread, additional editing will be done later.

So, please continue posting positively and avoid spamming. Also abide the forum rules. All unrelated and unnecessary postings will be deleted.

Korean Dramas & Movies Forum :excl: RULES

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Guest kdramafanusa

[source: MBC official website]


* First script reading was held on the 17th.

First Broadcast : March 31, 2010 at 9:55pm

Planning 제작 : Jo Yoon-Jung 조윤정

Script 극본 : Park Hye-Kyung 박혜경

Director 연출 : Son Hyung-Seok 손형석

Cast 출연 : Son Ye-Jin 손예진, Lee Min-Ho 이민호, Kim Ji-Seok 김지석, Wang Ji-Hye 왕지혜, Ryu Seung-Ryong 류승룡, Jo Eun-Ji 조은지, Jung Sung-Hwa 정성화, Ahn Seok-Hwan 안석환, Bong Tae-Gyu 봉태규, Jang Won-Young 장원영, Choi Eun-Seo 최은서, ...

PR 홍보 : Kim So-Jung 김소정


Original News Release from MBC: http://mbcinfo.imbc.com/news_view.asp?idx=...&category=1

[English Translation from MBC AMERICA :: Global News]

'Personal Taste': Son Ye-Jin strikes back as Park Ge-In

2010.02.05 14:01:20

*Broadcast: April 2010 Wed/Thurs 9:55 PM TBD {later moved to March 31, 2010}


Source: MBC

Son Ye-Jin, who stole the spotlight in ‘My Wife is Married’ and ‘Into the White Night’, makes her comeback in the drama ‘Personal Taste’ (script Park Hae-Kyung, producer Son Hyung-Suk, produced by Lee Kim Productions).

Son breaks away from her usual passive image and gets into a sweet and energetic role – giving the audience much anticipation to see her spunky transformation in this new drama.

‘Personal Taste’ is an adaptation of a Korean-American’s novel where Son plays the role of the leading lady ‘Park Ge-In’. The drama’s title is a play on Ge-In’s name, which literally means “personal” in Korean.

Park Ge-In is a furniture designer in her mid twenties and is the only daughter of a well-respected professor in the construction industry. As a young CEO of the hip furniture brand marketed for singles, ‘Moon’, Park is a troublemaker who is all over the place and naively trusts people too easily hence suffers heartaches but never manages to lose her cool spirit.

With the hopes of befriending a gay friend, Ge-In coincidentally befriends and lives with Jun Jin-Ho (played by Lee Min-Ho), whom she thinks is gay, and their interaction brings joy to the screen. Through this, Ge-In’s frustration of being single disappears and she finds her femininity and grows into a more sophisticated mature woman.

Son reflects, “This year I wanted to do a bright and fun project and I am glad I found this one. Furthermore, I really liked how, despite all the struggles, the main character uses confidence and optimism to deal with her problems. I was able to have so much fun filming this drama.”

The highly anticipated Son Ye-Jin/Lee Min-Ho special ‘Personal Taste’ premieres in April as a MBC Wednesday/Thursday mini-series and is expected to be a huge hit for 2010.

‘Personal Taste’ is produced by Lee Kim Productions whose hits include ‘What Happens in Bali’, ‘Money Wars’, and ‘Please Take Care of My Lady’.



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Guest kdramafanusa

[[[Old news articles - Casting Announcements]]]

Lee Min-ho to make comeback in new drama

Reporter : Ko Jae-wan | star@asiae.co.kr

기사입력 2010.01.11 17:00 최종수정 2010.01.11 17:00


Korean actor Lee Min-ho [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Lee Min-ho is set to make a comeback to the small screen in April, according to television broadcaster MBC on Monday.

The actor has been cast for the lead role in a new MBC TV series, tentatively titled "Personal Taste", which is based on a novel of the same title by Korean writer Lee Se-in.

Lee will play the role of Jun Jin-ho, who pretends to be a gay man in order to become roommates with a woman who wants to live with a gay male friend.

An MBC drama executive explained that Lee's combination of "a sophisticated image and the appeal of a man" was perfect for the part and for fulfilling female viewers' fantasies. He also added that Lee's "gripping dramatic presence and his shameless acting" will be convincing for the viewers.

"I decided to do the drama as soon as I read the script", the actor was quoted as saying.

The 22-year-old actor, who debuted in 2005, rose to stardom after starring in the smash hit "Boys Over Flowers" last year. The drama co-starred Korean actress Koo Hye-sun and idol group member Kim Hyun-joong of SS501.

"Taste" is scheduled to air around April after "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" ends its run.

Reporter : Ko Jae-wan star@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


Son Ye-jin to star in new drama with Lee Min-ho

Reporter : Lucia Hong | luciahong@asiae.co.kr

기사입력 2010.01.26 00:20 최종수정 2010.01.26 00:21


Korean actress Son Ye-jin [barunson Entertainment]

Korean actress Son Ye-jin is set to play the female lead role opposite actor Lee Min-ho in a new MBC drama this coming April, Son's agency said on Monday.

Barunson Entertainment announced through a press release that the actress has been cast for the role of Park Gae-in, a furniture designer in her late 20s, in the drama tentatively titled "Personal Taste."

The TV series, to be based on a novel of the same name by Korean writer Lee Se-in, will focus on the story between a woman and man living together, with the woman thinking the man is homosexual.

Son stated, "The reason I chose this role is because this year, I wanted to be a part of a bright and happy drama. I fell in love with the character because she seems confident while lacking in some ways but at the same time charming. Overall, the drama seems light and I feel it will be fun to shoot."

The 28-year-old actress gained popularity in Asia after appearing in TV series "Summer Scent" and was commended for her role in films "The Classic" and "My Wife Got Married", both of which she won awards for Best Actress.

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


from http://cyworld.com/min444 (Lee Min-Ho's homepage at cyworld)

He put up pictures of Son Ye-Jin there in 2007 & 2008.

SBS drama 'Alone In Love' (posted on November 26, 2007)



movie 'My Wife Got Married' (posted on November 2, 2008)





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Guest kdramafanusa

[The Korea Times 02-08-2010 16:44]

Top Actresses Heading Toward Small Screen

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter


Fans of TV dramas already have an ample lineup of witty programs to choose from, but the list will become more colorful with a number of top actresses returning to the small screen.

Movie star Son Ye-jin is tapping into the small screen market with "Personal Interest'' (working title) after appearing in the dark thriller "Walking the White Night'' (2009).

Son will appear as Park Gae-in, the CEO of a famous furniture company, who dreams of having a gay guy friend. She gets close to her dream when she ends up living with Jeon Jin-ho, whom she mistakes as the perfect match for her. Jeon will be played by "Boys Over Flowers'' star Lee Min-ho.

The actress expressed the difficulty of portraying her "White Night'' character during press events and interviews, and it seems like she will be able to brush away the mysterious and dark personality. The movie may have not topped the box office, but it showed how fearless the 28-year-old is when it comes to acting.

"I wanted to be involved in a bright and fun drama and I liked the character ― cute and charming and always up to the task,'' Son said.

The actress has been lucky when it comes to co-actors, performing opposite some of the top stars in Korea, including Bae Yong-joon, Kim Ju-hyuk, Jung Woo-sung and Ji Jin-hee.

Viewers will have to wait and see if she can embody the bubbly character, and create chemistry with the 22-year-old Lee.

"Personal Interest'' will start airing in April on MBC.

Actress Moon Geun-young recently applied for a temporary leave from school to focus on her new television series "Cinderella's Sister'' (working title). The 22-year-old actress will be playing a modern Cinderella who plots revenge against her step mother and sister.

Moon recently posted her feelings on her personal blog, comparing the drama to a well made dish.

"I will be starting to cook soon. I went over the recipe, how long it will take for me to finish cooking and also the ingredients needed,'' she wrote.

"I feel like it will turn out to be a very delicious dish and I promise that we will do our best.''

Her fellow cast members will also add to the highly anticipated recipe, with the characters played by boy group 2PM member Ok Taec-yeon and actor Chun Jeong-myeong competing to steal Moon's heart. This is Ok's first drama, while Chun will be returning to the small screen for the first time in four years.

Moon has earned the nickname "the nation's little sister'' over the years, but dropped off the public radar when she enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University to major in Korean literature in 2006. She returned to fans with the television series "Painter of Wind'' (SBS) in 2008, and eventually won the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards.

"Cinderella's Sister'' will start airing late March in KBS.

Famous for her flawless skin and pretty features, Han Ga-in is one of the most popular cosmetic models in the nation. Pretty she may be, but the 28-year-old has yet to reach the top of the acting field since debuting in 2002. This year will hopefully bring some progress in her career, as she will meet fans through new drama "Bad Man'' (working title) opposite Kim Nam-gil from hit period drama "The Great Queen Seondeok.''

"Han is busy focusing on her character. It's been three years since her last work, and she is looking forward to meeting her fans as soon as possible,'' J.One + Entertainment said.

The series "Bad Man'' will feature Han as a stubborn character that uses her charms to climb the corporate ladder, an edgier role than her previous soft and pretty characters. It features Kim as a businessman who dreams big, both personally and professionally.

"Bad Man,'' produced by the makers of "I'm Sorry, I Love You'' (2004, KBS) and "The Snow Queen'' (2006, KBS), will start airing in May on SBS.

Meanwhile, Han Chae-young is also returning to the small screen as a headstrong city desk reporter in new soap "The Man Who is Called a God'' (working title). The new soap will be Han's first drama in four years.

The 29-year-old's priority has seemed to be films over the past few years. Except for a supporting role in the hit drama "Boys Over Flowers,'' she starred in "Girlfriends'' and "Good Morning President'' in 2009, and has two more films in the pipeline for 2010. Nevertheless, Han is expecting to change that by appearing as a passionate reporter with fellow actor Song Il-gook and actress Han Go-eun.

"The Man Who is Called a God,'' based on the namesake cartoon by the late cartoonist Park Bong-seong, will start airing in March on MBC.

Last but not least, Chae Rim is waiting to captivate viewers with her charms through new series "Oh My Lady!'' The 30-year-old actor, who appeared in "All About Eve'' (2000, MBC) and "Dalja's Spring'' (2007, KBS) will star as a bubbly and enthusiastic housewife-turned-top star manager. Also famous in China, she is expected to play opposite Super Junior member Choi Si-won.

Chae Rim has been busy flying back and forth from Taiwan for dramas, and the actress is aiming to captivate viewers once again.

"Oh My Lady'' will start airing in March on SBS.


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Wang Ji-hye cast in Personal Taste

February 16th, 2010 // by javabeans

Not too long after her last drama, last year’s dark and intense Friend, Our Legend, actress Wang Ji-hye is coming back with a lighter, more upbeat role in Personal Taste playing best friend and rival to Sohn Ye-jin’s main character.

It looks like the drama is going to be conflating a few of the characters in the book for Wang’s character, who is a materialistic stewardess who steals Sohn’s boyfriend. (In the book, these are characteristics shared by a few different women, but I suppose it makes sense to condense the cast for the drama.) This role will also give Wang the chance to showcase a fashionable wardrobe, which will probably contrast with Sohn’s dowdy duds.

Personal Taste airs at the end of March.

Via Hankook Ilbo

Ryu Seung-ryong joins Personal Taste

February 15th, 2010 // by javabeans

This may not attract as much excitement as the hot younger cast, but I’m stoked that Ryu Seung-ryong will be joining MBC’s Personal Taste. He’ll join Lee Min-ho and Kim Ji-suk as their professional rival when the men, who all work as architects, compete for bids on building projects. (Meanwhile, Sohn Ye-jin is the daughter of a famous architect.) Ryu’s character gives Lee’s character something of a hard time at first, but eventually recognizes his skills.

Ryu Seung-ryong has the gravitas to play villainous roles, but he also has the dry sarcasm to turn a straight-man character into a hilarious foil, as he did in last year’s action-comedy Level 7 Civil Servant. (He was the endlessly beleaguered senior agent to Kang Ji-hwan’s bumbling rookie spy.) Looks like he’ll be playing an antagonist-turned-ally, which ought to be fun.

Ryu’s last drama role was in SBS’s Painter of the Wind, nearly a year and a half ago, and he has had a number of film roles recently, such in the mystery-thriller Secret (with Cha Seung-won), the upcoming Bean Paste (with Lee Dong-wook and Lee Yo-won), and Uhm Jung-hwa’s new thriller Bestseller.

Personal Taste will hold its first script reading on February 17, then begin filming. It premieres on March 31 (the same day as Cinderella’s Sister!).

Via BNT News

Kim Ji-suk added to Personal Taste

February 9th, 2010 // by javabeans

Chuno’s slave-hunting Kim Ji-suk has just been cast in MBC’s upcoming trendy drama Personal Taste. Both are Wednesday-Thursday dramas, albeit on different stations, so this means he’ll be busy jumping from one project right into the next.

I have mixed feelings about this, because while Kim Ji-suk can be amusing (as in Chuno), I don’t feel the pull for him as a second lead. I’m reading the novel Personal Taste right now and I can see how he was cast as Lee Min-ho’s rival (he’s a “perfect” type of guy with great background, schooling, and brains), although I don’t know if I’d find him all that compelling as a competitor. But I’m hoping that the main pairing is strong enough to sustain the drama regardless.

Sohn Ye-jin and Lee Min-ho take the lead roles, with Jo Eun-ji (Forever the Moment) playing Sohn’s best friend, musical actor Jung Sung-hwa as Lee’s close sunbae, and Ahn Seok-hwan (Chuno) as the father to Sohn’s playboy ex.

Personal Taste will begin filming at the end of February and will replace The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry starting March 31.

Via Mk.co.kr

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Guest Jenny0622

Absolutely awaiting for this drama.

This one would be a huge success. Personal Taste fighting!!!

And surfing DC Minho this morning totally takes my breath away. What I can say is "Oh My God!!!" (See below for the reasons,hehe)

Look at these caps from YStar, do you see the great chemistry between these two people? Gosh,they look so cute.

Waiting for the clip to be released!

Updated below comment :D










DC Minho

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: MBC AMERICA 2010.02.22 11:07:09


「Personal Taste」 Son Yejin-Lee Minho show chemistry

* First broadcast: March 31, 2010


MBC's newest Wed-Thurs miniseries 「Personal Taste」 (script by Park Hyegyeong, directed by Son Hyeongseok) had a fun first script reading amidst much laughter.

February 17, 8PM on the 6th floor of the Ilsan Dream Center, the cast and crew of 「Personal Taste」 exchanged greetings and met for the first script reading. In attendance were director Son Hyeongseok, scriptwriter Park Hyegyeong, actors Son Yejin, Lee Minho, Kim Jiseok, Wang Jihye, Ryu Seungryong, Jo Eunji, Jeong Seonghwa, Ahn Seokhwan, Bong Taegyu and more.

This is Son Yejin's return to the small screen after two years. She takes on the role of lovable Park Gye-in, inexperienced when it comes to love and a bit of an oddball, who ends up living with Jeon Jinho, a guy pretending to be gay. The story is about the comic happenings that ensue. Son Yejin arrived early with a fresh face and in comfortable clothes and looked over the script. She looked very enthused about her new project.

Lee Minho takes on the role of chic, brusque Jeon Jinho, who pretends to be gay. This is role that'll show an entirely different charm from his previous role. This was Son Yejin and Lee Minho's second meeting with the crew after the initial meeting, but already they were Park Gyein and Jeon Jinho in expression and mannerisms. They hit it off so well and had such chemistry that expectations have risen for the official broadcast.

Kim Jiseok is Han Changryeol, a perfect man and an architect; Wang Jihye is Kim Inhui, the stunning curator; Jeong Seonghwa is No Sangjun, Jinho's friend and co-worker; all these actors and more showed off some serious yet impassioned acting at the script reading. Rumor has it that everyone was so engrossed in their characters and the reading that no one realized it was snowing outside until the reading ended at 11PM. On top of that, Lee Minho's fans brought snacks for the cast and crew, making the atmosphere even more energized.

Son Hyeongseok addressed the cast and crew, "Today's script reading was well spent talking about the project and getting to know each other. It won't be an easy experience, but I hope it's an enjoyable one that brings about good results."

「Personal Taste」is about an amusing love story about a girl inexperienced in love and a chic yet brusque man pretending to be gay. 「Personal Taste」 is already garnering much attention from the viewers before its broadcast. It airs March 31 at 9:55PM.

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Absolutely awaiting for this drama.

This one would be a huge success. Personal Taste fighting!!!

And surfing DC Minho this morning totally takes my breath away. What I can say is "Oh My God!!!" (See below for the reasons,hehe)

Look at these caps from YStar, do you see the great chemistry between these two people? Gosh,they look so cute.

Waiting for the clip to be released!





DC Minho

Oooh... seeing them together, they matches better than I have expected. Quite a cute pairing. Am totally looking forward to this show. :D

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Yay! for the caps. Everything is coming together.

That said, I know Ge-in is kooky, but must they have her hair like that. We get it, she's an oddball. Oh well, I guess this is to show her eventual 'growth'.

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Guest zacey

i have high hopes for this drama... very eager to see the chemistry from this pairing.. and looking at the above photos... well, we can be sure of some nice sparks coming .. :P

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Guest pallycute

Thank your for caps and video poster shooting

Minho and Yejin are good pair :)

btw another cast Bong Taegyu, he is more handsome than before *suprise* :lol:

'개인의 취향' 봉태규, 손예진과 이민호의 큐피트로 깜짝 변신!

[아츠뉴스=이두리 기자] 영화와 드라마에 이어 연극 <웃음의 대학>까지 전천후 배우 활동을 이어가고 있는 봉태규가 손예진과 이민호의 만남으로 화제가 되고 있는 MBC 드라마 <개인의 취향>에 특별 출연한다.


<개인의 취향>은 이새인 원작의 동명 소설을 드라마화한 작품으로 발칙한 가짜 게이 전진호(이민호 분)와 연애 쑥맥 엉뚱녀 박개인(손예진 분)의 대담하고 솔직 담백한 동거일기를 그릴 예정이다.

봉태규가 연기하게 될 이원호는 손예진이 연기하는 여주인공 박개인의 대학 동창이자 개인의 싱글 가구 브랜드 ‘문’의 유일한 직원이다. 가구 디자인부터 제작, 홍보, 배송까지 도맡아 하는 멀티맨으로 작품 초반부의 분위기를 결정하는 중요한 인물이다.

늘 작품 속에서 개성있고 독특한 모습을 보여줬던 봉태규 답게 이번 역할에서도 드라마에서 진부하게 반복돼 온 ‘속 깊은 이성친구’ 캐릭터가 아닌 ‘속 새까만 이성친구’ 역으로 봉태규만의 연기 내공을 보여줄 것으로 기대된다.

또한 염정아와 함께했던 <워킹맘> 이후 1년 6개월여 만에 브라운관으로 깜짝 복귀해 안방 팬들에게 반가운 인사를 전하게 되는 봉태규는 <청춘 그루브> 개봉을 앞두고 있다.

이어 <청춘 그루브>는 언더그라운드에서 꿈을 키우는 3명의 친구들이 3넌 전에 벌어진 사건 때문에 변해가는 모습을 다루고 있다. 이 작품에서 봉태규는 랩퍼 서창대 역을 맡아 열연했다.

한편, 봉태규는 연쇄 살인마 역으로 파격적인 연기 변신을 감행한 스릴러 영화 <생존>이 3월 중 크랭크인을 앞두고 있다.


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Guest Jenny0622

Thank your for caps and video poster shooting

Minho and Yejin are good pair :)

btw another cast Bong Taegyu, he is more handsome than before *suprise* :lol:


Oh,yeah,he looks so different recently lol. He's really hilarious in some roles I watched.

He will make his special appearance in ep.1 & 2 of Personal Taste (?) . This drama gonna be fun and hilarious one :lol:

And when I look at the cast list, there are two names that got my attention though which are Choi Eun Seo 최은서 & Jang Won Young 장원영

Choi Eun Seo 최은서


Jang Won Young 장원영


Wonder which roles these two people take? :rolleyes:

(Choi Eun Seo looks pretty and she's recently had photoshoot for Dunkin with Lee Min Ho)

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hi :P ..

he looks very cute in Personal Taste ... hope to see his perfect acting immediately :P:P Minho fighting :D .. and to the female lead hmm no comment ;)

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Guest kiddie

Hiii All, My first post in this thread, too

So excited to see the clips and caps. They look so cute together :lol::D:P .

Have to admit that I feel a lil bit jealous with Son Ye Jin wowowowo.

More caps :P








Cre: DC, MVN

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Guest mayadee666

Oh my! I'm excited for this drama! There will be seem a lot of skinshiiiiiiiipppp sceeeeenes!!

I don't think Sohn Ye Jin is not too old for him though, she looks pretty young in those stills. And she's just simply adorable <3

I can see their chemistry already, perhaps it's because LMH pretends to be a gay first, so she/SYJ considers him as a casual friend. So she's not afraid getting too close with him. I think this drama is gonna get loads of hype.

LMH and SYJ fighting! Can't wait for March 31st!

But the other contender seems pretty strong too... *cough*cinderella'ssister*cough* ah well... let's just see it first before we can judge it, right?

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