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Shinhwa - 8th Album


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State of the Art
As you guys may know.. SHINHWA'S 8th Album - STATE OF THE ART is coming soon! This is the place where we can discuss all we want about this LOVELY most-anticipated album. THE ALBUM IS OUT! EVERYBODY MAKE SURE TO BUY YOUR COPY. DON'T DOWNLOAD!
176886_01.jpg <Joy News 24> Popular Group Shinhwa's 8th album "State of the Art" will be released on the 11th. Shinhwa will be holding their concert 'SHINHWA, 2006 Asia Tour in Seoul" on the 13th and 14th at Seoul Olympic Stadium after their 8th album is released. "State of the Art' signifies 'Ultra Class' and it's significant because it embears the dedication and passion Shinhwa put into this album by taking part in all aspects including producing and their album style. This 8th album will be released through 'CHANNEL The Shinhwa' from KTF Music Site Dosirak (www.dosirak.com). At 'CHANNEL The Shinhwa', video and picture sketches of their recording sessions, dance practices, album jacket photoshoots will be available and there will also be a freeboard provided where messages of support can be posted. Shinhwa comments, "All of the members have put a lot of effort and passion into this 8th album. We are working very hard to prepare for our first performance for teh fans so we ask for a lot of interest and support for this album and the concert." Shinhwa is busy preparing for this concert and Shinhwa's 8th album promotional activities will launch after their concert in Seoul. avalo@joynews24.com Credits: joynew24.com & n!kk! @ s-shinhwasarang.net nb. may only take out with exact credits
48840419fu.jpg Tracklist: 01 Thanks! 02 You`Re Man 03 약한남자 04 Once In A Lifetime 05 Doobob 06 Paradise 07 Highway Star 08 Midnight Girl 09 Throw My Fist 10 기회 11 왜 내가... 12 You`Re My Everything Yesasia ($10.99): http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/sect...pid-1004271408/ Annyoung ($12.95): http://www.annyoung.com/cdstore/merchant.m...de=1k1030001914 Credit: Yesasia + Annyoung + Shinhwachangjo.net
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Guest Jaja_Blink

hehehe~ finally a thread for 8th jib! woot~! :w00t: *jump up and down*

I can't wait till the album come out~~ >.<~


I am going to post the teaser pics 'again' LOL~








pics from Goodemg.com

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Guest superstar`kiss


man..i thought you said their album was gonna be called 'one to the six'!!

my heart almost stopped... :wub:

oh how i CANNOT wait...*drools*

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Guest lenakeem


... may 12?.. i thought it was may 2.. O_O



i was like 6th poster on this thread XP

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Guest serawong

CAn't can't.....for the launch of 8th album!!!!

i was almost screaming and hating myself.... for not being able to go to their seoul concert after reading the news about it!!!! URGH!!!!

Just wish they really come singapore... or probably at least Hong Kong!

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Guest elmmmo_

i've been waiting soo long for this album!!

at first it was supposed to be released in march.. but got pushed back to early may.. now to mid-may :(

oh well it will be worth the wait!!!!!! :D

those pictures are beautiful !! :)

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Guest ..natz..

man..i thought you said their album was gonna be called 'one to the six'!!

i thought the same thing heheh..

AHHHH another one of the most anticipated albums of the year..

hehehe i cant wait for their comeback!!!

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Guest superstar`kiss

^ i am so addicted to that site. i was on it yesturday for like 5 hours doing nothing..

those new pictures look SO good! i LOVE them!

i still am wondering what the album is gonna be called... :huh:

:w00t: *licks the screen*

yes, i admit it. i'm a licker when it comes to shinhwa pictures..*drools*

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Guest mandoo-gongju

0MG YAY YUHH!! i`m so freaking happy:) SHinhwa's 8th album is comming out on May 2 btw. aha. they all look so freakin hott! everyone buy their album to support them cause its their last album like all together.


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Guest alwayzujustme

it's NOT May 2nd for sure...and it's still rumored as May12th...but articles have said that they will introduce their new songs at their first concert...meaning the album maybe AFTER their Concert...i'm really confused on when they're gonna release it...lolz...but i know for sure i'll be pre-ordering...lolz...

on another note...i can't wait for their concert...the stage looks really nice....i just love it...all the support and stuff that they're doing to get ready for the 8th album is really getting me pumped up...i can't wait... :D

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