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[taiwan Drama '08/'09] Love Or Bread (我的億萬面包)

Guest Yvonne

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OMG so excited!

The pics are making me impatient!

I loved these two in ISWAK and TKA! ~

And Joe is absolutely gorgeous!!!

and the characters they are playing seems to be quite funny!!!


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Oh wow their in a new show together, again!

I'd be looking forward to this one since I love them so much in ISWAK and TKA. <3

& Ariel Lin got prettier, I think she lost some baby fat on her face lol <3

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Guest Yvonne

Wow, cool pics!!! Thanks clover, maytan, mikki for sharing!

Sorry all, I have been neglecting this thread for a while. Please forgive me. I have uploaded the latest 2 clips regarding filming. I think LoB will be fun to watch!

Please check the 1st page for the d/ls.

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Omg how could I not have known about this? T_______T

yay ariel&joe back together again

fjdk;afjda; <3


this thread will be my new homage for Ariel&Joe haha<3

I was sad when TKA was over.

Can't wait to see the turn out of this drama. From the filming& pictures - it looks like it's gonna be good and real fun(ny!). (:

Yvonne you've created like.. all the ariel&joe project threads lol.

I'm glad cause you always update the first post. hehe. :)

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Guest **clover**

LOB magscan

credit: asianfanatics.net

no.167 Joe Zheng - Ariel Lin Best Couple 郑元畅林依晨最佳情侣档



[play] no.126 我的亿万面包 原来幸福其实早已拥有






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more BTS pic .. this kind spoiler .. so ariel will be running bride in here .. she will had 2 wedding one with enhao ( bryant) and one with joe .. so look beautifull in both dresss




this wedding with joe /frank .. woowo gosh it look so real



credit wretch blog

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Guest miranda

extracted from Baidu

Did some translation, do forgive if it is not done correctly.



Frank's life can only be described as nothing being accomplished, he hopes that he has trillions but was never willing to work for it.

Shan Mei born in a average home, but she is very hardworking. She holds 3 jobs everyday, beside supporting parents, brother and sister-in-law, nephew, every month also send money to boyfriend studying in the states.

善美不顾家人的反对,决心为爱走天涯, 辞去工作远走美国与男友结婚却惨遭背叛,没了钱也时失去感情,当善美失魂落魄偷偷回到台湾时,竟开始遇上frank开始衰神附身,更不接受的是竟然还得每天共同生活在破屋里。

Shan Mei refused to listen to family advise, willing to sacrifice for love, resigned and went to States to marry her boyfriend, but only found being betrayed by him. Without money and love, Shan Mei secretly went back to Taiwan and met Frank and started to have lots of bad luck. Worst, she has to stay with him in the same home.


One is a lazy and irresponsible, one is a hardworking and kind, 2 different characters only means of communication is money. Frank seeing how Shan Mei works for money, from disapproving , slowly develop feelings for her. Not knowing how to express himself, he show his concern without her knowledge, even willing to leave for her happiness. At this moment, Shan Mei met everyone's prince charming, enhao. Compared to Frank's unreasonable, cheating, enhao's wealth and gentleness, Shan Mei develop a kind of stable feeling, when she decides to settle down with enhao, Frank's past actions let her become undecisive......


蔡进来(法兰克) ☆郑元畅☆ 男 22岁



Frank's name is Chai Jin Lai, he found it non trendy. Whenever he introduces himself he will use Frank, even those known him for life, he insists that they call him Frank. He is unaccomplised, why he insist on Frank? Because every rich man would have a Englis name. His interest is to dream of being rich but never willing to work for it. Same as younger generation, he owns lots of credit debts. Although he is lazy and unrealistic, he has a kind heart, being childish, he always upset people, but at crucial time, he will show his man power.

曾善美☆林依晨 ☆ 20岁

现代苦命阿信,从小赚钱养家,是个孝顺为家人付出的乖孩子,别人说的话都信,别人挖的陷阱照跳,人生格言恪遵脚踏实地四字,个性直率没心眼,在爱情上是个十足的傻子 ,感情迟钝不善表达,但个性脆弱容易大哭,因为不得已和法兰克同住,最后爱上法兰克。

New times Ah Shin, has been supporting the family since young. A filial child, willing to scarifice for the family. Believes in everyone, even when a trap is set, she will jump in. She believes that one must be down to earth. In love she is a 100% fool, slow and not able to express herself well. She is weak emotionally and tends to cry. Due to circumstanes, stayed with Frank but eventually fell in love with him.

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Guest aybeedee

yea im excted to see ths one because was sick of watching them play the tole in iswak ahahah

not that s bad or anything but yea...

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Guest sugarcakes

LOB magscan

credit: asianfanatics.net

no.167 Joe Zheng - Ariel Lin Best Couple 郑元畅林依晨最佳情侣档



Am I reading this right? it says on the first page that they started filming on August 26th of this year, but the magazine scan says it's airing in November? That's super duper fast.

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