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[taiwan Drama '08/'09] Love Or Bread (我的億萬面包)

Guest Yvonne

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Guest maytan00101

hi angels!!!

this is a link for an extra in LOB's blog entry dated today...


topic was filming of LoB...i just skimmed through it and what caught my attention was that Ariel will once again be wearing a wedding dress...i wonder what scene that will be? who will she marry???

and the blogger also said that as soon as Joe appeared, he caught people's attention and was asked to take pictures with him...she described Joe as looking just like the way he looks on tv...

and it was also stated that LoB filming in TAIWAN should wrap up by OCTOBER 8th and after that they will be filming overseas (i think the chosen location is Hang Zhou in mainland China..i am not so sure if that is accurate though...but if it will be in hang Zhou...oh that would be good...i hope they get to film in West Lake it's beautiful and quite romantic over there...)

sadly no pictures were provided for this entry...

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Guest maytan00101

hello everyone!!!

visit here: http://lovekiss2.com/viewthread.php?tid=43...;extra=page%3D1

there are some newsscans from Liberty Times (i think0...all about Joe and filming LoB...

by the way, i think the circulating news that LoB will air after HS is pretty much sure now cause it has been confirmed (as far as i know) that pi li mit will air on friday nights at 10pm over at ftv...and it will also air on gtv but i don't know what day...everyone was saying pi li mit will air after HS but now we know it's on a different day altogether...are there any other shows that should be aired before LoB? i mean any other drama that's already in the can ready to be aired?...

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some more BTS pic of joe ( frank ) ariel ( shan mei)

oh seem that they fighting .. cannot wait to see this scene ..






credit to hermaprodite blog @daum

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Guest quantumvis

Thanks for the pics! I think Ariel looks a lot cuter with that hairstyle and outfit! And yes, hopefully it'll be somewhat different from ISWAK. Refreshing. ;)

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