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[[amazing Young Singer]] Sarah Geronimo

Guest mihsayam

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Guest mihsayam

someone not to be missed!
I haven't really been into Filipino music lately, but I swear, this girl sings so good on her records, but she's even better live. Definitely not the typical popstar who dances and sings, but her voice would totally blow you away. But I think her best giveaway is that even after all her successes, she is still considered as on of the most humble young celebrities in her country.





Sarah Geronimo was born July 25, 1988. Sarah is the third of four children with siblings Johna Rizzie, Sunshine Grace, and Ezekiel Gabriel.Her father Delfin Geronimo, a former telephone company employee, and mother Divina, who was a beautician.

Sarah’s was trained by her father. They would practice everyday to develop her singing prowess.

Star For A Night hosted by Ms. Regine Velasquez was arguably the singing contest that catapulted Sarah Geronimo to stardom. On March 1, 2003, at age fourteen Sarah Geronimo emerged as the grand prize winner of the said singing competition with her rendition of the song “To Love You More.” She won P 1 million and a managerial contract at Viva Artist Agency. The prize money was spent on tuition fees and the operation of her eldest sister.

After this turning point what followed are albums, concerts, her own soap opera, a mainstay at ASAP (a Sunday variety show), supporting roles in movies, endorsements, and legions of fans. She became a popstar, a teen princess, a role model.

Sarah Geronimo paved the way for the next generation champion singers. They are Mark Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Raymond Manalo, Erik Santos, Sheryn Regis, Christian Bautista, Frenchie Dy, Jerome Sala, and more still competing. At ASAP, champion singers show off their winning form at Champions Showdown.

When not busy being a popstar, Sarah Geronimo spends time with her family, they go to Sunday mass. Sarah enjoys reading J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, and plays video games.

And from what I know, she regularly does shows in the West Coast. =)

Anyway, here are a few of her videos, do give her a try. :) I really think she's an amazing singer.

This is my current favorite song of hers, "A Very Special Love". The first link is the MV and the next one's the performance. It's in English. :) I think she really sounded good in the live.

Sarah Geronimo - A Very Special Love MV

Sarah Geronimo = A Very Special Love LIVE @ a variety show

But I guess, she's best known for singing all those songs with the high notes and stuff. Like a young diva. Her are a couple more of her perfs.

Sarah Geronimo - If Only LIVE (Original Song)

Please do try her out. :D She's a gem not to be missed.

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Guest Atmosphere.

Sarah’s was trained by her father. They would practice everyday to develop her singing prowess.

That sort of reminded me of Michael Jackson and his father, o__o Wait did his father trained him to sing good though? o.o

Anyways, nice last name lols =P

wow that gave me the goosebumps for IRREPLACEABLE.

Wow she's very good, she sounds like Beyonce but more like Asian Beyonce o__O

She's not that bad, but I think she was trying too hard as live, but at the same time good. Not bad :)

She is pretty too. And go 1988!!<33

She should become a singer in America with that singing lesson she has learned seriously!

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Guest july-eighth

I love Sarah Geronimo! :D

Ahaha, in fact, I just watched her movie A Very Special Love in the local movie theater, and it was hilarious!

My grandma gets frustrated though at how she always seems to be singing English songs, as she's super good with Tagalog songs. (I agree!)

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Guest maryjoan

sarah geronimo in soompi? hmmm..

anyway, she's really amazing. there are some hits and misses in her performances (not in the given examples but generally) but mostly they are hits. the misses could be attributed to her time of preparation. i think she is one of the busiest if not the busiest in Philippine entertainment industry today (among actors and singers). :blink: i'm really looking forward to her new album "JUST ME" 'coz i heard they are all original songs and thank god.. they are not all ballads .. B) . got to watch out for howie d. (of backstreet boys) duet. :w00t:

and oohhh... i also watched her movie . :wub: romantic and funny. she's really good in it. :D

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Guest miimisunshine

she was freaking hilarious in her movie, a very special love. i heard there will be a sequel. i soo wanna watch that.

she is a really good singer. :)

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im not really into her music but i love her concert performances..i went to a concert of hers in san diego and i can tell you that i got goosebumps...i like her more as an actress..maybe because she is very natural when it comes to down to earth characters that she plays..i loved her a very special love with jlc..can't wait for their next movie together..

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Guest anjaigirl26



JUST ME Album Preview by Sarah G.


JUST ME - Track List

01. Ill Be There (Feat. Howie Dorough a BackStreet Boys mem) link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Reqv4SdAN0o

02. Youre The Love Of My Life

03. Dahil Mahal Mo Ako

04. Where Only Angels Fly

05. Silence

06. One Little Kiss

07. I Belong To You

08. Just Me

09. Look Inside Ourselves

10. Kahit Mahal Mo Ay Iba

11. Played

12. Sweet Memories

13. I Am Falling

14. What Have You Done To My Heart

15. Remind Me To Forget You

16. Movie Love

~Her album is already out her in phil, i dunno w/c countries will it be available....

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Guest sunshinemoon

she is pretty and she sound really good.. ^^

but i still love charice pempengco, maybe because her stage performance make me goosbump, my mom also like charice very much.. ^^

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Guest MiizzHyukiie


shes awesome

a very special love <33

i could've done without john lloyd cruz though.

hes so ... ew.

i love sarah's cheeks and cheek bones.

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I cannot believe you didn't post "Forever's Not Enough" D:




ah, I'm sorry... but she sounded terrible in this particular one. She sounds completely amateurish in this song. There were some good parts, but for the most it was just an aweful listening experience.

I like her Air Supply performance better.

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