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[jp Movie 2009] Manatsu No Orion (orion In Midsummer)


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Tamaki Hiroshi, Kitagawa Keiko
Hiroshi Tamaki stars in naval epic "Manatsu no Orion"

Mon, July 14, 2008 (1:59am EDT)

Actor Hiroshi Tamaki is taking the lead in an upcoming suspense film titled "Manatsu no Orion," directed by Tetsuo Shinohara. Based on the novel "Raigeki Shindo Juukyuu-ten-go" by Tsukasa Ikegami, the movie is set near Okinawa during World War II. While the main focus is a naval battle between a Japanese submarine and an American destroyer, the film also portrays the personal relationships among those involved.

Tamaki plays the warm-hearted captain of the submarine. His close friend and colleague is being played by CHEMISTRY's Yoshikuni Dochin, who is making his acting debut with this role.

Toho and TV Asahi are involved in production. Filming started on July 1, and next month some scenes will be shot in the U.S. using a preserved WWII-era destroyer. Theatrical release is scheduled for 2009.

Keiko Kitagawa gets female lead in "Manatsu no Orion"

Wed, August 13, 2008 (1:42am EDT)

Actress Keiko Kitagawa has been tapped to play the female lead in Tetsuo Shinohara's new film, "Manatsu no Orion." Last month, it was revealed that Hiroshi Tamaki would star in the picture; Kitagawa will play a double role as Tamaki's love interest and the couple's present-day granddaughter.

The story is set during World War II and focuses on a naval battle between an American destroyer and a Japanese submarine, captained by a man named Kuramoto (Tamaki). Before heading off to battle, Shizuko (Kitagawa) gives him a present: the score of a song called "Manatsu no Orion." 64 years later, the pair's granddaughter happens to come across that precious score.

Kitagawa is currently involved in filming for the movie, while also shooting for the "Taiyou to Umi no Kyoumini coopersu" drama series on Fuji TV. "Manatsu no Orion" will open in theaters sometime in 2009.

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Guest redmoon123

^ Hot pic!

Tamaki Hiroshi in a movie! Yay! Naval battle? That means he's gonna be in uniform XD

Haven't seen any of his dramas since Nodame. Can't wait for this movie ^^

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