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† Rip 이언 Eon [박상민]

Guest kakahead

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Guest adorable_xd

i still cant believe this, even after reading this over 5 times ...


i absolutely loved his character in coffee prince and was looking forward to his future projects..

we'll always miss you.

its just so sudden T.T

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why do so many good people have to died lately?

i will not believe this!!!

WTH!!!!!! but why was he riding a bike anyways!!!!!

the bike have been responsible for many death that are not deserved this yearT^T

RIP eon......

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How horrible. This is truly shocking. Just saw some new photos of him on set of the drama not too long ago. Cannot believe he's gone.

May he rest in peace and his family and friends find peace.


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Guest litto_gurl

i just started watching him in a drama....

i'm shock about the news....really heart breaking.....

i don't think i will be able to finish the drama....

rest in peace......

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Guest joyyang

OMFG!!!!!!! T_T i'm like in shocked! i can't believe it! his career was just starting! >.< omg! i'm so sad now, i love him in Coffee Prince and Who are You. T-T RIP he died at such a young age too.

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Guest system_chaos

I just... I just read the post of a friend who saw it on cyworld, and she was all frantic and writing in Korean and I'm like WHAT IS IT???

This is...

Really, really, really unfortunate.

RIP, big guy.

I'll always remember you. ;_;

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