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† Rip 이언 Eon [박상민]

Guest kakahead

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Guest amyliaz


I still can't believe it. I check this thread everyday as if wanting the news to undo itself. D:

I watched coffee prince again last night and I cried instead of laughing. T_____T

Really really will miss Eon. His smile is so infectious.

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Guest essayistic

Yeah they go way back. EON mentioned that oppa was one of his closests buddy. you can check EON & JJH's thread in Korean movies & drama section, some pictures & interviews we're posted there.

could you link me to that please?


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Guest courtneyy


i just watched the mighty chilwoo yesterday.

and everytime he appeared i would say... "awww. saddddddd"

it is heartbreaking to see him though... i didn't even watch coffee prince, but he gave off this happy-go-lucky--look-at-my-small-eyes-when-i-smile aura.


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Guest jellyfish_mc

just shocked...

it was really happen...

he's still young n his acting quite good....

i was finished watching who are u? before he died 2 days later...

rest in peace...

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Guest c.a.r.o.l.i.n.e.

this is so shocking. he had so much in his life and more to come. when i saw this, my jaw just dropped to the ground and it was there for so long. i was just like WWWHHHHHAAAAAATTT ?! RIP to him~he was awesome in coffee prince

--Jenn Ly

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OMG are you serious! is this true!

no it can't...............be.....

ahhhhhh. i'm literally crying right now.

He's...he's..so great...and from coffee prince...

there has to be some kind of mistake right?!!!

nooooo, it can't.... T-T it can't be... T-T....i can't.....

no matter how much i want this to be fake...it isn't...right...

RIP. (don't want him to leave..but...please rest in peace.) T-T

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Guest lunase7en

i was really shocked when i read about his death..

i only found out about it 3 days after he died..

it happened very sudden when actually i just watching him in Strongest Chil Woo 2 days before..

he's really great actor n have bright future in acting..

his acting career just started n his popularity keeps on rising...

but too bad he's dead when he actually having a great time nowadays...

at first it's really hard for me to accept that he already gone but after i looked at the pics of his celebs friends at his funeral make me realized that he already left us...

i have to face the fate eventho it's really painful...

seeing his co-stars n close friends sad faces make me cried non stop...

it's such a pain to see gong yoo, eun hye n kim jae wook at his funeral...

they're really really close during Coffee Prince days...

n i'm sure they still have close relationship until the day he died...

i'm not sure if i can be able to finish watching Strongest Chil Woo or watching Coffee Prince all over again when i'm actually knew he already gone n will never comeback anymore...

to see his smiles n laughs makes me cry again n again...

it's really painful...but no matter what, what's gone is already gone...

hope he will rest in peace...

i give my deepest condolence to his family n friends...

hope they will be stronger n accept the fact that he already left them...

RIP Lee Eon...May God bless u...

thx for all the smiles n laughs u gave to us...

i will never forget about that...

you'll be missed n remembered forever...

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Guest __OOO--SMiLE

when i heard about the news, i was so shocked! i just got done with coffee prince too.

i was like NOOOO, i just got to know him! I feel like i miss him.

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Guest Mrs Kim Junsu

It's such a pity that he passed away at such a young age... ):

Well.. We can't turn back time...

Rest in Peace. LEE EON.

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Guest r0mantisteg0ist


why didnt i know of this?

why himmmm ahh

it IS like heath ledger

they were both so handsome (... heath more than him, no offense) and promising

whyyyyyy ~~~ T___T


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Guest SweetSerein

omg *tears* what a sad news!!! omg..icant believe this. eon!!!! so sad...(sigh) r.i.p baby!!! im so shocked right now! he was such a great actor. please to all actors/actresses/people out there...dont ride those darn motorcycles. it has already killed so many of our stars. *tears*

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