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† Rip 이언 Eon [박상민]

Guest kakahead

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Guest cardboardscissors

i just read about this on the blog of a multiply contact.

i still can't believe it. :/

rest in peace.

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Guest slightlychinita_kristene

:tears: :tears: :tears:

i was really shocked when i heard the news,,

it was so unbelievable....

i'm not a super fan of Lee Eon..but i really felt very sad...when i heard the news..

but i like Lee Eon in Coffee Prince..he's funny there...

my friends were also shocked when i told this to them..

they also can't believed the news...

Lee Eon is so young....

and he died in that fast!... :tears:

R.I.P. LEE EON!!!!!!

i'll miss you!!!swear!

i hope you're happy there!!! :tears:

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Guest sujugirl

this is really strange.omy gosh. i want to go over the swear filter.!!

i was changing my sahoe avatar,from teuki to kangin.then after uploading kangin's pic, i hit 'view bla bla'.. And guess what! Lee eon's pic appeared! he became my avatr! i was like' o my rather infelicitous butt how did that happen?!'

i was really shocked. if youre asking, i once used lee eon's pic for my avatar.

lee eon! what does that exactly mean?!

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omg i can't believe it! T_T this is just too... heartbreaking...

i absolutely loved him in coffee prince and now... he's gone

well RIP and i hope his family will be able to get through this

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I seriously rally want to cry right now. He was my favourite character in Coffee prince!!

This is so saddening to hear, RIP <3

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i cant accept this news......

i keep searching bout his news......

i swear.....this is really hard to believe......




poor him.....

he gain lots of attention since CP day....

Y too sudden....??

his acting still airing in kbs....

its kinda weird for me....

cant believe he's now in another world.....


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Guest spluree.ion
:( he was a very cute actor. its so unfair sometimes when your career is getting on good and god just take it all away. its so sudden and i was so shocked when i read my local magazine today. please rest in peace. i loved his acting in coffee prince. :(
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Guest WithYunHo

That really sucks...I thought he was a very good actor...I really liked him in Coffee Prince...though he played a weird character in there...I liked him...Rest In Peace...

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Guest 16candl3s
i didn't know JJH and Eon were close. were they good friends back in their modeling days?
Yeah they go way back. EON mentioned that oppa was one of his closests buddy. you can check EON & JJH's thread in Korean movies & drama section, some pictures & interviews we're posted there.
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Guest -JING-

oh my god.

oh my god.

I'm at a loss for words.

this is so friggin SHOCKING

and to think I was just rewatching coffee prince today ):

RIP lee eon

wow, I'm seriously sitting here speechless with my mouth hanging open

oh man, I feel so sad.

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