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† Rip 이언 Eon [박상민]

Guest kakahead

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Guest 영원한 사랑

WOW this is my shock of the day ...

never expected something like this to happen...

thats sooo sad

i liked him as an actor :tears:

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Guest sonataa

are you freaking serious????? i don't even know what to say about this news....i just loved him in coffee prince and it's just really mind boggling to find out that he's passed away :(

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Guest krndiane94

AHHHHHH!! T-T it's too sad! he wasn't supposed to die!!

when i first heard of this, i thought my friend was joking.

but it's real T-T RIP EON <33

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I still cry whenever I go visit this thread, especially after seeing pics of his friends paying their last respect T___T

AAww...Gong Yoo got out of the military to be there

It must've been hard for him, for all of them in Coffee Prince

They were all good friends T__T

*wipes tears***

This is just too sad T_T

I'll miss him and his lovable characters in dramas :(

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Guest flycrazily

OMGosh............ i couldn't believe it at first. T___T

why must he have to go?

this is so shocking and horrible =/

he had such a bright future T___T

RIP you will be missed.. dearly

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Guest samshiki


from dramabeans.com:

Gong Yoo’s goodbye message to Lee Eon

August 22nd, 2008 // by javabeans

Gong Yoo, friend and Coffee Prince co-star to Lee Eon, was late (but not absent) to pay his farewell addresses to the recently deceased actor, because he’s currently serving active military duty.

On the 22nd, he wrote a message on his personal homepage offering both a goodbye and an apology to his colleague, featuring a picture of Lee Eon from Coffee Prince days. The note read:

“It’s strange. The night before you left us, I happened to listen again to the note you read on the radio for me to listen to while I was in training. So I thought of you suddenly, and I missed you, and I wanted to call — I should have called. I should’ve nagged you, too, to change that persistent ringtone. I’m sorry.”

Gong Yoo arrived at the hospital’s funeral room a little after midnight on August 23. His other Coffee Prince co-stars Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Seon-kyun, Chae Jung-ahn, Kim Jae-wook, Han Ye-in, and others all visited the previous day.

Via Hankyung.com, Edaily.com

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I know this isn't going to bring him back but I had to get this off my chest ..This is cruel very very cruel he was ROBBED of his life , 27 is not a age to die it's too young. I find this disturbing this was a person full of life and was just starting to get his career and this happens ? For the last 24 hours I've racked my brain on Why? Why? I also asked God Why is he taking away so many people? Is this a curse? why is this happening? So many why 's that will never be answered. This definitely wasn't Lee Eon's time to go. It wasn't and I won't accept it like Heath Ledger's death these men in my mind were robbed and that will never change.

It is not to be answered my friend, that is why life is promised to no one and that includes famous people. One must do with the time that is given to them and appreciate it while they have it. Nevertheless, God gives man free choice what and how he chooses is up to him. In other words God had nothing to do with Eon's tragic departure, unfortunately as sad as it is Eon might have brought about his own untimely death. Nevertheless, may he rest in peace.

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Guest amyliaz

OMG reading Gong Yoo's note made me tear up again.


It's so heartbreaking to see the casket carried out already.

It's just... so final. D;

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Guest hello deary

I'm so disturbed. I was in utter shock when I first saw the picture of him and the headlines. Total disbelief; I wish his friends and family all the best. Rest in Peace.

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RIP Eon..=(

He was so cute and sweet in Coffee Prince.

I'm going to watch it again.....to remember him T^T

may he rest in peace. we all love him very much.

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