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† Rip 이언 Eon [박상민]

Guest kakahead

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thats so sudden this is so sad T_______________T;

i just re-watched Coffee Prince and he was so adorable in it!

RIP.. i was looking forward to seeing him in other dramas

he was SO YOUNG!

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So it's true... :(


이언은 21일 새벽 1시 반쯤 자신이 출연한 KBS 2TV 월화드라마 ‘최강칠우’ 종영파티를 마치고 집으로 귀가하던 중 서울 한남동 고가도로 앞에서 가드레일을 들이 받고 숨졌다. 향년 27세의 꽃다운 나이.

한 연예 관계자는 “동승한 사람은 없었으며 사고 후 바로 응급차가 왔지만 이미 맥박이 멈춰 있었다”며 현장에서 사망했다고 전했다.

현재 빈소는 순천향대학병원에 마련됐으며 함께 드라마에 출연했던 배우들이 비보를 듣고 급히 빈소를 찾았다.

이언은 모델로 연예계 데뷔해 영화 ‘천하장사 마돈나’, 드라마 ‘커피프린스’ ‘최강칠우’ 등으로 연기자로도 활발한 활동을 벌였다.


[Copyright ⓒ 한국 최고의 스포츠 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어

I didn't believe it at first...I was more shocked, but that says all :( :( :(

Damn I can't believe it still!

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OMG NOOO! i loved him in coffee prince. how could this happen?

RIP to him... he was getting so popular and famous. and he was so young, too.

celebs in korea have been getting into car accidents very often lately. that's so sad.

already the second motorcycle accident where someone died.

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Guest ashleesimpson

yes, it's true

hic hic. RIP


Lee Eon dies in accident

August 20th, 2008 // by javabeans

Oh, man.

Model-turned-actor Lee Eon (also spelled Lee Un, most famously of Coffee Prince) has died in a motorcycle accident.

The 27-year-old, born Park Sang-min, was on his way home following the wrap party for KBS’s Strongest Chil Woo early on the morning of August 21. He was riding a motorcycle and ran into the guardrail of the overpass, and is said to have died almost immediately.

The news has shocked everyone; online, netizens are abuzz in disbelief. Just the night before, he had been onscreen in Chil Woo’s finale episode, and the sudden news is, to say the least, startling.

Lee Eon got his start modeling, but shot to mainstream levels of fame when he took on the role of simple-hearted but lovable Min Yub in last year’s Coffee Prince. He followed that with a stint as a cable-TV MC, then returned to dramas with Who Are You? and, most recently, Strongest Chil Woo.


Via CBS.co.kr

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Guest simplirain

ARE YOU john teshING SERIOUS?!?!??!?!!


Omo. He can't just died like that!!!! omg. And he's so young too!!! This is tooo unexpected.

RIP. :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears:

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Guest dada.love.is

o my goodness, i cant believe it- may he rest in peace and as well wishers all our prayers and thoughtsare with his friends and family!!

so shocked, i really liked him i can't believe it- actually made me cry!!! i hope you are at a better place now!!

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Guest nehsarang

Omg no!! That's horrible!

I was just in the middle of watching Coffee Prince again!

That's going to make me so sad :tears:

I still can't believe it omg.

RIP 이언.

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Guest liltickle

OMG. :o ..RIP Eon...This is really shocking...Hoping no one is playing a joke... OMG...What a tragedy...He was a rising star with a good future waiting for him...He was such a good actor... RIP... :tears:

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Guest Katxdbsk

oh dang~~ :(:tears: wth??? Totally unexpected T.T

I like him a lot too :tears: *heartbroken*


There's always at least 1 death of Korean stars every year. *sign*

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